Discover More than 10 Weird Questions People Ask

Conversation starters are great for people who may not know how to begin a conversation with their crush. If you have some, you admire secretly and would love to engage them in an exciting chat, and the best thing is to go for conversation starters. There are lots of conversation starters you may use; some are funny, hilarious, stupid, cute, and so on. Depending on your partner's mood or the kind of person he/she is, you may utilize any of the appropriate conversation starters.

However, some weird conversation starters have been used over the years. Some people might see it as inappropriate, while some find it very funny and hilarious. Some ladies love weirdness, so it's better to give them what they like. If you are the weird type, there is no point hiding who you are when it's certain she will sooner or later realize the kind of person you are.

Humorous Conversation Starters for Interesting Chats

People find humorous persons attractive. There is nothing as cute as putting a smile on the faces of so many people either in person or online. If you are humorous, you have a higher chance of getting people's attention. Do not hide the talent you have; instead, you may use it to get the kind of partner you desire. If you don't know how to start a conversation with someone you are interested in, you could put your skills into action to get them talking to you. Nobody loves a boring conversation; we all want to smile and laugh out loud while chatting.

Starting a chat with humorous lines is a great way to introduce yourself. This helps introduce you as a funny individual, which can help you get replies faster than expected. However, conversation starters are merely just a start; you must follow up the chat to not make your partner lose interest after a while. Once you get their attention, you should strive to keep them glued to you as much as possible. There are humorous conversation starters you can pick from; we are here to provide you with a number of them.

  1. How many times have you urinated in a pool?
  2. What's a hilarious insult you've heard before?
  3. What's the funniest nickname you have given to someone?
  4. What's an unbelievable name you've heard someone being called?
  5. What's the funniest excuse you've come up with before?
  6. Tell me about an embarrassing moment of yours
  7. What sport do you picture its players as clowns?
  8. What's the weirdest concoction you've ever taken?
  9. What's the most annoying you've done to someone that almost made them cry?
  10. Have you ever boasted of a bet you thought was 100% sure and lost?

Stupid Conversation Starters

Some conversation starters can be weird, stupid, silly, and all. You might have come across some hilarious questions that piss you off at first but get you laughing later after you get what the sender means. When you see some random questions in your inbox, you try to figure out what it means. You might understand some and laugh at it while you may not understand some causing you to hiss. Some of these weird questions are referred to as stupid conversation starters, which may either be the way. It may get you the reply you desire, and it may lead you to be blocked. If you are hilarious and feel the person you want to chat with has the same energy as you, you may use any of these conversation starters on him or her. We have taken the privilege to research some of the odd conversation starters that have been used, and we have compiled them for you to go through

  1. What is spelled wrongly by everyone? Answer is Wrongly.
  2. There is something that goes up but will never come back down, do you know it?
  3. If you were to be paid to change your name to "stupid," would you take the money?
  4. What begins and ends with an E but contains just a letter? Envelope.
  5. I am something you can hold without using your hands. What am I? Breath.
  6. What do you find at the end of a rainbow? You find W
  7. Imagine you find yourself locked in a room with ruthless snakes; how do you end this? Simply stop your imagination.
  8. In my stationary position, I go up and down. What am I? Stairs.
  9. If you are rich, I can be your best friend.
  10. I'm well known for annoying strangers; You wish to try me?

Best Funny Conversation Starters

If you are funny, there is a bigger chance of you getting ladies' attention. Everyone loves to wear a smile on their face every now and then. If you don't know how to approach strangers, funny conversation starters are your best bet. They are guaranteed to get you a positive response from whosoever you send them to. Knowing the right way to start a conversation puts you at an advantage. With the right jokes, you will be seen as a cheerful, amazing, and fun person to be with. You will be amazed by the number of replies you will get once you start using these pick up lines. Who doesn't want to unwind with some funny content? Everyone loves to laugh often. You can also put your creative mind into work and come up with your own funny conversation starter. If you cannot come up with one, there are tons you can work with here. Simply read through and patiently pick the appropriate one for you. Some of the best funny conversation starters have been compiled together for you to have easy access to.

  1. If you were to change your identity, what new name would you choose?
  2. What's the hilarious Wi-Fi name you know?
  3. Be a stand-up comedian for 5 minutes, and I'll buy you a drink.
  4. Tell me the funniest thing you've done to get someone's attention.
  5. If your dog suddenly starts to talk, will you communicate with it?
  6. How many ducks can take on a lion at once?
  7. What's the funniest nickname you have heard?
  8. If you were to take alcohol shots for every message you ignored, how drunk would you be right now?
  9. If you were mistakenly arrested, what would your parents think you did?
  10. If you could save your life by dancing in front of a large crowd, how well would you do?

How To know Someone is interested in Chatting

While trying to have a conversation with someone, it is vital to know if they are in the mood to talk. It won't look good if you pour out all your best conversation starters and end up not getting a reply. Whenever you are attempting to chat with someone, you need to be very attentive. You should observe their body language so you can know if they are interested in a conversation. If someone is interested in your chat, the person will;

  1. Dig deeper by trying to learn more about what you are talking about.
  2. Attempt to also tell you about themselves.
  3. Turn their attention to your face.
  4. Smile and laugh at your pick up lines.
  5. Try to move closer to you.
  6. If you observe any of the actions above, it means the person is interested in what you have to say. It's now up to you to make them actually stay.

You can only get some people's attention with weirdness. Not everyone enjoys being serious and formal. Some are jokers who love to have fun and make people smile as much as they can. Asking weird questions is one of the ways you can get the attention of a fellow weird individual. The weird conversation starters have been grouped into hilarious, stupid, and funny categories. You can pick any line from each category and try it out to see the kind of result it will yield. Do you wish to show a girl how naughty you can be? Pick any weird conversation starter and try your luck. The possibility of you getting a reply with these lines is very high.

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