Long Term Relationship Goals for You and Your Partner

There comes a time in every relationship where you take a step back and try to evaluate whether there is potential for more. Many people wonder, “are we reaching enough couple life goals?” or “what are my ideal relationship goals?” These sort of conversations are entirely natural if you have a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend. You obviously want to see a future with your current partner. However, a lot of people have no idea what sort of goals they should be aspiring towards.

We have taken the time to note down the most important milestones to reach in your relationship, whether you are have been together for a month, a year, or even longer. Check them out below and tick off the goals you have already accomplished. If you see something you are yet to achieve, think about whether this is something you want for you and your partner later in life.

List of Relationship Goals

1. First date

Every relationship needs to get off to a good start. You may not consider this to be an obvious goal, but the first date sets the benchmark for things to come. Ensure your romantic life starts on a positive note and plan the perfect first date. This will be entirely unique to both of you. If you have just started going out with somebody, the first date is the only relationship goal you should worry about… for now!

2. First kiss

Everybody remembers the first kiss with their current partner. It is one of the cutest relationship goals, which you can achieve very early on in proceedings. You obviously want this to be how you always imagined, so try to plan where and when this momentous occasion will take place. You want to strike the right balance between spontaneity and knowing the right moment. However, you most likely won’t see the first kiss coming until it’s just about to happen. But that’s all part of the magic of falling in love!

3. Go social-media official

This may not be the most romantic moment with your partner, but nowadays, nobody can escape these sort of short-term relationship goals. You need to decide the best time to go public and tell the world you are together. After all, you’re not really in a relationship until you tell everybody on your Facebook friends list.

We’re joking, of course!

4. Say, “I love you.”

This is when things get serious. Some people like to plan this moment well in advance. Others blurt it out without any warning whatsoever. No matter how you do it, the first time you say “I love you” to your partner is one of the cutest goals in relationships, period. This is the moment you usually go from “casually dating” to “serious relationship”. And if you’re going to express your love for somebody, make sure you mean it – otherwise, you’re going to run into a whole mess of problems further down the line.

5. Intercourse

Our list of ultimate relationship goals would not be complete without consummating your partnership. Like the first kiss but a lot more intense, the first sexual encounter with a partner has to happen in a way which suits you both. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is yet to have sexual intercourse before, you’ll have to be extremely delicate and open to their needs and anxieties. This should also be true if you are both experienced. Start your sex life in a respectful way, and you’ll reap the benefits through your entire relationship.

Good Relationship Goals to Follow

So you’ve covered the basic ideal relationship goals that most couples go through in the first few months. Now is the time to get serious and make progressive steps with one another. Everybody is different, and each partnership is unique, but you’ll be wanting to hit these next targets with your loved one sooner rather than later.

6. Meet each other’s family

This is one of the most terrifying experiences you can go through as a new couple. You simply have to meet each other’s family. This is unavoidable and will always be a little bit nerve-racking. You obviously want to make a good impression. These people are going to be your extended family for the duration of the relationship. There will be plenty of expectations, but as long as you are polite and courteous, you should sail through this milestone with ease.

7. Define your ideas about the future

If you are reading this article, you are probably at this stage of your relationship. It is only natural you want to define relationship goals. Let each other know your hopes and dreams, then decide if you want your partner to be a part of that. If you love somebody, you would never want to hold them back from achieving everything they want to in life. This is a crucial time for you and your partner. Make sure you both know your ideas for the future and make a plan for success with one another.

8. First vacation together

When you have been in a relationship for a while, it’s only reasonable to want to escape the rat race for a couple of weeks with your partner. The first vacation is one of the cutest relationship goals but also a big test of the strength of your bond. You’ll be away from home with only each other for company. A lot of relationships become stronger on the first vacation.

There’s nothing quite like sun, white sands, and relaxation with the person you love.

Couples Goals

Have we still got your attention? Good! Keep on reading and enjoy the rest of our relationship goal checklist. This where things start getting really serious!

9. Progress in your respective careers

If you are going to be with somebody long-term, you want to make sure they are not going to hold you back. Your partner should be someone who encourages you to do your best in your job and help you succeed wherever possible. This can be as simple as letting you vent after a stressful day in the office. Whatever you do for a living, climbing up the employment ladder with your partner’s help is both rewarding and emotionally satisfying.

10. Move in with each other

There are few bigger decisions to be made than moving in with another person. By committing to this momentous moment, you are letting your partner know you love their company and see them as somebody you want to be around for the long-term. If you and your partner are on the same wavelength, there is no greater feeling than getting the keys to your forever home. Setting up each room in your house is a great way to bond with your partner, especially when you settle down for the first-night takeaway with a couple of beers after a hard day of unloading the moving van.

11. Get married

This is the big one, guys and girls! From the perfect proposal to the meticulously-planned wedding day, there are few more important life goals than getting married to the person you love. You should have some idea on whether or not your partner is going to say yes BEFORE you ask them. But this is one of the ultimate life goals which many people see themselves enjoying one day. A marriage is a statement of intent and loving connection. If you have found your soul mate, your wedding will be the best day of your life.

12. Have children

You should probably decide early on whether or not you and your partner want children. If your relationship is still in the early stages, you don’t have to say, “I want to have kids with you”. You simply have to express an openness to being a parent at some point. When things get more serious, you can start having the big conversation about children. Ideally, you will have a stable career with a husband or wife before you have kids, but that is not always how things work out.

No matter how it happens, if you are the sort of person who wants children, they will bring unparalleled joy to your relationship. Working together to raise a child makes you feel a deeper affection with your partner.

This relationship goal may not be for everyone. But if you are looking to have children in the future, you are in for an amazing ride!

Every relationship is gloriously unique. One person’s goals might be another person’s nightmare. Work with your partner to understand what you both in your situation. Communication is vital in any successful relationship. If you see your boyfriend or girlfriend as a long-term fixture, you will definitely want to make some sort of plan for the future.

Tick off these relationship goals, and you will be well on your way to a happy, romance-filled life.

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