What are the Different Romantic Relationship Types?

Relationships are amongst one of the perfect ways we get to influence and change lives and of course, the world, either positively or negatively. Basically, there are four types of relationships, namely;

  • Friendship

  • Family Relationship

  • Acquaintanceship Relationship

  • Romantic Relationship

Each of these relationship types has its merit and demerit. Learning about them helps you understand and build a better relationship with anyone including your partner. A superficial knowledge of the first three relationship types is discussed below, while we focus on romantic relationships' aftermath.

Family Relationship

A family is a set of individuals related via some form of kinship which could be blood (brother, sister, and parents) marriage (uncle, aunty, or step-parents), or adoption.


Friends are people connected by goals or interests. Just like family, friends are people we trust, respect, and care about.


These are people we meet or see regularly in our environment but ain't so close to. By environment, it could be on the street, at our workplace, or fun place. This type of relationship is often developed into friendship most times when you get to know and understand these people.

Romantic Relationship

A romantic relationship is one in which you’ve got a strong feeling towards a person and such a feeling is reciprocated- mutual attraction. The feeling could be some kind of physical, emotional, and/or sexual attraction. This type of relationship is often practiced between people of similar sex (gay, or lesbian), the opposite sex (male and female), and those who are bisexual. Just like family, a romantic relationship is the closest type of relationship. And it is divided into 14 categories. Each will be described below so you know which you and your partner are practicing at the moment.

1. Allosexual Compatible Relationship

Allosexual compatible relationship is a romantic relationship type where there is a strong emotional, sexual, and physical attraction between you and your partner. Both parties are deeply in love with each other and this makes them compatible. Although challenges will pop up along the line, however, they will always be resolved amicably.

2. Open Relationship

Here is another romantic relationship type where both partners are allowed to date other people without conflict. It's a relationship where there is no string attached. Although this relationship type is cool, it's imperative that both parties are exclusive (they feel happy about it). Should in case anyone feels the opposite way- as in he or she doesn't want to be exclusive- then a break-up is expected.

3. The Independent Relationship

This is the type of relationship where you own your stuff and the other party owns theirs. There is no form of dependency whether financial or personal support and both parties are fine with it. You might live together as couples or soulmates, you’ve got little assistance or benefits to doing for each other. Mind you, an independent relationship does change. And this happens when either party needs support or more attention.

4. The Chameleon Relationship

A relationship type where one or both partners change their attitudes just to satisfy each other can be described as a chameleon relationship. If you are the chameleon then you must be leaving your comfort zone just to ensure that your partner is happy. The chameleon relationship type doesn't last long as one or both parties would get tired and frustrated of keeping such an act. And at this point, you both have to part ways.

5. Codependent Relationship

The codependent relationship type is one in which you and your partner depend solely on each other and separation is expected to cause incompleteness. Your desire to always want to be with each other all the time and vice versa makes the relationship type an amazing one. A codependent relationship is the perfect one for married couples.

6. The Rebound Relationship

The rebound relationship is a type of romantic relationship that pops up when one party who just broke up or left a relationship gets into a new one immediately. This person feels there is no need to brood over a broken relationship, rather, seek love somewhere else.

Rebound relationships never last because this person is always ready to move on and not ready to fix broken relationships.

7. Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship is described as one in which one party dominates and the other is submissive. Although there might be a strong attraction between the two of you, the love is one-sided or nonexistent.

This type of relationship is mostly practiced by someone with narcissistic traits.

8. Last Resort Relationship

The last resort relationship is one in which two people who are closely related, searching for a perfect match end up hooking up or marrying each other because they couldn't find one. This type of relationship often works out when neither party complicates things. Complication sets in when one of you finds someone else or intimacy increases on one side. Never choose to be someone’s last resort or make someone yours.

9. No Breathing Room Relationship

Just like the codependent relationship, a no-breathing room relationship has both partners always close to each other now and then. Mind you, the closeness is based on insecurity and/or fear of not losing each other. In this type of relationship, both of you are always doing stuff together, even though it's inconvenient for one of you.

10. The No-String Relationship

A relationship is described as a no-string relationship when there is no commitment between you and your partner. This type of relationship could also be called a casual relationship or friends with benefits relationship.

The no-string relationship is an interesting one, however, when either party decides to take it to another level, the relationship breaks down. Also, when there is no benefit from the relationship anymore, both parties have no choice but to part ways.

11. Long-Distance Relationship

This is the toughest type of romantic relationship. Reason being that both you and your companion live far away from each other and are only connected by emotions which often fade with time. The perfect means of reaching each other is via phone or video calls. The latter means- video call- is the most commonly used because both parties get to see each other.

A long-distance relationship is perfect for those seeking love online. However, for couples or those in intimate relationships, it isn't advisable. Here are a few setbacks of long-distance relationships:

  • Absence of physical intimacy automatically puts an end to the relationship

  • Trust issues, insecurity, or jealousy

  • One of both parties might fall for another person who lives within the same vicinity

12. The Gold-Digging Relationship

The gold-digging relationship is a one-sided romantic relationship where one of the partners exploits the other. You are either the gold or the digger of the gold. FYI, the latter is usually at an advantage while the former who happens to be the gold is at disadvantage. The gold are in form of material such as;

  • Wealth and access to a better lifestyle

  • Power or fame

  • Prestige

  • Luxurious

This type of relationship can crumble anytime when these materials are no longer available. And most times, it's the digger who puts an end to the relationship.

13. The Transactional Relationship

A transactional relationship is similar to the gold-digging relationship, however, the exploitation isn't one-sided- both parties are contributing to the relationship. It doesn't matter that the two of you provide materialistic items. Rather one of you could have the material asset, while the other brings in something else. Although the exploration is mutual, experts believe that at certain times, one or both parties will demand more. And such an act would destroy the relationship.

14. Asexual or Sex-Adverse Compatible Love Relationship

Just as the name implies, the sex-adverse or asexual relationship is one in which both parties have got little or no sexual attraction (lack sexual attraction) to each other but rather, physically or emotionally attracted towards each other which makes them compatible. Mind you, the lack of sexual urge is a mutual feeling and not one-sided. Also, both partners’ asexuality isn't an abnormality or defect, instead, it's a physiological trait. The asexual or sex-adverse compatible love relationship is majorly seen in those who don't particularly enjoy sex.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand the subject matter:

What's the best type of romantic relationship?

As we all know, not all relationships are perfect and everyone practices at least two of the relationship types given above. Also, human desires differ. Thus, there is no way to select the best romantic relationship.


Now you know the 14 types of romantic relationships, which do you belong to? While trying to confirm which type(s) you are presently, you must note that there is no perfect relationship type. However, if both parties understand each other, then they can have a great relationship. Mind you, while trying to ensure you have a nice relationship, you must consider your mental health.

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