Discover the Best Place to Pick Up Women

Girls are everywhere, right? Yes, they are, but as I told you earlier if you don’t approach the girls at the right places, they might even forget you the next day.

Therefore, the best places to pick up women are where you have a calm, chilled, and engaging environment where you can both clearly and also hear each other. Also, you both are present at the moment and have an engaging conversation with each other; it’s one of the best ways to meet women.

If you are someone who thinks there’s only one girl in this world that you are going to marry and settle down with, then you should probably think again. Those days are long gone.

What if she turns out to be someone else? What if she never wanted to be with you? What if you both don’t enjoy the same things? Therefore you better meet and get known to several girls before you settle down with one single girl because if you do that, your chances of finding the right girl with whom you can enjoy, be yourself, and live a happy life can increase exponentially.

First of all, let me make you something clear, you need a calm and engaging environment to meet a woman and start a conversation with her, and you can’t expect to have that by shouting at each other.

That’s exactly what’s going to happen in a club; the loud music will force you to shout at each other, making it more like a shouting competition rather than an engaging conversation.

The worst thing that can happen at clubs is the woman who gave her number to you is not even going to remember you the next day because she was drunk.

In addition to that, there will be a lot of those stylish studs in the club with whom you don’t stand a chance.

Here are the Top Places to Meet Single Women

NO.1 Social Classes

Girls love going to these classes. Classes like cooking, art classes, or dance classes. These classes can help you meet nice single girls and help you build certain skills that a woman can find attractive in you.

Let me give you an example if you know how to cook not only she’s going to find that attractive in you, but also you can invite her over a nice dinner at your place. In the case of dance classes, you get to touch each other, you can lead her to movements, and it’s a way of seducing her not always by touching her but by the movements you do.

Do some research and find some good social classes in your area because it’s one of the best places to pick up chicks.

No.2 Parks

Parks are one of the best places to meet women during the day, especially on a sunny day. Remember, you need a calm and engaging environment to start up a conversation with a girl; parks provide you with that exact environment.

Even on those days when there are not crazy events going on, there are tons of girls hanging out chilling and relaxing in the parks; the best way to approach girls in the park is to walk up to them and say, “I just saw you there, and I just wanted to say hi”.

It’s also probably one of the good ways to meet women. As girls are already in a chilled and relaxed environment,, they will not feel nervous because of your approach.

No.3 Libraries

You can find nice single girls at libraries. One of the habits that women find attractive in men is reading. Let me share a secret with you when she finds out that you read the same books as she does, it’s game over.

Just think about it you don’t just pick up any book from the shelf and start reading it (Unless it’s you’re studying, of course). When she finds out that you are interested in the same topics, chances are she will approach you and start the conversation if she finds you attractive.

Then you can engage her by discussing the topic you both find interesting to read about and lead her to the café.

No.4 Dating Website

Now before you say “Why are you telling me this I already know that”, I want to tell you something that I have seen a lot of guys are terrible at when it comes to these websites. You see, technology is amazing. You can order a pizza sitting on your desk and surf on the internet for chicks by sitting in the comfort of your own home.

The main reason you’ll love dating websites is that there’s no pressure, unlike trying to meet someone in real. You can take your time to think about what you are actually about; you can choose the pictures you want to show to her, you can create a persona with these websites. These websites also help girls to know much about you before even meeting you in person.

Unlike when you are taking a walk and want to approach a girl, it becomes a do or die situation if you don’t act right at that moment, and sometimes girls may even creep out as they don’t know you. However, what most of the guys screw up when it comes to the time they should be contacting the female they are interested in.

The best time to contact somebody online is from 6 pm to 11 pm, because if you contact her after 11 pm, then she’s going to think what is he doing staying up late at night doesn’t he work and also if you hit her up during work hours she’s going to think why the hell you are not working

No.5 While Walking the Dogs

Nothing draws the attention of a young lady than dogs and babies, let’s hold on to the babies for a moment and go with the dogs. Your dog can become your wingman. The fact that she loves dogs, she will come up to your dog to pet him, which allows you to start up a conversation with her. And as a dog owner, you are already sending her a signal that you are a caring person, and her heart will melt for that.

Now, don’t worry In case you don’t have a dog, no need to worry, you can foster a dog that way you are helping a dog in need plus you can use it to go to the dog park, and you can also point it out “Oh! I am fostering this little one to help it out” and she’s going to find that way more attractive.

No.6 Beaches

Beaches are packed with chicks; you get a lot of options to choose from there. A trick you can use to approach them is by asking them to play a volleyball game or any other team sport they might like. But keep in mind that it shouldn’t not boys vs girls if you are hanging out with your friends.

No.7 Volunteer or Charity Events

With volunteering, you can show your caring side while still appearing masculine. Also it’s a great way if you want to know what kind of woman she is.

Because think about it when you or anyone is volunteering, you are there to help and service others, this is a characteristic of a good and caring person. You can find some nice single girls there who are kind-hearted, and caring.

No.8 Clothes Shopping

Start visiting the shops that sell men’s and women’s clothing. (Remember the store that sells clothes for both men and women don’t be that weird guy who will make everyone wonder what’s he is doing in a woman’s section).

It’s one of the best places to pick up chicks. Just try something on and then ask a cute shopper nearby what she thinks about it.

You’ll be surely able to tell if she’s attracted to you or not by the answer she gives you, and the reverse of it also plays better; if you notice a girl wearing a beautiful dress, a sincere compliment can spark attraction about you.

No.9 Right in Front of You

Put your phone down and stop searching on google “where to find single woman” and get your head up, you’ll find the girl of your dreams right in front of you If you are going to all of those places mentioned above and your eyes are glued to your screen how would even know there are girls around you.

Next time while walking through the streets, make sure you are making eye contact with the girls you are interested in; if the girl locks her eyes with you, smile at her. Glue your eyes to her eyes, not your phone, and of course, don’t you dare take out your phone and start scrolling through the feed when you are standing alone at a party. Not only it signals everyone that you are weak, but you also miss the chance to meet the girl who’s already noticing you from the corner of the room.

Always Remember the Good Ways to Meet Women

Don’t forget that it’s all about your confidence. If you don’t approach them, they are going to think you are a puss.

Girls like guys who take the initiative, who like to lead make sure you be that type of person; all you have to do is gather up some courage, walk up to them and start a conversation.

Where to Meet Successful Women- Networking Events

If you want to meet someone motivated to become successful as you are, go to any networking events. Because networking events force you to meet new people, and of course you are supposed to do that at those events after all its networking, and because of that, she won’t feel awkward when you introduce yourself to her.

Also, you will be in your business personality; with successful people, she can get to see what kind of a person you are. Here you go now, you know the places, you know what to do at those places, now go to these top places and meet single women today.

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