How Do I Stop Thinking About Him

We've all had a person, place, or a memory we've wanted to stop thinking about. It's human nature to want to eliminate the source of our pain. An encounter that once brought happiness and joy could now bring sadness and heartbreak.

Falling in and out of love brings many such encounters where wanting to stop thinking about a person often consumes our mind, repeating itself as "How do I stop thinking about him?" and you're not alone. Hundreds and Thousands of people worldwide share the mutual feeling of wanting to overcome past relationships and memories.

When inflicted by the thought of "how to stop thinking about him and move on," it may be a crush, an ex, or someone you don't want to get romantically involved with. Whatever the case, and whoever this person may be, the bottom line is – you can't stop thinking about him even if you wanted to.

And the most probable reason you've clicked on this article is to get an answer to your pleadings of "help me stop thinking about him!" and we've heard you loud and clear. Here are tried and tested ways to stop thinking about him.

1. Question why

If you're trying to stop thinking regarding your past relationship, then rewind and pause. Take a deep breath and recall the reasons why the relationship ended. If you can't figure out why to remember all the relationship's negatives and how it hurt you, it'll bring the much-needed closure you need to stop thinking about him.

Filling your mind with grudges and resentment won't do any good. Taking time to heal is the most effective way to stop thinking about him.

2. Stop thinking about "how do I stop thinking about him?"

Being occupied with thinking about ways to stop thinking about someone feeds the idea of thinking about him. It's a never-ending loop that's bound to end up as a disaster. Rewire to thinking about food if this repeats.

3. Stop wondering about what could've been

The most common mistake girls make while trying to stop thinking about a relationship is thinking about how the relationship could've been saved. If the relationship needed saving, then the relationship is as good as dead. Dropping the dead weight's the best way of overcoming past memories and opening your heart to new adventures.

4. Delete his number and block him on all platforms

It's no use hanging to past memories. It won't magically revive broken relationships or fix broken hearts. Delete his number and blocking him. Next, delete all pictures you had with him from your gallery and social media. Once that's done and dusted, unfollow him on social media platforms.

You wouldn't want to see pictures of his new girlfriend popup on your screen as you're merrily enjoying your day only to end up thinking about him.

5. Get busy – try new hobbies

The best way of getting over a relationship is to try new hobbies. Step out of your comfort zone and indulge in what excites you. Focusing on self-love and time are the best cures for a broken heart. There's nothing time can't heal.

Redirect your attention from others to yourself; be as selfish and self-centered as you need to overcome being consumed by sadness.

6. Rewriting memories

What's a better way to forget past memories than rewriting them? Go on new adventures, visit the same places but with friends, and make new memories to associate with areas you once wished to forget. Don't let memories of a person stop you from reliving and revisiting the place you love.

7. Getting rid of negativity

If one's surrounded by negative people who keep reminding them of their past relationship, it's time to cut ties with them. It's 2021; we no longer accept toxic friendships and relationships as normal. Now's the time to stop and detoxify your mind, soul, life, and body of any negativity you've encountered.

8. Forgive and forget

Constantly feeling resentful isn't the most effective way to keep out reoccurring thoughts. One can truly get rid of thinking about a relationship after coming to terms with the relationship's status and forgiving the person they wish to forget.

What Are the Reasons Why Can't I Stop Thinking About Him

It's inconvenient being stuck thinking about a random guy you don't know or wondering about a past relationship. There are several reasons why you're stuck wondering about an individual. The most common reasons are listed here:

1. You're in love

The reason why you're stuck wondering what the person's up to is likely because you're in love. Cliché as it sounds, that's most probably why. You'll notice that you can't sleep thinking about a guy; you'll feel butterflies and smile every time a thought about him passes your mind.

Needing help with situations like "can't stop thinking about a guy I barely know" is relatively common when you're in love since being in love pushes our brain to fill our mind with the person. Regardless of the scenario being in love is the best reason for not stopping thinking about a person.

2. You're redirecting your thinking

Maybe thinking about that particular someone makes going through your awfully boring routine a little easier. We come up with scenarios in our minds to distract ourselves from the events occurring in our lives.

However, this process of thinking about someone to overcome another experience is a wrong way of dealing with trauma and won't help bring changes to your dull life. Instead, it's a temporary escape mechanism.

3. You're stuck on a past relationship

One of the worst reasons you can't stop thinking about a person is when it's an ex. Filling your days post-breakup is the worst way of moving on. You'll need to indulge in hobbies, hang out with friends, and try new relationships to get over a relationship's failure.

4. You're lonely

If you find your mind being consumed by another person, there's a chance you're lonely. You don't need to be in love to fill the void of being solo. A great group of friends and few drinks can help curb the feeling of needing someone.

Can't Stop Thinking About a Guy I Barely Know

Attachment issues are the go-to reason for thinking about a guy you barely know, and we hate to break it to you. It isn't a good reason. Attachment issues result in complete loss of independence but forming an imaginary dependency-fueled bond with the individual.

Another reason you're stuck wondering about random people is the feeling of wanting or needing someone to care for or be cared by. It's completely natural considering we're humans and crave affection 24/7.

If you've heard of love at first sight, it's probably the first reason that came to mind when wondering about the guy you barely know. It's no rocket science, and it's been proven love can come suddenly without warning.

To eliminate these thoughts, occupy your mind with other activities and get rid of emotional attachment by focusing on yourself, independence, and well-being.

How to Stop Thinking About a Boy

We've all had miserable and heartbreaking breakups, went months wondering why it didn't last. But it's about time you stop thinking about him and move on. If you're struggling to overcome the pain and sadness, thinking “can he feel me thinking about him?,” there are plenty of ways to cheer yourself up.

Turn your thoughts towards another direction when your mind goes towards your ex. Try to remain pleasant. Go on a vacation, learn something new, or try dating casually. You cannot eradicate your past relationships from your life; however, you can learn to guide your thoughts to be as positive as possible when they arise.

1. Limiting your thoughts

Whenever a thought regarding your past relationship pops up, stop it, get busy, and call a friend. Remove any distractions that might bring up past memories. Stop thinking regarding your trip to Bali with him; instead, plan a trip to Bali with friends. Cut off contact with your past and begin writing a new chapter to your life.

2. Switch focus

It's difficult to stop thinking about someone entirely. But when a thought arises, redirect it towards a more happening event in your life. This positive reinforcement of ideas will eventually help stop remembering the misery of previous heartbreak.

Redirecting your thoughts is far more effective than attempt to stop thinking to get rid of unwanted thoughts. The mind is an active space and has to remain occupied.

3. Indulge in mindfulness

How to stop thinking about a guy so much? Make use of the 90 seconds deep breathing technique. Give yourself 90 seconds to feel negative emotions, and then stop. You'll be able to stop thinking regarding your past relationship after you've taken 90 seconds to breathe out. Did you know deep breathing is an excellent technique for relaxation?

4. Go on adventures

Take a holiday. If you can leave the city for a couple of days, do this. Holidays and encounters with relatives and friends will help you stop thinking of your past relationship.

5. Acknowledge negative thoughts

Recognize the reality of the relationship and stop romanticizing past boyfriends, as if you searching for a way on how to stop daydreaming about a guy, you’re in deep trouble. When you miss someone, it's easy not to forget painful experiences and concentrate only on happier times or good qualities; this will only hurt you in the long run. It's better facing reality head-on than feed on false memories.

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