The funny relationship quotes will fill you with joy

As you are connecting with someone you are romantically attracted to, all sorts of things are liable to be flitting through your mind in terms of how to approach courtship.

  • Rather than fretting about the best approach, think of the basic aspects of human nature. Everyone loves to have a good laugh, so one of the most recommended ways of attracting someone’s attention is to brighten their day with jokes or humorous anecdotes.
  • This is a particularly useful ploy when you are interacting with a prospective partner. If you can fill your text messages or emails with observations or anecdotes that will make them laugh, then you are guaranteed to make a strong impression.
  • When you are deciding to send a message to the person you are interested in, there are so many romantic humor quotes that you could use. Many people are adept at conjuring these from their imagination and will be able to fire off lightning-quick quips or make light of even the most serious situations.
  • If you aren’t naturally humorous, you could always go to online resources where you will find examples of relationship quotes you could use in your correspondence. Funny love pic quotes is another terrific idea. This is where you can augment the message that you are sending with suitable cartoon images or emojis. Funny love images with quotes will paint a picture more readily than several sentences of interesting proposals.

So many comedians have employed romantic quotes in their live routines that YouTube another fantastic resource for sourcing inspiration. The first thing you have to do is think about the sense of humor that your potential partner possesses. This is an attribute that is unique to everybody, so you have to tread warily, in case the jokes you try to pop into your messages touch a nerve.

  • Consider their personality. When you are indulging in general chatter, are there any subjects they appear to be warier of approaching? It might be a good idea to avoid contentious subject matter when you are exchanging texts, just in case the humorous aspect of what you are trying to say gets lost in translation.
  • When you are about to compose your message, think of certain situations you might have been involved in recently, especially your significant other was involved. Have there been scenarios where are you have fallen about with laughter at something that has happened?
  • Perhaps you were in a restaurant enjoying a meal and something you tried ordering from turned out to be something unexpected. These situations can be used to great effect, and if you remind your partner about this in your message, you will instantly create charming memories.
  • You can also use this ploy to make light of a situation that was less memorable, for whatever reason. Think of times you fell out about something that seemed all too real at the time, but which you can now laugh about. Using love quotes like, 'true love will always prevail' will assist you in that quest to let bygones be bygones. Once you have put this sentiment down in black and white, in a text or WhatsApp message, this will have the effect of placing the original disagreement in its deserved context – irrelevant to your present happiness.

These funny but true love quotes will brighten your day

What are some of the most inspirational quotes that you can use when you are conversing with a partner? This is pretty much the equivalent of questioning that proverbial length of a piece of string!

  • The English language is rich with words, phrases, or quotations that you could use yourself. The beauty of borrowing or enhancing freezes or adages you have heard elsewhere is that your loved one is hardly going to be calling you out for plagiarism! There are so many funny love words you could employ when composing a message, that you don’t need to have a great degree of editorial skills to discover the best ones.
  • As you are watching TV or movies, professional scriptwriters might have already provided a lot of potential inspiration for fun messages. As you hear certain terms or phrases that strike a chord with the characters on screen, make a mental note of these. You could always deploy them in your messages at a later date.

Movies can provide so much in terms of subject matter, and the beauty of using romcoms for your source material is that these are titles that both you and your partner can enjoy.

Think about that famous scene in the hit comedy ‘When Harry met Sally.’ At one point the stars are innocently enjoying a meal in a New York diner. The premise of this scene is that they are best friends, but are always wondering if their relationship would survive should they become physical. As they debate the merits of females orgasms, Meg Ryan’s character demonstrates how easily guys can be conned by females 'faking it.' After her jaw-dropping performance, someone at a neighboring table asks the waitress if she might have a helping of the same dish!

Funny things about relationships happen all the time, and what that movie clip illustrates is how humor can arise from seemingly mundane situations. These can easily be extrapolated to your existence.

How about some funny I love you quotes? This is where you can let your imagination run riot.

