Reasons Why I'm Single

Reasons Why I'm Single

You're single but don't want to be – a scenario familiar to most. The question most common amongst these individuals is, "why am I alone?" a brutally honest answer is that you're single because you aren't trying hard enough.

Life doesn't pick favorites, but if faced with the question "still single" has become a common occurrence for you, you seriously need to reevaluate your choices. Most part of your "still single" phase has you to blame. However, that's good news. To get into a relationship, you'll need to fix your habits and choices.

Finding love's a challenging task for many. A few tries at relationships are enough to break a man. But have you ever wondered what you're doing wrong? If you haven't, it's the reason why you're still single. For those wanting to overcome that "still single" phase, here are things to improve:

1. You rarely socialize

Fellow introverts, the reason you're still single is that you rarely step out of your house. Social anxiety is real, but you can't expect to get into a relationship if you don't meet new people. Finding a relationship's like hunting for a job. You need to step out, search and put in your best shot.

If chilling in your room, binge-watching shows on your TV, and stuffing your face with food is all you do, love won't come knocking on your door. The best place to find love is at a gym, bookstore, club, or party.

2. You can't stop thinking about your past relationship

Getting over a bad relationship's crucial before stepping out to find love. If you're going to carry around your past baggage, no one's going to approach you – ending up as still single. Nobody wishes to feel like a second-class citizen within a relationship and continuously be compared to your past.

Stop stalking your exes on social media platforms, delete any pictures you've got, and block their number. It's obvious when you aren't over your ex. It doesn't require Einstein's brain to decipher where your mind's stuck. Even without trying to, you'll unconsciously drop clues with your body language. In such a situation, take time to heal before stepping into another relationship.

3. You put on a persona

We understand wanting to be mysterious, but being downright cliché is weird. No wonder you're still single if you love putting on a façade just to get a girl. A made-up personality won't last forever, even you'd get tired of it eventually, or your actions will be caught.

Building a fake personality isn't going to protect you. If you can't be vulnerable in front of your partner, now's not the time for relationships. Honesty's a crucial element of any thriving relationship. Being honest regarding your vulnerability is the one method that'll help in finding someone who loves you and redirect your thoughts away from staying single.

So, Why Doesn't Anyone Want to Date Me?

1. You're picky

Being picky is different than having a preference. Everyone's got a "type" they like but being fixated on wanting the perfect partner that's a 10 on a scale when you're a 5 is absurd. Don't try to fulfill your unrealistic expectations if you don't want to be asked why you're still single. There's no such thing as "the perfect person" in pursuit of perfection. You'll miss on things that truly matter.

The list of being picky contains outrageous reasons like rejecting someone because they like eating, something you don't, though they're everything you've ever dreamt of, and more. In the long run, an 'ideal partner' image is useless and won't add value to your relationship. Being open-minded will increase your chances of meeting new people.

2. You're cocky

Confidence is sexy, but being over-confident, almost close to the narcissistic approach, is a significant turn-off. Regarding yourself highly while considering everyone to be inferior is a trait hated by many. If you're someone who thinks they've never made a mistake, you're judgmental of the choices people make and privileged enough to not understand others' preferences, then you're one of the cocky ones.

3. You don't ask for help

Independence is a great trait to possess, but making your partner feel like they aren't a needed element in your life will kill the romance. Most independent people revolve their life around themselves, often leaving no time for romance. It's like the world revolves around them.

If you heard the "that's why you're still single" phrase after a breakup, you're a jerk that can't compromise time for the person you love and honestly just remain 'still single' if you aren't going to change.

Are Some People Meant to Be Alone

Everyone's different. What works for you might not work for others. Hence you'll come across people who don't mind the question "still single?" at gatherings with friends and families. Some people aren't wired to date and fall in love and much rather stay in the category of still single, being happy as ever, they won’t ask “will I be single forever,” they live in the moment.

If you ask whether some people meant to be alone, the short answer's yes and no. The only people who remain in the 'still single' category are those who chose to stay. Here are 7 signs you're meeting the type that won't make you question why they're still single.

1. Believing being right is more important

Relationships come to hurdles. Not everyone's ready to face or compromise for them. If you're an independence-loving person, love indeed isn't for you. They'll spend the majority of their time proving they're right than compromising and accepting they're wrong.

2. Fighting till death

The word 'compromising' and 'letting things go' isn't in their dictionary. Hence you'll face endless arguments when dating a person that supposed to stay in the singles category.

3. Having things your way

If a partner insists on having things their way on every occasion, they're someone that's meant to be alone. You won't see them searching "Reasons why I'm still single" because they're too self-centered to care.

4. Everything belongs to them

What yours is theirs, what theirs is also theirs, not sharing things including feelings and wanting complete possession are traits that most people who're meant to be alone have. A person who wants to make relationships work will do everything in their power so they won't need to think, "Why I'm still single?". If you can't share or contribute your part, you're better off single.

5. You enjoy solitary time

If you're someone who loves being alone and value "me time" more than you value spending time with your partner, the solitary life is your calling. This isn't similar to being an introvert. Introverts love being alone but enjoy the company of their partner.

Not being able to give up a portion of your time to a person you love is a trait befitting people who're more than likely to remain in the realms of "still single".

How to Stay Single

Wanting to chase the ideal life of falling in love, getting married, having kids, and staying together until death do us apart isn't every person's calling. Others just want to live the young, wild, and free life without having chains to bind them.

If you're tired of annoying cycles relationships go through and want to begin your journey or staying single and still happy, here are some tips that'll help you get ready.

1. Don't wonder why you're still single

The most common problem with people wanting to stay single is them always worrying about being questioned at gatherings asking, "why are you still single?" stop wondering what others think of you and focus on yourself.

2. Consider advantages of being single

Staying single lowers the risks of adverse health effects associated with failed marriages and abusive relationships. Researches have shown that poor relationships will make you unhealthy physically and mentally.

3. Freedom to spend time your way

People cannot ignore their partner's desires when in a relationship. One needs to make sacrifices they don't want to in order to make their partner happy. However, if you're riding solo, you don't need to make compromises.

4. Ignore what society says

It's society's job to make people feel under-accomplished at every chance it gets. Don't bother with questions asking you why you're still single. Some people force themselves to be in a relationship due to media representations that strengthen the illusion that we need to be in a relationship to be happy.

5. Treating yourself

You need to build a favorable perception of yourself if you're riding solo. Treat yourself to luxurious spa visits, dress up and look the best version of yourself, and occasionally travel. Just because you don't have a partner to please, you don't need to reject luxuries.

6. Build other relationships

Romantic relationships don't last forever. Family members and friends always support your various decisions. Devote to giving time to people that matter most. It's relationships with friends and families that'll bring you happiness in the long run.

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