How to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

While most guys imagine they understand how to keep a conversation going with a girl, they’re usually mistaken. The problem stems from misunderstandings about reading the situation and wanting to drag on a conversation forever without offering something to the girl. To be successful with a conversation, a person must understand how to offer the girl something to keep her intrigued and how to be polite.

While we might want to dominate the conversation with a woman that we like, it’s often best to listen and engage in a simple give and take. Learning the ways to maintain a conversation at a good pace and with purpose can make you more attractive to your partner. Moreover, it will make you a more adept conversationalist.

Conversations can occur on different mediums. Some people speak exclusively in-person or using a phone call, but many others are partial to text messaging. While it may seem that a conversation is the same no matter how you have it, that is not entirely true.

Instead, you must understand the technicalities that occur in each situation. Using the guidelines we developed, you will have fun, exciting, and consistent discussions with girls. Since this will often occur with people whom you are interested in romantically, you should consider the romantic impact your words and actions could have on your relationship.

While the information can change between phone and other sorts of conversations, it is always important to maintain proper decorum and be on your best behavior.

How to Keep a Phone Conversation Going with a Girl

A phone conversation can bewilder people that are used to chatting exclusively through text communications. That being the case, it is very important to first make sure that your partner is comfortable speaking on the phone.

If the girl prefers speaking on the phone, then you should prepare to be quick-witted and attentive—every sentence matters. Learning how to carry a conversation with a girl is not difficult, but it requires several steps. You should bear in mind that getting a girl on the phone is a feat on its own, so you are already past the hardest part. Now, you need to show interest and be an active participant to keep the ball rolling.

Listen for the Leads

When you are chatting with any person, they are bound to give you leads in the conversation. These small threads come in the form of a conversation that the person wants to have, and they might not be obvious at first. In fact, they might be subconscious on the part of the girl speaking to you!

You need to pick up on these leads and ask follow-up questions that keep the conversation moving forward. How do you recognize these leads, though? Here are some examples:

1. “I just got out of work. I am so tired of covering for my manager, Sherri.”

The lead available here is to ask about her job. What does she do? What is her manager doing that aggravates your friend so much? Remember that ladies aren’t always looking for advice. Sometimes, they just want to vent.

2. “We just got back from skiing in the Poconos. It was a crazy good time.”

Who did they go with? Do they ski well? Do they stick to the bunny slopes? Maybe you have been skiing and can ask them more specific questions.

3. “My favorite concert was Taylor Swift in 2015. That was the best time with my old roommate.”

What is your favorite song? What type of music speaks to you the most? Then you can talk about your favorite sort of music.

These are examples of leads that you can follow to keep the discussion moving forward. You don’t have to pounce on each one, but if something stands out, talk about it!

Sound Interested, Not Desperate

Women want men that are interested in them and their thoughts. They do not want a sycophant that will laugh at every joke and only listen. They need a participant in the conversation with them. You can be an interested and interesting individual by taking time to talk about yourself in the topic’s context.

Don’t Let Silence Worry You—Take Advantage of Lulls

Silence will occur during a phone call. You will have moments where the conversation dims when topics are changing or when one person has just finished a long-winded story. That is a normal part of talking, and it’s not something about which you should worry. Instead, you should take the time to give the girl on the other end a compliment, talk about how much you enjoy speaking with them, or change course to a topic of your choosing.

Follow Up with a Text

Once the conversation does end, you should remember to text them later on to let them know you enjoyed the experience and look forward to the next call. Conversations are about momentum, and a text can maintain that motion until next time.

The next time you pick up the phone to speak with a lovely lady, you should be completely prepared.

Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

Not all conversations happen on the phone, though. As technology becomes more commonly utilized, people prefer to use text messaging services. In this day and age, you need to have an idea of how to chat with someone using carefully constructed texts, including pictures and emoji. This skill must match or exceed your phone conversation skills, so prepare for a crash course in interpersonal discussions.

Understand the Best Topics for Conversation

When you are texting someone or using any other method to carry out a discussion, you must understand the right topics for the situation. Here are some examples of topics that will keep your partner interested:

  • Daily life;
  • Sports;
  • School and Subject Specialization;
  • Work;
  • Aspirations for the future…

What do these topics have in common? They are rather innocuous things, can lead to deeper conversations and intimacy. These issues avoid the complications in life that can be downers or put a sudden end to the chatting. With that being said, recognize that the following subjects should never be broached unless the girl talks about them first:

  • Her personal life;
  • Her romantic interests unless you’re already dating;
  • Rumors about her;
  • Her friends;
  • General negativity…

While these issues may emerge throughout your conversations, you should not be the person to bring them up. They should be avoided as much as possible, and you are better off listening than “talking” when she mentions them.

Knowing what to speak about and what to avoid is necessary, but the topics vary from person to person. If someone is loath to mention an issue, do not bring it up.

Keep Asking Questions

The key to a good conversation is to maintain your partner’s interest and keep them stimulated by the discussion. The one thing that people like to talk about the most is themselves. So, when you ask them questions, you will maintain their interest and keep them talking. If you want to learn more about someone, then using questions will get you the attention you desire.

You should remember that some topics need to be avoided. Don’t be crass or rude to the girl, or you may regret the results. Instead, keep to the list of topics that we talked about earlier, and your talks will be lengthy and pleasant.

Talk about Yourself

You must spend time talking about yourself, too. Hopefully, the girl on the other end has a shared interest in you. While you might not want to speak endlessly about yourself and rattle on, you should share insights and private information that is privileged to her alone. That way, she will learn to trust you and feel as though she understands you better.

Know When to End a Conversation, But Set Up Another Interaction

Every chat should have a natural termination point. You need to look for signs that the momentum has faded and that you would be best served to pick up at another time. Ending a conversation is hard, but you should remember to plant the seeds of another interaction when the time comes. Instead of saying, “Okay, Goodnight,” you should say something along the lines of “I had a great time chatting with you tonight. We should do this more often.” Her response will tell you if she has the same thoughts about another talk. When you turn your phone off for the night, you should feel confident she is interested in speaking more.

Hosting a proper conversation is a skill that is unrefined in most people. Sadly, it can take some serious time to develop proper chatting ability. With the information we have included in this guide, you are now prepared to keep a girl on the hook and chatting. This could help you make friends or develop a romantic relationship that will transform your life.

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