Tips on How to Become a Good Kisser for Both Men and Women

Being a good kisser is an accomplishment anyone in a romantic relationship wants to achieve. Excellent kissing part of the many thrilling encounters a couple enjoys. Hence, making it memorable is a fantasy for every lover! Besides, knowing the best and sexy kissing techniques will hugely improve the encounter. A good kisser takes action without waiting for their partner to do everything from making the first move to the end.

How to Be a Really Good Kisser and Capture the Moment

Excelling in kissing is one thing that drives lovers into more profound affection. A good kisser has several traits that keep their partners wanting more. Being a good kisser doesn’t start with locking lips together. It’s a process that begins by creating the right atmosphere for a great kiss. Remember, the aim is not to choke a partner or create discomfort. Excellent kissing happens when both the woman and the man are in it. Besides, how a kiss is made determines whether a physical attraction sparks or fizzles. Here are the best tips a good kisser could use.

Have the Conviction to Do It

A good kisser knows when to kiss a person. Having doubts about your willingness to kiss will ruin the moment and portrays a person as a bad kisser. For a good kisser, have the kiss when you want to and not have to. Pressuring oneself won’t work for either person.

Establish Consent

Having excellent timing for a kiss makes a person a good kisser. Therefore, before locking lips with a partner, identify clues of interest in it. While some people will ask for it directly and romantically, others will express it through body language. Being observant to notice it is vital. However, it’s inadvisable to pressure a partner into a kissing moment.

Have the Right Setting

A good kisser knows when and where to kiss a partner, especially if it is the first time to do it together. Kissing someone requires both individuals to be thrilled. Having an electric crackling feeling is what will guarantee excellence at it. Avoid kissing a partner in public spots, especially if it makes one partner uncomfortable. Again, avoid making out during an argument, one person has flu, or a partner is bored and wants to spend time alone.

Freshen the Breath

A breath can ruin or make a kiss. Therefore, a good kisser knows to attract a partner to a kiss. A good breath will do wonders. Begin by brushing the mouth. Taking freshening chewing gums is also advisable to boost a good scent in the mouth. If the anticipation is to make out soon, it’s advisable to avoid foods such as processed cheese, onions, garlic, or anything that leave an unwanted smell in the mouth.

Pay Attention to the Other Partner’s Reaction

The worst mistake a good kisser could make is ignoring a partner’s reaction to a kissing moment. A partner could be giving signs of the direction it should go. After noticing this, please slow down and understand the request before continuing.

Remember Kissing Is Beyond Locking Lips

Kissing is a romantic moment and should be treated as such. A good kisser should remember that touching a partner will increase the heat and make it exciting. Besides, excellent kissing transcends putting lips together. Making kisses all over, when a partner follows is in it and see what happens. Target the neck, cheeks, collarbone, and play-biting of the earlobes and make it as ecstatic as ever. Also, give complements by romantically whispering sweet things.

Be Present

One of the worst mistakes a good kisser should never make is getting distracted during kissing. Avoid thinking about someone else or something and give all attention to the moment. Mind-wandering to things that don’t connect with a kiss will ruin the moment. So, this isn’t the time to think about bills, work, sports, games, or anything else. It’s also advisable to switch off the TV, especially if a program or something is likely to disrupt the kissing time.

Appreciate the Uniqueness of Each Kissing

A good kisser understands that different partners have unique ways of kissing. Comparing a partner with the previous ones lowers morale, especially when there is a feeling it wasn’t the best. Sometimes in kissing, how a partner behaves will make it noticeable to the other person that one compares them to someone else. So, whether by words or body language, avoid likening the present experience with past encounters.

Avoid Making Kissing as Part of Engaging in a Sexual Encounter

An excellent kiss can lead to more, but it’s not always a key to something more! Sometimes, kissing is all the moment a partner could be seeking. A good kisser understands this and will not push a partner into something more unless welcomed for it. A good kisser will not attach other needs to a kiss all the time; doing that will force the person to pull away.

Have Fun

Every romantic thing comes with its spices to make it exciting. A good kisser seeks to understand what makes a partner happy during kissing and does those things. Besides, showing personal interest during the encounter also helps in enhancing a kiss. It’s not a must that all kissing experiences have to be the same. Developing an own version enjoyable to both partners will always make it fun.

