More about Love Types of Kisses and Their Benefits

You do not need to do any serious research to find different types of hot kisses.

No matter what type of a smooch you try, they all feel great and bring you a step closer to your partner. Sometimes, a kiss is a way to show your love. On other occasions, it is one of the best tricks to convey your emotions when words become superfluous. Interestingly, kissing is not simply a concept, but it is more of an art, which allows you to be as creative as you desire. Smooching may come easy, but mastering the art of different kisses may require some knowledge and practice.

You should certainly devote your time to master the art of kissing, not just because it pleases your partner and builds a stronger bond between you two, but also because of many other physical and mental benefits. For instance:

  • It makes you feel happy by triggering the release of the "happy hormones." It ignites the pleasure center of your brain by producing chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. The cocktail of these chemicals makes you feel euphoric. Oxytocin, in particular, is a hormone associated with pair bonding. The release of oxytocin at the time of smooching elevates the feelings of attachment and affection. Therefore, it can directly help increase relationship satisfaction as well.
  • It improves your confidence and feelings of self-worth. Again, it is directly linked to the release of those happy hormones. But, it also happens because kissing plays a role in reducing your cortisol levels. Even though you notice only a temporary drop in cortisol, it is still a good way to give a slight boost to your self-worth. But, who stops you from trying it more often? Couple it with other affectionate communication signals, like hugging, etc., and it will help a lot with stress management.
  • It may be good for your blood pressure. The act will be dilating your blood vessels due to the rush of many hormones. It means that you will end up reducing your blood pressure simply by smooching more often, and there are many different types to keep trying it.
  • It may help relieve cramps. It is good for your heart because it dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow at the same time. Therefore, it may also be useful in relieving cramps, especially when you are talking about period cramps. Getting your smooch on when you are struggling with a bad period may be totally worth it.
  • It may help soothe headaches, especially when you are talking about tension headaches. The benefit is linked to the fact that smooching can help dilate your blood vessels, which relieves tension and headaches. It is also a good way to lower stress, so you are likely to feel better if stress triggers your headaches.
  • It may help improve your immune system. Of course, you feel better when your blood pressure improves, but it may do your immune system a world of good to swap spit with your partner. Some experts have found that couples that canoodle frequently may enjoy better immunity, as they share the same microorganisms on their tongues.
  • It may help control allergic responses. In fact, some experts are of the view that kissing may well be a way to relieve hives and deal with other signs of allergies caused by pollen or dust mites. It is also a way to lower your stress levels, which will help control your allergic response.

Considering all these benefits, are you not feeling charged up and ready to enjoy a canoodling session with your partner? Be sure to check some unique and hot ways of kissing first to make it more exciting and interesting.

Discover How Many Different Types of Kisses Are There

It is hard to count – really! The reason is that you can be very creative while planting a smacker on her lips, but a slight variation in what is considered "normal" can easily turn it into something more special and memorable. You can easily find lists of 43 different kisses or even more, but be sure to remember the following and try them often to master the art of kissing.

  • French Kiss: It is hard to keep it out of any list, isn't it? It is one of the most popular and passionate ways to kiss. You can even call it an erotic way of sharing love and turning your partner on for some romance. Simply tilt in and local your lips with your partner's lips and enjoy the moment. Slowly extend your tongue to feel your partner's. Do not try to rush through the moment, or you will ruin it all.
  • Single Lip Kiss: Looking for the best way to say "I love you"? Try this type that involves touching only one lip. Be sure to suck your partner's lip gently and stay away from biting. Just feel their lip's softness in between yours and go slowly to convey a strong romantic message.
  • Lizzy Smooch: It gets its name from the way a lizard plays with its tongue. You and your partner will have to stick your tongues out and try smooching without involving those lips. It may not come easy to those who have never tried anything other than basic kissing, but you will love it for sure.
  • American Kiss: Quite like a French kiss, an American kiss is a form of deep smooching, but it does not involve the tongue. Keep your partner close by her waist and slightly bend her while kissing her hard.
  • Ice Kiss: Send chills down your partner's spine using the ice kiss that involves placing an ice cube between your lips before kissing. Stick to the act until the ice melts.
  • Nibble Kiss: A nibble kiss can be romantic but very sensual at the same time. Start by grabbing your partner's lower lip. Now, let your wild side come out and bite the lip gently. Just learn to put the right amount of pressure because being too harsh can ruin it for you.
  • Lip Trace Kiss: It involves tracing your partner's lips using your tongue. Keep osculating your partner in between all the "tracing" to make it spicier.
  • Butterfly Kiss: It involves playing your partner's eyelashes with yours. It gets its name from the way you flutter your eyelashes together. You can also start by blinking your lashes against their cheek first.

