Cute Things to Say to Your Crush to Get His Attention

At some point in your life, you will see a guy who immediately takes hold of your heart. You feel a crush on him, but the worst part is he does not even know of your existence. And so you try your best to get to know who he is, and later on have communication with him. But before you can make your move, it is essential to know phrases or something sweet to say to your crush. One day soon, you will be in the same spot as your special someone because of course, you will make it happen. And when that time comes, you’ve got to be ready with cheesy things to say to your special guy.

What to Say to Your Crush When You Get the Chance

You’re persistent and you have the courage to go for what you like, so eventually you will make sure that your world collides with your crush. However, not everything may go according to your plans, so always prepare something cute to say to your crush in case the unexpected happens. Also, there are tips that you can absolutely benefit from in terms of creating your own fate.

  • Research on him - having a crush on a guy is a good thing, but you cannot just admire the looks and not know anything about him. Find out about his name, and look for him on the internet. He is bound to have a social media account, so be a cute stalker.
  • Send friend request - once you found him online, send a friend request to all his social media accounts. Make sure that you will be friends on Facebook. and follow him on Instagram and Twitter, as well as other mediums.
  • Be his follower and liker - you don’t need a reminder to always follow all the posts of your crush. Whenever there is something new on his online life, like them or choose the heart reaction. This will make him notice you, since everyone who posts online regularly check who liked their posts. Right? So this is like establishing a groundwork for a more elaborate plan to meet him. And when you do meet face to face, he will surely recognize you as his avid follower and liker.
  • Comment on his posts - whenever you like his posts, check if it is safe to comment. Like if there are a lot of people already who posted general comments, then do the same. Be as unique as you can be in your words so he will notice your comment and even reply to you. Indeed, an online friendship is a good start. Further along, you will feel comfortable enough to send a private message, for whatever ruse you can come up with.
  • Arrange a chance meeting - in a lot of sense you can be categorized as a stalker already. But you’re a good one, so it’s okay. You know his schedule well, and you know immediately where he is since he is probably very active on social media. So grab the opportunity to meet him. Do not just wait for fate to bring you together. Dictate your own destiny, and arrange a “chance encounter” with him.
  • Flirt with him - once your plan worked, you would need to subtly flirt with him, joke around, and do everything you can to leave with his phone number saved on your phone. But of course, be nonchalant about it, even if in reality your heart is beating so fast you feel faint.
  • Text him - and then, if you were successful and you did get his precious number, make it a point to text him hours, even a day or two later, and not immediately. You wouldn’t want to appear too eager to communicate with him. So play hard to get. And of course, choose your words extra carefully with regards to cute messages for your crush. Remember that your goal is to actually end up in a relationship with him, so do not do anything to scare him off.

You have come a long way in ensuring that your path collide with your crush. And now it’s time to concoct cute things to tell your crush over text that will make him notice you. Keep in mind the first text is the most crucial, so pay attention to every word you say. And it helps to create a list of the cute stuff to say to your crush.

List of Cute Things to Say to Your Crush in A Text Message

No one else in the world understands how deep your feelings are for your desired man except you. So it is important to create your own cute things to say to your crush over text. But of course, you need to gain inspiration from available resources, so read on the short text messages for your someone special.

  • Hi there. Thank you for the exchange of numbers the other day.
  • Just want to say goodnight. Sweet dreams.
  • Hey, your new post made me laugh so hard. You’re so funny.
  • Good morning. I hope you have a positive day ahead.
  • The traffic is so bad. I hope you made it through already.
  • Wow! The weather is so nice. Are you outside?
  • My dog got sick. Do you know a great vet?
  • I’m taking my pooch for a walk. What are you up to?
  • My favorite movie is showing on TV. What are you watching now?
  • Damn, my furnace just broke! Such a bad day.
  • I think I’ll skip work today and go to the mall.

Take note that the cute things to tell your crush must be appropriate of the stage in your friendship. You have just met and you he really just found out that you exist. So even if you had memorized all the important dates and events in his life, you must pretend not to. So when you formulate sweet things to say to your special someone, keep the words in a general tone first. Later on, when you grow closer, you can start being flirty with him.

