Prepare good jokes to tell your boyfriend when you are alone

Romantic relationships depend on good communication, and even if you are very close to someone, you can sometimes be at a loss what to say. On such occasions, using a hilarious joke can save the day, so it’s highly advisable to have some hot jokes to tell your boyfriend in your back pocket. If you can make him laugh, at least for a few moments, any tension will dissipate, and your vibe will remain totally harmonious. It’s even OK to have a few mean jokes to tell your boyfriend when he starts getting on your nerves since this is a far better alternative to a shouting match. That’s why you should rely on humor often and deliver your jokes in various styles, always keeping your audience on edge. Of course, before you can accomplish this, you will have to work on your joke material a little bit and perfect your presentation skills to the maximum.

Have a funny joke to tell your boyfriend in the bedroom

Silences between two people can be cool and sometimes even very romantic, but if they last too long, they tend to lead to a disconnect. To prevent this from happening, you should have a joke ready to launch whenever you happen to need it. Armed with a stash of cute puns to tell your boyfriend, you can be at ease whenever you are hanging out together, in a public setting, or in the privacy of a bedroom. Telling something funny and lighthearted at just the right moment can immediately create a spark between two people, potentially leading to a great talk or a nice love-making séance. Of course, you don’t have to be cracking jokes all the time; just use them to break the silence and change the mood at a critical junction. Boys would never admit it, but they tend to get nervous, and having a girlfriend with a great sense of humor helps them forget about their insecurities and simply have a good time.

Why humor works so well in a relationship?

A joke's success greatly depends on your audience, so you need to understand which style of humor your loved one prefers. For example, using corny jokes to tell your boyfriend that you adore him might work with some guys, but men who are a bit streetwise and present themselves as tough might scoff at them. On the other hand, relying on sexual jokes to tell your boyfriend that you want to make out could work very well with someone who isn’t shy, although it could completely freeze a timid person. It’s common for couples to gradually acquire a shared sense of humor or even develop their internal jokes that no one else understands. Humor basically becomes a part of the shared identity and a safe topic to switch to when things start getting a bit edgy between the partners.

Which types of jokes are the best to tell your boyfriend?

You shouldn’t really stress about the issue of picking good jokes to tell your boyfriend. Assuming that you know his range of interests, you should have no problem finding puns that appeal to his sensibility. Naturally, you can use the old trial and error method to find out what makes him laugh, so even if he ignores a couple of your jokes initially, you will at least learn something. You can also analyze the jokes he tells his friends to understand better how his mind works and whether he prefers goofy puns or dark sarcasm. After spending some time thinking about this, you will become an expert on your BF’s taste and develop an ability to drop a funny one-liner in practically every situation.

Flirty jokes to tell your boyfriend to increase your confidence

Despite all the closeness, when the time comes to take the clothes off and make love, people can suddenly get butterflies in their tummies. This is the perfect time to pull out your collection of love jokes to tell your boyfriend that it’s OK to act silly and just see what happens. Joking is a spontaneous activity that doesn’t require too much conscious attention, and it can remove feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt when you are in private with a special person. Flirty jokes also have the built-in advantage of getting your boyfriend’s mind onto romantic topics, and it’s just a small step from here to a fiery night in the sheets. This kind of joke is the most effective when whispered into someone’s ear, preferably while you occasionally use your tongue to make a point.

Practice funny things to say to a guy you like and seduce him

You would be surprised how often guys fall for funny I love you jokes since they generally interpret them as a sign that a girl is interested and feel free to show their affection in return. In this way, witty jokes can actually be a part of the flirting and seduction play, unlocking a channel for communication and overcoming any remaining barriers between two people. Some guys are greatly relieved when they can participate in a humorous exchange with a cute girl and may have some sweet jokes for a girlfriend to respond with. When two people are joking in unison, that can be very entertaining for them as well as for all of their friends and social media contacts, so the joy is spreading far and wide. Still, this is a fine art, and only rare young women get to harness the full power of humor to their advantage by astutely using jokes to flirt with guys.

Seemingly innocent jokes can send a powerful message

The best thing about using humor with guys is that you don’t really have to include any sexual references in order to signal that you are seeking attention clearly. It’s enough to use funny puns to text someone from time to time to let them know that you are thinking about them and would like to hear back from them. Most guys will take up the challenge and try to come up with a funny way to continue the conversation, which will ultimately lead to matters that both parties are most interested in. This is a roundabout way to express romantic interest or progress a relationship, and it has the benefit of allowing everyone to continue acting as if nothing was happening. However, it will be very clear when the guy has understood the signals, and a sense of companionship will quickly develop.

A joke is worth nothing if you can’t deliver the punch line

It goes without saying that the way you tell the joke greatly affects whether guys will find it funny. Telling a great joke in a flat voice with no emphasis won’t produce any results since the inner dynamics that make it funny will probably be lost. It makes sense to practice your delivery before using the pun with your BF since you don’t want to risk messing up a fantastic opportunity to impress a boy you care about. Some jokes involve misdirection of a sudden change of context, and you need to be able to handle such jokes really well. Of course, this is all much easier if you are just texting jokes to guys, so perhaps that’s a good way to start if you are unsure about your verbal performance.

Guys should be kind and use only sweet jokes for girlfriends

Guys also like to joke a lot, but they often use crude humor full of curse words that honestly aren’t well suited for the sensitive female ears. Their girlfriends sometimes laugh with feigned enthusiasm at such jokes, even if they really don’t find them very entertaining. This type of humor really has no place in a serious relationship, and it shouldn’t be tolerated by either side, especially if the girl is nice and not used to bad language. It’s up to guys to keep it clean and treat their girls like real ladies, but girls can also help by explaining what they like and don’t like. Some of the best jokes to tell your girlfriend are very sexy, but they are also cute at the same time and include no F-words at all.

Talking about your favorite jokes is a good experience

After you begin to tell hilarious jokes to your boyfriend on a regular basis, you should also start talking openly about the style of communication you both enjoy. By pointing out examples of great jokes and funny moments you had together, you can deepen your relationship and prevent misunderstandings in the future. If a joke kicks off a great conversation between partners, it serves a higher purpose and potentially becomes a central point of a relationship. This is a side of humor that people rarely acknowledge, but the effectiveness of shared laughs is beyond any dispute. It takes a while to learn how to joke together for some couples, but the effort pays off manifold through improved communication and greater emotional stability.

Sweet girls get to hear the sweetest things

Boys will always be boys, but there are many things a girl can do to draw out the romantic side of her favorite man. It’s not enough just to tell sweet jokes to your boyfriend; you also have to find myriad other ways to express your feelings clearly. When you radiate emotional energy at all times, it is more likely that you will receive a warm reaction from your dear one in return. Love is a two-way street, and any modern woman knows that she must contribute to the union in various ways, and that often includes taking the lead in matters of the heart. If you can be the source of love and support for your man, you will frequently hear him say tender things when nobody else is listening.

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