Learn about Different Kissing Methods and Their Meanings

Kissing is amazing and, when done correctly, it conveys your spirits to your partner. As there are different types of kissing techniques, it takes time to learn them all and perform them with authority. By mastering the art, you can evoke an overwhelming sensation in your partner. However, it is also important to learn what different types of kisses actually mean. For instance:

  • On the Cheeks: These kisses indicate intimacy, affection, and endearment. Even mothers love kissing their newborns on their cheeks to show their love and affection. In some cultures, cheek kisses are just a way to say "hello." Keep your lips slightly parted when you kiss on the cheeks. When you do it with your partner, you may want to give a slight suck to arouse an amazing sensation.
  • On the Forehead: They also show your admiration and affection. It is usually the first step towards a more exciting and passionate kiss, like a French kiss. It may also show how much you trust your partner. Simply kiss your partner on the forehead while keeping your lips slightly parted and brushing them against their forehead very gently.
  • On the Hand: It represents respect and admiration. In the contemporary period, a peck on the hand was mostly about showing respect to a special person. Kissing a girl's hand gently often means you care for her. It may also show your interest in starting a relationship with that person.
  • On the Nose: It involves rubbing each other's noses to show affection and friendliness. It is not a form of romantic kissing because it does not involve touching your partner's lips in any way. It is often used between close friends and family.

Different Kisses to Try for a Better Relationship

If you check different types of kisses photos, you will realize that you have never tried most of them, ever. Even when you and your partner are comfortable sticking to what you have always been doing during a lovemaking session, it is still a good idea to break the norm and step out of your comfort zone to try something special. You may consider yourself a professional kisser when it comes to giving the perfect French kiss, but you can arouse different sensations by trying other types of kisses.

Here are some rather unique kissing techniques to try:

  • The Lip Gloss Kiss: It is an extremely playful type of smooch that is sure to make both of you feel excited. It involves putting a good amount of flavored lip gloss and then passionately osculating your partner until you coat their lips with it. To make it more interesting, you can always play a game by making them guess the flavor. Going for tinted lip gloss may also be a great idea but ensure that your partner is on board and feels comfortable with it.
  • Spiderman Kiss: Those who love the Spiderman movie would love giving this technique a shot. Your partner's face has to be upside down to touch your upper lip with their lower lip. You can execute this style in many different ways, but all of them will be sensual.
  • Earlobe Kiss: A smooch that does not involve lip-to-lip contact can still be exciting, and the earlobe kiss is the perfect example. Simply grab their earlobe in between your lips and let your tongue do the trick. Make it more exciting by using a sucking motion. Because of so many nerve endings in this region, the act is sure to turn them on in no time.
  • Air Kiss: Go with this formal smooth if you are looking for the perfect way to greet your partner. You just need to touch your cheek with your partner's and make a kissing sound.
  • The Sugar Kiss: Just like putting the ice cube in between your lips, you can make it more exciting by going for something sweet, like chocolate, marshmallow fluff, ice cream, or anything sweet that melts in your mouth. Try it to make snacking a lot more romantic.
  • Vacuum Kiss: The technique is all about getting close to your partner, touching your lips with theirs, and sucking the air from their mouth. This open-mouthed smooch can be extremely passionate and exciting. It may feel a bit weird in the beginning, but it is certainly worth a try.
  • Candy Kiss: Kiss like an adult and re-live your childhood memories while doing it. A candy smooch will help you do just that. Pop in your favorite candy and ask your partner to do the same. Now kiss and exchange them during the act.
  • Vampire Kiss: Show your wild side by channelizing your inner vampire and planting this smacker on your partner's neck. Be sure to suck the area gently, and if you feel like biting, do it but do not go overboard with the idea of becoming a "vampire."

Overall, there are so many more ways to kiss your partner and show your affection, and though you do not have to learn them all, introducing a few new ones to a lovemaking session every once in a while will help keep things exciting.

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