Top Kissing Techniques for Guys in a Relationship

A good kisser gives a blissful experience to a partner! If a man is still wondering how to kiss a girl, worry no more. Kissing is not hard for guys, but fear is the biggest problem! The only thing that locks out a good kisser from having a wonderful moment with a partner is fear. The tips discussed here will help men overcome the fear and make it easy to kiss a girl. See the best kissing techniques for guys.

Prepare the Atmosphere

A good kisser wants to make his girl have the best experience in doing it. Selecting the right spot and creating conducive environment is a responsibility that falls squarely on a man. Remember, failing to develop the necessary environment can lead bad kissing experience with a girl. That’s never on the girl, but the guy.

Talk the Girl into Kissing

A good kisser won’t jump into locking lips with a girl. For a guy to give a girl the best encounter of a kiss, making a short romantic talk is necessary. That acts as the foundation of what is to come next. It’s good for a man to recognize that kissing is not an event but a process. It is driven by how well a man does it than how much a guy plans it.

Initiate the Kiss

Naturally, a man who is a good kisser has the responsibility of initiating the kiss. Women may be suggestive they want to kiss a guy through body language, but it’s the man to make a move for it to happen. In most romantic encounters, it appears sexier with a man in the lead. Remember, a woman wants to feel loved and sought after. A man’s approach can depict interest or disinterest.

Be Sure of What a Girl Wants

A good kisser will not force a woman into kissing the act. A man must decide to either ask directly by words or make suggestive moves while gauging a girl’s reaction. If the woman says yes, confidently go for it. In case of a no, back off. Women will respect men who know when to back off more.

Make a Slow Invasion of the Woman’s Personal Space

When a woman clarifies she is ready to be kissed, don’t rush for it as though a prison gate has been opened. A good kisser should go for it slowly. Create some tension at the moment by teasing the girl. A man must begin by moving closer to the woman and making eye contact before pausing a bit. Also, touching the woman’s lips using your hands is thrilling. Remember, remaining silent during the moment creates the necessary tension to keep things going.

Close the Eyes

When the kissing commences, shutting eyes and move along with the kissing rhythm is crucial. Doing it with the eyes are wide open will appear like staring, and it could freak out the girl. Besides, a good kisser understands that shutting eyes will take the moment the desired fantasy comes true.

Act Masculine

Naturally, men are fascinated by women’s body parts, and ladies know it. So, when kissing a woman, a man’s hands should move all over her body for a thrilling treat. Also, a guy should lift the girl gently while encouraging the wrapping of legs around his waist while in a standing position. Besides, pushing the girl gently against the wall can do the trick. Women also like it when a man lifts one of her legs, bending it at the knee. Such a thrilling experience remains unforgettable for the girl.

The Best Kissing Tips for Girls Who Win Men Over

A girl can be a good kisser if she learns the best tips on what men want. Every good kisser knows the moment is for the two people involved. Taking a role in it will give the kiss a thrilling impact. While some ladies may get scared and hold back on making the right choice, please don’t. Using these reliable tips and become a good kisser instantly.

Eye Contact

A female who is a good kisser will always begin by making catchy eye contact. Women rarely ask men for a kiss but show it through body language. As such, this will act as an invitation that a girl ready for such a move. Deep eye contact has always been part of good kissers. Use it always!

Invite the Guy

An invitation could be through body language or words. When a guy asks to kiss a woman, say yes without hesitation is advisable if that’s what the girl wants. That is usually a clear green right, and the man should go for it. Men hate being romantic with a woman by force.

Tease the Guy

One of the smartest ways a girl can be a good kisser is by teasing a man. It is a technique that helps build up the necessary tension to keep the guy under a woman’s spell. By doing things such as a puck on the lips or suggestively applying a lip balm, a woman makes a man want to engage all the more.

Touch the Man’s Body

When kissing a guy, a woman who is a good kisser will know which body parts to touch. Pricking a man’s chest muscles softly or rubbing fingers on a guy’s ears will create the right mood. Again, a woman should kiss a man while sitting on a man’s lap or being on top makes as it makes her woman a good kisser.

Let the Man Act Masculine

When deep into the moment, a guy wants to lift a woman or push gently against the wall. As a good kisser, don’t resist! Moving along with it is a plus. A good kisser can go to the extent of wrapping legs around a man’s waist.

Invade His Space Confidently

Confidence is always a trait for a good kisser. With the certainty of a man’s rightful mood, a woman shouldn’t feel ashamed to move closer and invade the guy’s space. The welcoming has been done with an open mind. Thus, it is unlikely the guy will feel offended.

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