How to Know if a Greek Girl Likes You?

There are a number of physiological signs a woman will portray if she likes you. One way is unnecessary touching. She doesn’t need to place her hand on your arm when she tells you something, but she does anyway because she wants to be closer to you. Greek women will likely show they like you inadvertently, just from being so open and naturally expressive. A Greek woman will find it difficult to hide the fact she likes you. If she drinks when you drink or moves her legs when you do, mirroring your body language subconsciously is a great signal that she is interested.

Normally fixing her hair and makeup regularly will be another good indicator that she likes you. It is important to be aware that Greek women are brought up to believe appearance is important and will almost always have their hair and makeup done, so don’t read too much into this behavior. She will look over at you a lot, even stare. If you meet her gaze, she might blush. Many confident Greek women will just wink instead.

What Are Greek Women Like? Dating Tips and Advice

Greek women are fiery and straight to the point. They exude natural beauty, although most will always carry makeup. You cannot look at a Greek girl without thinking about the majesty of Ancient Greece, not to mention the art that those beautiful Greek people created and inspired. Your crush comes from the birthplace of Aphrodite- the Goddess of love. When you look into her big eyes, you will see a girl who appreciates romance. She wants roses and poetry. She values family and tradition and is looking for someone to share her life with.

Read on, to find tips on how to win her and get an idea of what to expect.

Do Not Objectify

It is not a good flirting technique and is seen as disrespectful. Greek girls have different expectations than many other girls when it comes to dating. A Greek woman wants to be seduced romantically. They, like most women, do not appreciate being objectified in the street. Don’t comment on their bodies in a sexual way unless you have already become intimate. You can tell her she looks beautiful but not when you first meet - even though this is better than simply objectifying her figure. Talk about her eyes, her vibe, and her accomplishments.

He Who Asks Pays

As a rule, if you have asked her out on a date, it is you who will be expected to pay. If she has asked you out to dinner, she will expect to pay. Of course, the other can suggest going Dutch or paying for the whole thing. If you have asked her and suggest she pays half, it will come across as disrespectful.

She Is Used to the Man Making the First Move

As a rule, Greek men love to take the bull by the horns. They like to chase the woman - so the woman is used to being chased. You may be waiting a long time if you are waiting for her to make the first move. She will see your lack of action as a sign of disinterest.

She Is Likely On-board with Intercourse before Marriage

These days Greeks view making love as a completely natural part of life. Unlike some other cultures, women will not be shunned for having premarital intercourse. Obviously, this does not mean any Greek woman will be rushing to jump into bed. Consent is key. Never assume their motives until they express a desire to take the relationship to the next level.

Marry Her; Marry Her Family

If you are searching for a future wife, then you must be aware that your Greek Goddess most likely consults her large family on almost everything. When it comes to Greek family, there is very much an open-door policy. You can expect visits from the in-laws at any time. You may get very little time alone or much personal space. They will make your business their business, and you will find decisions about your relationship are heavily based on the advice parents give their daughter. She will also be pressured if she doesn’t take their advice.

However, the Greeks are unquestionably generous with their relatives and will always lend a hand or an ear. You will really feel like part of the family,

She Has Been Raised to Raise a Family

Greek women are brought up to be domestic goddesses. They are told that their value lies in being a good wife and mother. This is important to take into account if you don’t want children. If children are not something you wish for, the topic should be raised early on to save heartache in the future.

Greek Women Are Unashamedly Expressive

The Greek culture is to be completely open and honest about how you are feeling in the moment. She will shout, cry and sing if she feels like it. There is beauty in this freedom that many cultures could learn a lot from. It makes dating a Greek woman an interesting and fiery experience. You won’t find any passive-aggressive behaviour here. She will not say she’s “fine” if she is not. It is something that she will expect in return.

If you are the kind of person who is afraid of a confrontation and a speedy resolution, you will quickly learn that it is not compatible with a Greek woman. It is a good opportunity for you to develop this side of yourself.

She Loves to Party

A Greek woman is the life and soul of the party. She loves to dance and drink. She is loud and full of life. It is rare to find an introverted Greek woman. She does not need or want to stay by your side at a party. She will go and talk to all her friends, and you can join her if you like.

If you like an independent and fun-loving woman, look no further!

She Is Proud of Her Country

Greek women love their country. Every country has its downfalls. If you bring up any negative issues about Greece, she will not appreciate it. We all know about the nation’s financial instability. It is not something a Greek should be reminded about on a date. Instead, find out some interesting things about Greece and discuss them. With such a rich history and vibrant culture, it won’t be difficult to find interesting things to talk about.

She Is Really into Her Music

To Greeks, music is an extension of the soul. A Greek woman's mood will readily change in sway to the music she is listening to. As in other countries, there are a variety of musical genres that native people enjoy. Whatever her preference, she will be 100% invested those grooves, and you would do well not to insult it.

Don’t you know a Greek woman is never wrong?

Greek Women Are Powerful and Confident

A Greek girl does not need permission (nor approval) from anyone other than her family. You will feel the force of the fire of a thousand Greek gods if you attempt to change her. She is confident in who she is and her abilities. By being so open with what she thinks and feels, she consistently reinforces this persona. She is beautiful and a force to be reckoned with. You are not worth her time if you believe she needs to change.

She Probably Lives With Her Parents

Greek girls will live with their parents until they find a long term relationship. They seldom live on their own, and if they do, their parents will be regular visitors. Family is sacred to a Greek girl. To her, living with her parents is a normal and expected thing to do. If you wish to stay with this girl, long term, then you need to impress her family. Her parents will mine you for information, and her mother will never think you are good enough. This in itself seems to be a tradition and a role a mother-in-law is expected to play. Just remember: it comes from a place of protectiveness and love. As her family is important to her, she is precious to her family.


We hope you have gained a little insight into what to expect when dating a Greek girl and how to develop a meaningful relationship. Although culture and Greek society have helped to shape these women into who they are today, there are other factors to consider. Many women rebel against their culture, and many women have incorporated others cultures into how they have chosen to live. No matter where they come from, no two people on this planet are the same. Whoever the lucky Greek girl is, she is obviously special enough to inspire you to read this article.

Thank her from us, will you?

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