Weird Pick Up Lines That Have Been Used

Getting someone's attention isn't always a big deal if you play your game right. We have all stumbled upon profiles of people that we find very attractive or have at least come across someone who steals our attention at the bar or club at one time or the other. We might have been rescued by pick-up lines once or too many times before, and we have most likely come across various kinds of pick-up lines. If you scroll through your chats, you will discover few weird pick-up lines which people have tried on you before. However, it's the ladies that have had more encounters with these ridiculous lines. If you ask a few of your female friends to tell you or show you a few of the weird lines they've gotten, you will continue to laugh non-stop.

We have taken time to gather and categorize these pick up lines into categories. If you desire to know a few of the existing weirdest pick up lines, you will discover them here.

Smooth Pick Up Lines for Guys

Pick-up lines are effective when utilized rightly. Sometimes, it may be challenging to summon the boldness to go after a female whose attention is what you hunt for and drop a pick-up line. At times, after gathering the courage you desire, you walk up to the female, and on getting there, you become clueless. Pick-up lines are very useful ice breakers and perfect for initiating a chat, and the smooth pick-up lines for guys are very effective.

Anytime you wish to enjoy an exciting chat with somebody, you can surely depend on smooth pick-up lines for a splendid experience. We have gathered a few of the finest smooth pick up lines, which are;

  1. Do you perform magic tricks? Each time I get a glimpse of you, everything else fades
  2. I was at all times reminded to pursue my dreams constantly; I'm ready to pursue you.
  3. I overheard you are searching for your ideal man. I'm not far.
  4. Perhaps you are doubting, but I am actually single.
  5. Knowing me is loving me. Are you prepared to know me?
  6. I want to confess. I can't stop myself from thinking about you.
  7. I have an occasion to attend. Would you accompany me so I won't be bored?
  8. I find it hard to take my eyes off you. Can you guess why?
  9. Now is an ideal time if you plan to test a line on me.
  10. I'm making efforts to write about a priceless jewel, do you mind if I interview you?

Ridiculous Pick Up Lines

  1. I notice you love Algebra, so do you mind taking the position of X without knowing Y.
  2. I can't seem to find your contact details on my phone. I guess it's faulty.
  3. If you don't trust in love at first glance, I could pass by you once more.
  4. Would you be furious if I compliment your body?
  5. Touch and feel the texture of my suit; it was sewn using a husband's material.
  6. May I become your back pocket and become so close to you?
  7. Since you will become my baby mama, am I receiving a gift on Fathers' day?
  8. I expect to collect at least a fake number from you.
  9. I fell so hard for you, causing me to injure myself.
  10. Life deprived of you is pointless, as the shattered tip of a pen.

Outrageous Pick Up Lines

  1. If Covid 19 doesn't get you, can I?
  2. Why not fall for someone like me. It's better than falling from the heavens.
  3. Can we chill and quarantine together?
  4. I'm a good carpenter. Let me hammer and nail you.
  5. You have my heart on lockdown; I guess you should be the latest pandemic.
  6. I'd love it if you stay, but your cloth needs to go.
  7. I'm hoping we could sanitize our hands together.
  8. My mind keeps informing me you are poor in bed.
  9. Let's spread some words of the day. Word of the day is leg.
  10. I know the fastest method to get rid of few calories.

Obscure Pick Up Lines

  1. You have just committed the crime of stealing my heart.
  2. I know nice places in case you are free.
  3. Do you mind hugging me so I may brag to my families the most stunning lady hugged me?
  4. I ought to call the police because it's prohibited to be this pretty.
  5. I'll prepare your dinner if you promise to prepare breakfast in the morning.
  6. Your butt keeps staring at me. Could you tell it to stop?
  7. Can I talk you out of your blouse?
  8. Kiss me if I'm correct. Dragons don't exist.
  9. I got lost thinking about you. Do you possess a GPS?
  10. Are you aware that your hair is going to be more attractive on my pillow?

Strange Pick Up Lines

  1. Just say yes so I don't have to drug you.
  2. Isn't it strange that you think I'm hilarious?
  3. Strangely, I get mistaken for your BF every time.
  4. If I were Doctor Strange, I would open a portal to your mind.
  5. You must be cold, I guess, because you've been naked in my mind all day.
  6. Strange voices in my head asked me to come and collect your number.
  7. Just like the Young Money record label, I could make your bedrock.
  8. Me N U; that's what's on the menu for today.
  9. I'm with my smartphone here, and your number is there. Let's work something out.
  10. You remind me of my first partner so much.

Original Chat Up Lines

Pick-up lines are very tricky most times; some instantly get you what you seek, while some put you in a position you may not like. A few of the best original pick up line for guys are;

  1. I'm not as tall I appear; I'm standing on my huge wallet.
  2. You'd be Fine Print if you were a document.
  3. Without you, life is pointless, just like the broken tip of a pen.
  4. If the top 4 cutest persons are to receive 25 cents each, you will receive 1 dollar.
  5. Do you usually glow like this, or are you tanning?
  6. I guess your name is Wi-Fi because I'm feeling a connection.
  7. I feel like going out with you. Perform a stunt for No and simply smile for a Yes.
  8. Gosh, you are stunning that I forgot the pick-up line I was about to use.
  9. If cuteness could destroy, you will serve as a weapon of war.
  10. Could you spare a little time for me to flirt with you?

Unusual Pick Up Lines

  1. Will you be different from others and simply say Yes.
  2. I guess God was trying to brag while creating you.
  3. I can bet $1000 that you won't drop your number.
  4. I wasn't sure Angels lived among us until I saw you.
  5. I could be your blanket anytime you feel cold.
  6. You knocked me out so fast. Is your dad a professional boxer?
  7. Let's be celebrating an anniversary by this time next year.
  8. You have my complete interest. You must be a loan.
  9. What else do you do apart from being super hot?
  10. We are both single; let's change that together.

Absurd Pick Up Lines

You might be strolling down the streets or even browsing profiles on the internet; the possibility of someone using a pick-up line on you is very high. Some of the most absurd pick up line to have been used are;

  1. Don't try to use makeup because you would be tampering with God's faultlessness
  2. You are so dope. Are your parents' drug dealers?
  3. The Doctor said I've been suffering from vitamin U.
  4. Are you super glad to see me, or you've got something in your pocket?
  5. You looked so thirsty upon setting your eyes on me; I guess you must be a vampire.
  6. You have been through my mind for a while; I guess you should be tired by now.
  7. You operate just like Google because you have all the info I seek.
  8. I'm sure you fell from heaven; I hope it didn't hurt when you did.
  9. Hi, Microsoft is my name. May I crash here?
  10. I'm not a weather forecaster, but you should expect a few drops.

Confusing Pick Up Lines

  1. May I be your blanket so you could wrap me around yourself?
  2. What's your preferred cutlery because I prefer the fork.
  3. Are you related to Pablo Escober because you are dope?
  4. I think you have magnets in your body because I feel attracted to you.
  5. I believe we are going to be a good pair even though we aren't socks.
  6. How do you feel being the hottest girl in here?
  7. I was about to pray God blesses you, but then I noticed he had done so abundantly.
  8. Even with the right search keywords, I won't find a match for your beauty on the net.
  9. Angels in heaven must be unhappy to have let go of their priceless jewel.
  10. You are cute; you are probably less than 90 degrees.

Pick-up lines are perfect ice breakers that can get the lady of your dreams speaking to you. Many pick up lines will cause a female to giggle and eager to reply. Also, there are lots of weird pick-up lines, which people have utilized on several occasions too. You have been provided with several weird pick-up lines that both males and females have used before. You should know the appropriate line to use for every situation.

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