Some of The Cute Things to Send to Your Crush

Once you get past the general phase of texting, you can now move on to a more flirtatious texting. You can initiate this kind of conversation, especially if you feel like your crush is not doing anything to get past the innocent texting stage. And now, the sweet things to say to your crush just becomes a bit intimate. But of course, do not overdo it. Wait for his response, and gauge his reaction. So when you have something to tell your crush over text, have the courage to expose a little of what you feel.

  • I was just thinking about you. Kinda hoping I crossed your mind too.
  • So, I heard you do not have a girlfriend. If you’re looking for one, I’m available.
  • Wow, I saw you earlier and my heart just stopped beating for a second or two.
  • You probably know that you’re handsome. How can you stay so humble?
  • I just want to tell you that you mean a lot to me.
  • My world spirals since you came, and it’s quite fun.
  • You are the most brilliant and sexiest guy I have ever known!
  • I have this extra ticket to the concert tonight. Wanna help me not waste it?
  • Thoughts of you keep haunting my mind and soul.
  • I’m all sweaty from working out. But I wish I was doing something else.
  • I swear this is an innocent question. Lights on or off?
  • I’m bored. Do you wanna come over and have some pizza and beer with me?
  • My favorite music played earlier and I dunno why, but I kept thinking about you.
  • Even in my busy schedule, I wonder why I still have time to think about your handsome face and kind soul.
  • Your muscular arms make my mouth watery and my mind crazy.
  • There is something so sexy with the way you smile.

When you have something nice to say to your crush or wanna give flirty statements, make sure that you own them. Never take them back, even if he confronts you with them. Who knows, by being blunt, you will accidentally figure out what he feels for you. So keep on going. After all, you know yourself. There is no way that you will just sit there and wait for him to make a move. You start to make plans to take your flirtation to the next level, and be more vocal about your feelings. But you still have your pride, so you would want to flirt even more in a sense that you don’t feel awkward.

Romantic Things to Say to Your Crush W/o Sounding Awkward

Your mind is already full of things to say to crush, and you are patient enough to not bombard him with text messages. Your desire to take your friendship to another level is burning so bright, you can actually feel your heart beat so much faster than normal. But for the sake of self-preservation, you don’t want to make things awkward between you and your special guy, so you resort to writing cute quotes to say to your crush through text.

  • These days, I keep on missing you so bad. I think I’ve fallen for you.
  • Every night I meet you in dreamland and I wake up wishing you’re beside me.
  • What should I do? You stole my heart and left me breathless!
  • You keep running on my mind every hour of every day. Do you feel tired?
  • I lose all reasoning whenever I’m with you.
  • I fell for our looks and traits. You simply are handsome!
  • There is a smile in my face that never leaves thanks to your friendship.
  • When you finally have a crush on me, I would be the happiest girl in the world.
  • You don’t have to commit me to your memory. All I ask is you will not forget I exists.
  • I wish you would notice how deeply I fell for you.
  • Your eyes are blinding me with their sparkles!
  • I can’t wait to spend some alone time with you in the cinema. Promise I’ll be a good girl.
  • You’re the first thought that welcomes my every waking moment.
  • I love how your sexiness envelopes your whole gait but you still seem unaware of your effect on me.
  • Hey there, do you believe in love at first sight? Because you are that for me.
  • I’m still waiting for the day that you would reciprocate my deep feelings for you.

All the things to say to your crush will eventually come out sooner or later. You are too goal-oriented not to make it happen. You need to always keep your calm whenever you text him or face him. There is nothing wrong with a girl making the first move on a guy, but make sure that you leave yourself some self-respect. Make it a habit to compliment all the good things about your crush, since that will melt his heart. And keep things casual, so if you get rejected, you still get to keep your pride. But if he is also interested in you, then keeping your cool makes him see you as a cool person. The most vital thing is your confidence in what you do and say. When he sees how devoted you are to him, he would be a fool not to be with you.

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