How to Make Your First Kiss Good

A relationship’s first kiss is a significant event that will define the early stages of your courtship. Making this event perfect should be something that every person attempts, even if they are unfamiliar with how to do it. With a little diligence and effort, anyone can make their initial smooch a pleasant and memorable experience.

Although most people are desperate for the experience, first kiss anxiety is a real problem faced by many people. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome this issue by learning what makes the event pleasant for both parties. Learning how to handle a simple peck to a more loving lip lock will keep you prepared for the rest of your life.

Another fortunate element is you only require a small bit of instruction to have a perfect time. This guide shows the kissing method, how to avoid messing it up, and how to prepare for the event itself. Using this knowledge, any person could offer their partner the perfect smooch even if it has never happened before.

How to Kiss for the First Time

Rather than examine the way to get a person to lock lips with you, this guide explains the main event itself. Learning how to kiss properly for the first time will require some basic understandings of body language and the act. Here is a step-by-step way of smooching your partner of choice.

To set the scene, you will already be in some sort of friendly-romantic relationship with this individual and must have shown an interest in you. Do not move in for a kiss on a person that has a questionable desire to be on the receiving end of your romance. With that in mind, these three steps will correctly position you to make magic happen.

1. Start by Showing Your Interest in Your Partner

Be affectionate in the minutes leading up to the big smooch. Hold your date’s hand, rub their arm, or put your arm around them. That will give you time to build up the courage to make your move, and it sends a signal that you have romantic intentions.

2. Positioning Yourself Correctly

You need to move in close to be near the person you are about to kiss. If you are sitting, then you should scooch over to them a little more, perhaps putting your arm around them. If you are standing, then you should stop and turn to face them.

3. Moving in for the Kiss

This is the moment before the big moment, so you must collect yourself and get ready. At this point, you should be in a position where you can easily move your face toward theirs for the kiss. If you are the person who is initiating the kiss, you should move your face in about 90% of the way.

You should let your partner recognize what you are doing, and they will either meet you by coming the last 10% of the way, or they may back out in the worst-case scenario.

4. The Kiss

The action itself is technical. You will want to keep your lips moistened and parted, tilt your head to avoid hitting each other’s noses, and slowly, gently press your lips against theirs. From there, the kiss can become a lot more romantic and complex, so just go with what feels natural. It is often a good idea to keep your eyes closed, too.

5. After the Action

After the kiss, pull away from your partner slowly and check out their reaction. If correctly performed, then you might just receive a smile or find that your date is coming in for a kiss of their own. People frequently discover that the initial kiss is met by subsequent ones. This may not be the case for all people.

Now you have the basics down for kissing. You should aim to keep it simple at first, but you and your partner will be locking lips like you have been doing it forever soon enough.

How to Not Mess Up Your First Kiss

Now that you are aware of the basics of how you should act, you are now knowledgeable enough to take part in the event. However, you must be aware that it is possible to mess up when you are trying to kiss.

Just as you can learn how to effectively kiss your partner, you can also learn how not to ruin the moment with a few simple rules and steps. Understanding what to avoid can be just as valuable as learning what you should do. Without further ado, here are several suggestions on how to perform without scaring off your date.

  • Be absolutely certain that your date is “into it:”

    You do not want to force a kiss on someone that is not ready or as willing as you. Ensure you give them enough space to back away.

  • Do not keep your eyes open during the kiss:

    It looks odd and can make your date uncomfortable.

  • Do not pull away too suddenly:

    You could make your date worry if you started kissing and then pulled away from them. They may misinterpret your movements.

  • Do not try to do anything too romantic:

    Keep your tongue behind your teeth on the first kiss. This is the one time in life you do not want to be an overachiever.

  • Do not try to kiss your date right after eating:

    In fact, try to brush your teeth or at least drink water before you kiss your date. Ensure your mouth is fresh and pleasant.

  • Do not bump teeth:

    Bumping your teeth against your date’s is as awkward as it sounds. This may happen the first few times that you try kissing someone new, but it should not occur often.

Kissing someone is a pleasant experience. However, the act comes with certain rules that will make the experience either good or bad. Having learned both how to lock lips with someone and what not to do, you should be ready for the majority of situations.

How to Prepare for Your First Kiss

How are you supposed to know when the time is right to peck your partner on the lips? What can you do to get ready? These are questions that every person must ask at some point in their lives when learning how to get ready for that special moment.

As with the other major subjects related to smooching, we have some guidelines on how you may prepare yourself to snog your partner without being scared for the first kiss. Take this advice so you can get ready to have a truly special moment.

  • Find the Right Partner

    While there is nothing wrong with experimenting and having several dates, if you are looking for a truly special experience with someone, then you have to pick a special someone.

  • Keep Your Breath Fresh

    If you plan on smooching your date on their doorstep, then skip the garlic or other heavy flavors dinner.

  • Use a Mint Minutes Before You Kiss

    The sweet mint flavor will mask anything else and make your partner enjoy the experience. Remember to finish the candy before you move in for the kiss, though.

  • Drink Lots of Fluids

    If you are a nervous person, your mouth may go dry before your premiere smooch. Make sure you drink plenty of water beforehand so your mouth and lips are properly moist.

  • Be Comfortable

    It is best to kiss in a comfortable position. Ensure you are facing the kiss recipient and that you are at the right height. You may have to angle your head down or up to ensure the activity is comfortable for both people.

  • Try Not to Worry

    Most people will be scared for first kisses. That is completely normal, but you need to pluck up the courage to follow the outlines we have provided. Twenty seconds of bravery will bring you closer to someone than you can imagine.

  • Find the Right Moment

    When you decide that the time has come to kiss, you must be on the lookout for the proper moment. The best places to attempt to kiss are quiet and private. When you drop your date off at the end of the night, that is a good time to make magic happen.

Following these guidelines, your level of preparation will see you through this lovely experience.

This first kiss tutorial has shown you everything you need to make that first moment magical. The hardest part is now finding someone that shares your interests and outlooks who will want to lock lips with you. Given today’s climate of finding people for dates in-person and online, there are numerous available methods to meet people. No matter how you meet someone, you have the knowledge to make this time special!

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