Signs He Doesn’t Want to be in a Relationship with you Anymore

Do you find yourself thinking, “he doesn’t love me anymore” it can be one of the worst feelings in the world, and something you feel embarrassed to speak to anyone about? You don’t want your friends or family to judge him or think badly of him, but equally don’t want to make him feel bad about how he’s treated you and potentially make your rough patch worse.

There is no perfect way to work out how to understand a boy loves you, but for your relationship to move forward, you need to stop wondering if or why he doesn’t want you anymore and focus on the reasons he does.

If you often find yourself asking or thinking:

  • I feel like my boyfriend doesn’t care anymore.
  • He doesn’t like me anymore.
  • He doesn’t say I love you back anymore.
  • Why does he not want me anymore?
  • He says he loves me but doesn’t make time for me.
  • He doesn’t want me anymore.

Or you find yourself constantly looking for the signs your boyfriend doesn’t care about you anymore and signs that a boy loves you truly – unfortunately, it often is time to start thinking about having an important conversation with your boyfriend to come to the bottom of why you feel like you do.

Relationships can be difficult, especially if you feel that you’re partner is no longer in love with you. When your relationship hits a rough patch, it can feel like you’re losing everything and there is no way to stop it, and as you start to worry about the problems and cracks that have appeared, you’re often left wondering if he loves you at all.

Importantly, love is the last thing to go in a relationship – with many people, even those who decide to leave, feeling love for weeks and even months after a breakup. However, sometimes it also works oppositely, and one partner stops loving the other months or weeks before the relationship comes to an end.

If you are in a committed relationship, it can feel impossible to differentiate between a rough patch and what’s the end of a seven-year itch and what’s just run it’s the course. However, there are several different things to look out for if you feel your relationship is getting rocky, to work out why it feels like why he says he loves me but never shows it.

My Boyfriend Doesn`t Seem Interested in Me Anymore

If you’re trying to work out if your guy loves you, it’s important to note that men are built differently from women and, in general, are much less emotional than we are. While it’s important to share with your partner if you feel unloved, it’s just as important to consider that maybe you doubt something that isn’t a problem.

Sometimes men are less emotionally available than women, but it doesn’t mean that it will cause the relationship to end in disaster.

Equally, due to men being less vocal about any emotions they might be feeling, they’re less likely to share how they’re feeling about other factors in their life, for example;

  • Work stresses.
  • Family problems.
  • Family illness.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Mental health problems such as depression.
  • Money or financial problems.
  • General stress.
  • Debt.
  • Car problems.
  • Change in career.
  • Upcoming exams or work reviews.
  • Lack of vacation time.

The last year, in particular, has been hard on everyone, and many more people struggle with their mental health than ever before. Men have traditionally kept their emotions to themselves, with old male stereotypes being “strong and silent” however, maintaining this stereotype, in reality can often mean becoming so focused on not showing “bad emotions”, “good emotions” such as love and happiness also struggle to be expressed.

Rather than just diving in and accusing your partner of not loving you anymore or asking other people, “why won’t he love me” – ask him how he is and how he’s feeling because you’ve seen him struggling with his emotions recently. You want him to know if has a safe place to offload with you.

Sometimes just talking about your problems can make a huge difference, and if your partner is distant due to outside stresses, remember that a problem shared is a problem halved. A deep and meaningful conversation can be the best way to bond and find each other again in a rough patch.

How to Tell if a Guy Really Loves You

It’s very easy to say “I love you” you could say it to anyone if you had to; however, to show someone you love them is much more difficult – and this is what to look out for if you’re worried things aren’t working well with your partner.

Signs someone loves you are simple and can be easily missed – but once you know what to look out for, it becomes much more simple to find your happiness.

10 Signs he Loves you More than you Think:

  1. He tells you to drive or walk safely when you part ways.
  2. You’ve met his family and closest friends.
  3. He picks up a treat for you when he does the grocery shop.
  4. He knows the order of your favorite drink without asking.
  5. He remembers your birthday and anniversary.
  6. He buys you gifts he thinks you’ll like, even if he doesn’t get it right (not just generic chocolates and flowers).
  7. He kisses you on your forehead.
  8. He texts you Good Morning or Good Night every day.
  9. He plans his holidays with you; Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the 4th are planned around spending them together.
  10. He mentions you in the future – for example, I hope *we* can visit Europe one day, rather than I can’t wait till *I* can make it to Europe.

There are many other things to look for, it is not limited to the above list, and everyone’s love language is different. But if you’re worried, try to think of the little things you did for each other when you first fell in love and make your list so you can stop wondering why he says he loves you but doesn’t show it.

Some men fall in love before they’ve even asked you out, and he tells you he loves you and you’re thinking, “but he isn’t my boyfriend” it doesn’t mean to say he’s stringing you along. Some guys are completely comfortable with their emotions and displaying them to the women they like. While it’s not common to hear I love you outside of a relationship – it’s not a bad thing if you do.

Signs He Doesn’t Want to Be in a Relationship Anymore

Stopping loving someone and not wanting to be in a relationship with them anymore are two very different things. You can still love someone and not want to be with them anymore and stop loving someone but not wanting to end the relationship.

Even if you’re thinking “he says he loves me but never shows it” if it is the future of your relationship that you’re worried about, it’s much more important to look for signs that he still wants to be in a relationship with you because it’s common to think “is he in loves with me or just loves me?” due to men being less emotional.

If you’re worried for the future of your relationship and you feel like your boyfriend doesn’t want you anymore, there are several signs to look out for that means he’s already emotionally checked out of the relationship:

  • He makes plans without you.
  • You haven’t met his family, and he has no plans to introduce you.
  • He doesn’t mention you in his plans.
  • You don’t live together and have no plans to move in.
  • He is speaking with other women.
  • You don’t share anything– separate meals, separate hobbies, even watching different films in the evenings.
  • No common friends – it shows he isn’t introducing you to his circle, making it easier to cut you out of his life.
  • You stop being intimate.

The best thing to do if you’re worried about your relationship failing, a partner leaving you, or just that one of you is falling out of love; the most important thing to do is speak with each other. Your partner is your other half, and the best way to resolve relationship issues is with each other – he should be the easiest person to ask if your guy loves you.

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