  • You don’t have to fixate on the purely romantic aspect of these messages either. You have the free range to be as flippant as you wish. You could introduce something absurd, such as ‘I love you with all my belly – you would expect me to say my heart, but my belly is so much bigger!’ Another one could be quite simple, referring to one of your favorite takeaway meals. You could say ‘I love you more than pizza, and you do know much I love pizza!’ You could get really overboard with these quotes: ‘you are my favorite pizza topping.'

Suggested funny couple quotes you can take on board

When it comes to considering funny relationship advice quotes, the key is to think about situations that would be serious in real life, but then inject a heavy degree of irony or even sarcasm.

  • How about taking a subject like the movies again? You could tell your partner that relationships are like a walk in the park. When they ask you which park, you would reply, Jurassic Park! You are not inferring what you have together is the equivalent of walking through some T-Rex-infested zone, but the ironic comparison will make your partner laugh uproariously.
  • Another terrific quote for you to employ is that ‘the target in any relationship is not to think alike – it is to think together.’ This super little quotation is perfect for enlivening your partnership because it can force someone to think about the strength of your bond but in a light-hearted way.
  • When you are getting to know someone you have recently met, there are many fun new relationships quotes you could use to enhance the experience of finding out about each other.

Some sayings would be best kept to yourself. Perhaps a friend has suggested using something like ‘relationships can be very much like overweight people – most of them don’t work out.’ While this has clearly been said with tongue-firmly-in-cheek, it does illustrate the fact that it is possible to look for humor in even the unlikeliest situations.

You can also use silly romantic quotes in various contexts. These are things you could whisper into your partner’s year when you are in quiet situations – perhaps seated close together in a movie theater and waiting for a film to begin – or you might be staring into each other’s eyes across a candlelit table in the secluded corner of a restaurant.

  • You can lighten the mood by murmuring something like ‘if I didn’t have any clothes on right now, what would you do?’ Depending on where are you happened to be at the time, should you be seated in a busy public place, your partner would most likely erupt with embarrassed laughter. However, you will have sown the seeds of desire, paving the way for what you could get up to later on.
  • How about texting your partner something like, ‘if you happen to feel horny later on, you have my full permission to wake me up.’ If you are close enough to your loved one that you feel confident enough to come out with such direct platitudes, then this is a sign that your relationship is thriving. Funny ‘I love you’ quotes can enhance your bond.

To conclude, here is a selection of clever romantic quotes for you to take on board. Some of them are worthwhile trying to remember, so that you can unleash them when the mood is right, perhaps when you have enjoyed some physical time together.

  • ‘I would love to be able to copy and paste you right into my bedroom.’
  • ‘I am eager to connect with a special person who will look at me in exactly the same way that I peer into the window display of a candy store.’
  • ‘They say that nothing lasts forever. If that’s the case, I would love you to be my nothing.’
  • Or more flippantly, ‘new girlfriends are just like phones. They love to be held in your hands, they love to be talked to, often for long periods. But should you press the wrong button, you can expect to be disconnected.’

Funny and crazy love quotes will help introduce you to someone if you are interested in pursuing a relationship with them. The ability to mix a variety of emotions and express them succinctly will make you seem an exciting and interesting person, someone they will want to get to know better.

  • If this is something you are relatively new to, it can seem quite a daunting prospect to be able to blend romance, humor, and desirability, all within the space of a few lines of quotation. But with a little bit of practice, this is something that will soon come like second nature.
  • You could always ask one of your friends if they have any silly girlfriend quotes they have used themselves they could pass your way. Perhaps they are in a longer-term relationship and have been used to do whispering these sweet nothings at regular opportunities. The one moment of caution would be making sure that you remember to change the names involved in any personal anecdotes to avoid unnecessary friction!

Once you have mastered the fine art of ‘I love you’ quotes, you will pave the way for enjoyable times together. There are many different ways of telling your special person the extent to which you love them, but it all boils down to the basic emotions that encapsulate trust, closeness, and shared aspirations for the future.

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