Dating Advice for the Third Date

With the ever-increasing popularity of dating apps and websites, going on the first date has become easier than ever. There was a time when people thought the most challenging part of starting a new relationship is to find someone to go out with, but it’s not true anymore.

So the first and second dates are just the chances for both sides to get to know each other. But it shows signals of interest when people go out on a date for the third time. Third dates are the gateways to a new relationship. Both men and women will decide whether the other guy is a good fit for the long-term relationship or not.

With that in mind, it’s essential to know about the proper third date conversation because it’s the make-or-break moment for many individuals. Here we’re going to review some important tips about the third date etiquette and what you should do for the best possible outcomes.

What Does a Third Date Mean?

If you’re going on the third date, it means that you’ve spent a considerable time talking to each other and everything seems to be perfect. However, it’s time to go beyond the great looks and determine on continuing the relationship or not.

Want a piece of simple third-date advice? Reveal yourself!

This is the time you should get past shyness and show your real personality. You’re going on date number 3, and the most important thing to figure out is whether the person wants the same things out of the relationship or not. It’s a thin line to find out if it’s worth pursuing the relationship or not.

Be as honest and open as possible, and feel comfortable expressing your real expectations. Be usual and try to speak about your passions, what matters to you the most, and your goals. Use this chance to assess the compatibility level of your values in different fields. The deeper you get into important questions, the better you’ll be able to make up your mind about the relationship’s direction.

Third Date Expectations: Know if You’re on the Same Page

The foremost third date advice is to make sure you and the other person are on the same page for a happy and long-term relationship. Do you like their company? Are there enough things in common between the two of you? This date is the best time to check yourself whether you can have fun with them or not.

Also, you should make sure that they’re not moving away for any reason. Your partner should be around you after you develop feelings for a future. Consider that the person tells you they will soon move away for a job and won’t be physically near you anymore. It’s a critical alert indicating how further you should go with them.

After 3 dates with a guy, you need to know about your chemistry with him. Do you feel that initial spark or any other sort of emotional connection with them deep inside you? If you two are suitable matches for a relationship, your affections should increase as you know them more.

Although it might not yet be the proper time to imagine a long-term future together, you need to be aware of your common goals by now. If you don’t see any signs of serious relationships in them, you should think twice about what’s supposed to happen in the rest of your relationship. You might state that you need to start a serious relationship, whereas the other person just wants something casual.

Listen, Share, and Act Normal

A vital part of the third date conversations is to show that you’re listening to the person. You can recall the other things you’ve already talked about and incorporate them in your conversations to prove that you are a good listener. A good approach for this goal is to act smart and relate what’s being said to what is mentioned on the first and second dates.

In this step of your dating process, you should keep away from showing a perfect picture of yourself. Instead, share more details about your experiences, interests, and opinions and be willing to listen to their feedback. If any of you have acted as a perfect person, it’s the best time to go a level deeper. While some believe that men and women should start sharing after establishing the relationship, it’s much better to express them on the third date to ensure everything forms on honesty.

Meanwhile, keep in mind no to expect anything at this stage. No relationship or intimacy is guaranteed on the third date. It doesn’t matter if you have the 3rd date dinner at his place, but neither of you should set expectations beforehand. You should keep yourself open about where things lead you to and discuss everything directly.

Some people act too fast for commitment, and that’s not an appropriate thing to do. You’re not yet in a relationship, and it’s not wise to try to establish a commitment to someone you don’t know entirely. Consider seeing any signs of dishonesty or an overly negative way of thinking about different things as the alerts to walk away.

Similarly, the chances are high that the person mistreats you if your date talks to the waiters impolitely. People who treat others rudely are generally not suitable choices for social circles and relationships.

Questions to Ask On a 3rd Date: Dating Goals

The most beneficial dating advice for the 3rd date is to ask questions directly rather than play mind games. Even though some questions might seem strange to ask, the answers you hear from your date can give you a better impression of who they are. You can start by stating exactly how you feel about your partner and then proceed with the following questions as per your preferences.

  • What’s the most valuable thing for you in a friendship? How about a committed relationship?
  • What’s your definition of an ideal friendship?
  • Do you prefer to have children or not?
  • How do affection and love affect your life?
  • What would be the top five things you share about the positive characteristics of your partner?
  • What was the most important lesson you learned from the previous relationships?
  • How would you describe a perfect date, from beginning to the end?

Life Goals

The way your partner spends his time and thinks about life, success, and work are important factors with a significant influence on your relationship. Here are a few questions that help you get more familiar with their life goals:

  • Do you ever think about becoming famous? In what way?
  • What’s the one thing in your whole life that you feel most grateful for? What’s your best accomplishment up to date?
  • Is there anything that you’ve been dreaming of doing for a long time? If yes, why hasn’t that happened yet?
  • Have you taken new steps to get out of your comfort zone to achieve a goal?
  • If you have a lot of money to spend on something, what would that be?
  • What scares you most about the future?
  • What’s the most exciting thing for you about the future?
  • Do you like your current job? What’s your dream job?
  • Where do you see your life in 10 years?

Personality Traits

Although it’s impossible to find out exact details about your partner’s personality characteristics in a meeting, asking the questions listed below can be an excellent step to take. To break the ice, start by describing a moment in your life when you’ve been most embarrassed and then choose any of these questions that suit you.

  • What’s your definition of a perfect day in your life?
  • Do you have any religious beliefs?
  • Do you sing to yourself or friends and family members?
  • Who in the world would you like to be your special guest for dinner?
  • If you could change one thing in your childhood and the way you’ve grown up, what would that be?
  • Do you smoke? How about drinks?
  • How important is it for you to spend time alone?
  • What’s your best memory? How about the most terrible one?
  • How close you and your family members are? How often do you see each other?
  • How do you describe your relationship with our mother and father?
  • Do you ever cry in front of others?
  • Has it ever happened to you to laugh so hard that you can’t breathe easily?
  • Do you like pets? What’s your favorite pet?

The Bottom Line

For many, finding out about the 3rd date rules is pretty important because they don’t know exactly how to approach it when arranging the third date. The tips and ideas we covered in this article will help you feel more comfortable and have a clearer mind.

Overall, don’t consider the third date as a monumental milestone that determines the future of you being together. Act natural and treat this date as an opportunity to make informed decisions about an enduring relationship with someone you’ve found interesting.

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