There are many funny things to say to a girl that are cute

Men who are able to use humor as a part of their public persona typically have a lot of success with women, and that’s not hard to understand. We all like to laugh and have fun, so guys who put a smile on our faces are welcome in every company and are viewed positively by a great majority of people. Saying hilarious things to make a girl laugh is a great way to make your presence known and perhaps establish a personal connection with your crush. In such situations, it’s wise to pick jokes that are cute enough for females to relate to and to be as charming and entertaining as possible when you tell them. Having good taste and a knack for telling good jokes certainly help, but even if you are not an expert for humor, you can still use it to great effect if you understand some basic communication principles. You should never run out of funny things to say to a hot girl if you learn how to turn real-life details into hilarious puns that practically everyone can instantly get.

Use funny texts to send a girl to become cool

Every guy tries to make an impression when talking or texting with a girl, so finding smart ways to do this without offending anyone is a big part of earning social popularity. Knowing a few funny lines to send a girl over text is a strong tactic that can earn you major recognition from the girls and their friends. It’s cool to be a jokester who is always upbeat and knows how to share good vibes with others, especially in this era when haters are so common everywhere. Keeping your texts full of joy may not always be easy, but guys who make it their trademark to entertain females are usually the ones that get invited to all the best parties. If you are really good with words, a few of your texts could end up going viral and being widely shared among people who don’t even know you! Knowing all this, it pays off to make a conscious effort to become a bit more entertaining in verbal as well as written communication with women you are attracted to.

Lighthearted joking makes communication easy for everyone

There is a temptation to use big boastful words when talking to an attractive woman on the phone or social networks. Some guys think that acting tough and using street language will earn them respect, but they just look desperate to impress and ultimately uncool in many instances. On the other hand, if your texts tend to contain a few harmless things to make a girl laugh, you will come off as self-assured and well-mannered. It usually makes sense to try and lower the temperature of the conversation and make it easy to participate without having to worry about any heavy stuff. Nothing achieves this like a well-timed joke that hits the target and causes an outburst of laughter on the other side, so you should deploy humor early and often whenever you are texting or chatting with a girl.

Some jokes are great as texts; some are a complete disaster

All this is not to say that any joke will instantly make you popular with women – in fact, there are many puns that could actually cause a heated argument or total breakdown in a conversation. Any reasonable person understands that funny lines to say to a girl over text should be completely free of bad taste or direct sexual references. Any sexist implications of how boys are superior to girls are also totally inappropriate, as are prejudicial statements of any kind, such as racist or anti-LGBT speech. In the twenty-first century, guys have to be very careful about how they joke with women and adopt the basic rules of respectful communication. Otherwise, their attempts at humor won’t be funny at all and may sound even cruder when they are sent over text with no contextual explanation or body language to soften the blow.

Choose funny things to say to your girlfriend in a text

The real humor is often tongue-in-cheek, crafted at the moment to react to a random situation. To be really funny, you have to improvise quite a bit and build upon your fundamental set of funny, cute things to say to your girlfriend or secret crush. On the other hand, guys who get too bold with their jokes can sometimes spoil the fun and become a target of ridicule themselves. When you try to compose funny things to text a girl, you have to be spontaneous and completely in control at once, which is harder to do than it sounds. You also have to stay mindful not to cross the line and use the vulgar language since most ladies won’t tolerate such behavior. All things considered, developing a feeling for the best type of humor for different people and different occasions is a process that for some guys might take longer than for others. However, even if you haven’t yet fully mastered this skill, you should still try sending a joke from time to time just to gauge the reactions and build up your confidence.

Experiment with many types of funny things to say to a hot girl

It’s not realistic to expect yourself to be able to find the best funny texts to send a girl immediately since you can’t just steal them from someone else, and authoring them requires some experience. This is why experimentation is so important for someone who is still working on his style, as you never know what you might stumble into. It sometimes turns out that you have a great talent for telling jokes that you didn’t know about and that a certain category of puns (i.e., linguistic paradoxes) suits you really well. To discover such talents, you mustn’t be afraid to try new things and be as creative with humorous material as possible. Hot girls like compliments and cute jokes, so you can start by searching for various ways to reference her good looks without being too obvious. If you know a little bit about her choice of movies and music, you will have additional sources of inspiration to draw from when choosing your jokes.

Be mindful of the reactions you are getting and adjust your style

Every comedian depends on his audience and must stay receptive to its wishes, and the same counts in private communication. If you try some funny things to say to a girl to make her laugh and she doesn’t show any appreciation for your effort, you should consider a different style of a joke the next time you talk to her. Insisting on doing it your way is needlessly stubborn and locks you into a fight you simply can’t win, as it’s impossible to force someone to find your statements funny. Tracking your girlfriend and other women's reactions is a smart way to improve your ability to entertain, as you can gradually change your text to fit in line with their expectations. Of course, you should still rely on your understanding of humor and avoid chasing someone’s approval, but moderating your jokes for a certain group of recipients is definitely a good idea.

Check out some how to make a girl laugh over text examples

Let’s face it – you are not the first guy to try and think of some funny lines to text a girl, and you certainly won’t be the last. The experiences of others represent valuable learning material, so you can hone your comedy skills considerably if you study some witty examples. Social networks and blogs are full of suitable study material, and if you want to put some time into it, you could pick up some great tricks. Of course, you must have a distinct style, and copying someone else’s messages word for word is probably not a great idea, but research can provide you with some inspiration and help you avoid common mistakes. The most difficult aspect of this process is understanding how to translate what you learned into funny texts to send to your girlfriend while fully accounting for your relationship's specifics. For that, you will need to step back and analyze how certain messages are formulated and what makes them so hilarious to females.

Look at the principles behind good jokes and use them creatively

Humor is not really a science, but some rules determining whether something is funny or not are quite universal and pretty exact. For example, elegant play on words or intentional misdirection are techniques used in every language and every subculture to derive many different humor styles. Learning a bit more about those and other good humor principles will make you better equipped to improvise with your material and develop a unique touch. The same principles will be useful for inventing funny things to text a girl to make her laugh, even if she isn’t aware of how you did it. If you work on your creative skills and apply all the lessons you picked up from examples, your stature in the girl’s eyes will be increased, and you will be accepted as a genuinely funny person to hang out with.

Relate the jokes to your girlfriend’s interests

Master humorists don’t use the same jokes for all occasions, and this is something you should practice as well. Of all things to make a girl laugh you can think of, there are a few that fit her taste perfectly, and you need to remember them at just the right moment. Since you have the benefit of communicating with a person you know well, you have the possibility of fine-tuning the content of your message to amplify the points that are likely to be well received and town down any risky details. Doing this requires an active presence of mind, but it practically guarantees that you will never say something you will come to regret later on the flip side. After all, your girlfriend deserves a bit of customization when it comes to funny jokes to send over text, and she will appreciate witty jokes that are meant just for her.

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