Pick up Lines for Girl to Help You Initiate Conversation

Good pick up lines for a girl can get the conversation going when you meet someone. They make getting the conversation fun and easier. Keeping this in mind, here are 100 of the best pick up lines that will break the ice.

Best Pick up Lines for Women That will Show Your Personality

The best pick up lines for women are timeless, meaning that you can use them at any time. If you are trying to win the affection of a girl, check out our list of the top pick up lines.

  1. You must be from Tennessee. There is no other ten I see.
  2. I do not your name. Is it beautiful like you?
  3. Do I know you? You look 100 percent like my next girlfriend.
  4. Wait, my phone has a problem. Your cellular phone number is not stored in it.
  5. If you believe I'm wrong, kiss me. But werewolves exist, right?
  6. Hey, could you please tie your shoes? Because I won't like it if you fall for someone else.
  7. Have you ever been in prison? It's forbidden by law to look that sexy.
  8. You are so beautiful that you made me forget my chat-up line.
  9. Are you Jamaican? Why Jamaican me crazy?
  10. You may fall from the tree or the sky, but the best way you can fall is by falling in love with me.
  11. I was feeling off until you came and turned me on.
  12. If you were words written on a page, then you would certainly be fine print.
  13. You must be exhausted after running through my mind the whole day.
  14. Something is very wrong with my eyes because I have tried to take them off you, but I can't.
  15. Can I borrow your smartphone? (why) So that I can call your parents to thank them for bringing my soulmate into this world.
  16. You must be an interior decorator. When you walked into the room, it became suddenly became beautiful.
  17. Your father must be a preacher because you are a blessing in my life.
  18. Do you have any idea of the worst thing that could happen to my life today? If I don't take you out on a date.
  19. You must be the next gorgeous contestant in this game of love.
  20. Do you still have your license after driving all those men crazy.
  21. If being a beautiful girl was a crime, then you would have been in jail already.
  22. Are you a broom? You undoubtedly swept me off my feet.
  23. Do you have an extra heart that I can borrow? Someone stole mine.
  24. Can I borrow a kiss? You don't have to worry because I'll return it.
  25. Did it hurt when you hit the ground after falling from heaven?
  26. The only thing that your eyes have not mentioned to me is your name.
  27. Are you made of cream and coffee? Because you're my sugar.
  28. Come live in my heart; you won't pay any rent.
  29. If nothing lasts forever, would you mind being my nothing?
  30. I'm just coming from the hospital, and my doctor told me that I have Vitam U deficiency.
  31. If tens of thousands of painters decide to work for two thousand years, they could not have executed a work of art that's beautiful like you.
  32. Can I take a picture of you? I want to show Santa Claus what to get me for Xmas.
  33. You are so sweet that you gave me a toothache.

Corny Pick up Lines for Girls

Corny chat up lines can help you get the girl you like. They make a girl laugh and want to know more about you. Here are some of the corny lines for girls.

  1. I don't think I will ever need the sun rays again. You have light up my world with your eyes.
  2. You are so hot. Are you the one causing global warming?
  3. Do you take lucky charms for lunch? You look magically delicious.
  4. You must be a cell phone charger. I would die without you.
  5. We are not shoes, but we would make a perfect pair.
  6. If I go straight using this road, will I reach your heart today?
  7. You must be in the wrong place. You should be right there with other Miss Universe contestants.
  8. My lips are like Skittles. Do you mind tasting the rainbow?
  9. I'm not a genie, but I know how to make your dreams come true.
  10. Here I am. What were your other two remaining wishes?
  11. Are you an alien? You have abducted my heart.
  12. Your lips look so lonely. They can come to hang out with my lips.
  13. If you were a potato, then you would certainly have been the sweet one.
  14. Are you the square root of 2 (√2)? I feel irrational around you.
  15. If beauty was time, then you would have been an eternity.
  16. What has a total of 36 teeth and is holding back the Incredible Hulk? That's should be my zipper.
  17. Could you please take me to the hospital so that the doctor can fix my leg? I broke it while falling for you.
  18. I can't find a good costume for Halloween. Can I go as your boyfriend?
  19. Are you garbage? I would like to take you out.
  20. Let us plant a garden so that we can put our tulips together.
  21. Pinch me, you are so beautiful. I think I must be dreaming.
  22. Your father must be a drug dealer. That explains why you look dope.
  23. You owe me a drink. I dropped mine while I was looking at your beautiful face.
  24. You are like pizza. You are still good even when you are bad.
  25. Your hand looms so heavy. I can make things easier for you by holding it for you?
  26. I can now die a happy man after seeing a piece of heaven standing right in front of me.
  27. Did you establish your New Year’s resolution? I am looking at mine.
  28. You dropped something. (What is it?) My jaw!
  29. If you were a fruit, I think you would have been fineapple.

Pick up Lines for Women to Use to Start a Conversation

If you like a man and want to make a connection with them, you can use these pick up lines to say to boys.

  1. Do you have to look so hot? I can focus on what I am doing.
  2. You must be that guy who was supposed to buy me a drink.
  3. Could you hold this hand so that I can be able to walk in the park?
  4. You must be a magnet? Because I am attracted to you.
  5. Please keep your distance. I think I am falling for you.
  6. I lost my teddy bear. Do you mind being my teddy bear today?
  7. I know this girl who is deeply in love with you. I would have told you if I was not shy.
  8. Are you a keyboard? I think you're my type.
  9. Did you know that I am a burglar and came to steal your heart.
  10. Are we in a museum? That's the only explanation I could find why an amazing work of art like you is here.
  11. I hope you know cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) because you have taken my breath away.
  12. I did not what I wanted in a man until I saw you.
  13. I am not religious, but from the moment I saw you, I was sure that you are the answer to all my prayers.
  14. I am glad I had purchased life insurance. When I saw you walking into the room, my heart stopped.
  15. Excuse me, what the time right now? I want to remember when I met I hot guy like you.
  16. Wow, when God created you, he must have been showing off.
  17. If I were a cat, then I wouldn't mind spending all my 9 lives with you.
  18. When I text you tonight to tell you goodnight, what number should I use?
  19. I believe honesty will always remain the best policy. Therefore, let me be honest, you are the hottest man I have ever seen.
  20. I am not an organ donor, but I wouldn't mind giving you my heart.
  21. Do you know what my sweater is made of? Wife material.
  22. What rhymes with cucumber? It's your number.
  23. Is there an airport near this area, or is my heart taking off?
  24. Was your dad an alien? There's nothing sexy as you on Earth.
  25. Do you have a pencil so that I can erase your past then write our future.
  26. I wanted to say God bless you, but then I realized that he already did.
  27. Life without you is like having a broken pencil - it's pointless.
  28. My love for you is similar to diarrhea. I have tried holding it, but I cannot.
  29. You must be a member of a Boy Scout. That's the only explanation of how you managed to nicely tie my heart into knots.
  30. I know that you are busy today, but do you mind adding me to your to-do list?
  31. Hey, are you taking applications for a girlfriend?
  32. Are you a ninja? I think that's how you managed to sneak into my heart.
  33. My name’s Microsoft. Do you mind if I crash at your place in the evening?
  34. If you were teardrops, then I would never cry for the rest of my life because I don't want to lose you.
  35. I was blind until I met.
  36. My name is Juliet, will you be my Romeo?
  37. Forget about superwoman, batwoman, and spider woman, I will be your woman.
  38. You must be a banana because I think I find you a-peeling.

Your dating journey will never be the same. Using these 100 pick up lines will change your dating life forever. You can initiate a conversation with that person you are interested in.

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