Get to Understand Your Boyfriend Better

Knowing your partner since you were kids doesn't guarantee you know everything about him. There are personal kinds of stuff you may not know if you choose not to ask your man, and there are other strange discoveries you may realize if you throw some questions at him. You don't just assume that you probably know everything about him because you hang out with someone daily. You might not even know half of the things about him if you choose not to ask. Since you are dating, you ought to be certain of what he can do and won't do. You should know how he's going to react to certain situations that may arise.

The kind of question you table depends on the mood and energy between you two at that particular moment. If you are feeling intimate, you may table one or two romantic questions for him to answer. If you feel curious, you may perhaps request his opinion by asking scenario questions. And if you are in a naughty mood, you will discover a few naughty questions you may throw at your partner. By throwing these questions at your man, you will get his opinion about diverse things, and interesting conversation follows.

Ways to Get to Know One's Boyfriend Better

There are diverse ways you may pick up more info concerning who you are dating. By merely observing him and paying attention to his actions and words, you can discover little things about his nature. However, a more effective method to really know your bf is by basically throwing questions at him. You might throw him random questions, and you may focus your questions on a specific area. To be on the safe side, try to get him comfortable whenever you want to throw some questions at him. Ensure he doesn't feel pressured, so he doesn't freak out or give you false information. A few of the things to ask him are grouped as thus;

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Cute Love Questions
  1. How eager you read my texts whenever I send one?
  2. To be honest, what did you think about my personality before you actually learned about me?
  3. Whenever you seek advice, am I among your first choice of good advice givers?
  4. Is risking your life for me a possibility?
  5. If we switch to pet names, what will you love to call me?
  6. Do I pass your cut-off mark for being cute?
  7. Are you a fan of surprise parties?
  8. What's your craziest fantasy about me?
  9. Do you plan your birthday big, or you just celebrate it as it comes?
  10. Rate my hugging skills. Am I a good hugger?

Difficult Questions

  1. If my best friend tried seducing you, will you inform me?
  2. Is it compulsory that you eat home-cooked food every day or only when convenient?
  3. Do you still chat with any of your previous girlfriends?
  4. What awkward situation do you remember being with me before?
  5. What's your take on gender equality?
  6. I asked you to correct a particular thing about me. What are you correcting?
  7. Do you recall causing heartbreak for a partner before?
  8. Will you name what's super attractive in me?
  9. If your closest pal tried seducing me and I informed you, how will you handle the situation?
  10. Do you mind telling me the creepiest thing an ex has experienced from you?

Fun Questions

  1. Do you have Phasmophobia? Do you fear ghosts?
  2. Do you have desires to visit another planet?
  3. What's your pictographic representation of Aliens?
  4. Is there a simple task you are actually terrible at?
  5. Do you have any awkward habits you enjoy doing?
  6. Do you have a beloved Anime character?
  7. Your weirdest excuse for a breakup is what?
  8. The creepiest pick-up line you've ever received from a lady is?
  9. What's one unbelievable service you've had to pay for?
  10. What memory keeps you wishing you were still in your childhood days?

Good Relationship Questions

  1. If I'm not doing something right, will you expect me to figure it out, or you'll correct me?
  2. Have I positively impacted you?
  3. How many children do you wish to father?
  4. Whenever your partner gets angry, what's your approach to calming them down?
  5. What's your secret to maintaining a good rapport?
  6. Would you suggest going for therapy with your partner if need be?
  7. What acts do you consider unforgivable in marriage?
  8. What role does your gf play in your life?
  9. Do you have rules and regulations guiding your dating life?
  10. Is constant buying of gifts a norm for you when dating?

Questions About Past

  1. Is there a common cause for the majority of your breakups?
  2. Ever had unplanned sex at a public place before?
  3. What childhood memory do you cherish so much?
  4. What distinguishes present-day you and seven years younger you?
  5. What game or sport did you have a massive interest in as a kid?
  6. Has anybody or an incident had a major impact on your life?
  7. Is any of your close buddies now strangers to you?
  8. Have you experienced casual dating before?
  9. Did you ever get into a serious fight with any of your previous gf?
  10. Has your parent or friends at any point in the time arranged a date for you?

Romantic Questions

  1. Can a partner influence your choice of settlement?
  2. What's the most attractive attire you love to see your lady in?
  3. Will you tell me the creepiest thing getting a female's attention has caused you to do?
  4. During our retirement day, where do you picture us living?
  5. Can your gf influence you to give up a usual habit?
  6. What's the secret to your undying love for me?
  7. A perfect date to you means what?
  8. You falling for me, was it at first sight or after getting to know me?
  9. Can you still picture how your first kiss went down?
  10. Is there a particular song that continually reminds me of you when it comes on?

Scenario Questions

  1. If you weren't straightforward with me about where you are and I accidentally see you elsewhere, what happens?
  2. Perhaps you were drunk and mistakenly engaged in sexual activity with my closest colleague. Will you attempt to inform me or keep me in the dark?
  3. Perhaps you had the superpower to modify a thing about my life. What will you go for?
  4. Few hours after our wedding ceremony, you discovered I am cheating. What step will you take?
  5. Assuming you returned from work and found me engaging in a habit, I lied to you I had quitted. What's your reaction going to be like?
  6. If I mistakenly committed a crime, will you make the crime go away or turn me in?
  7. Perhaps you are powerful enough to delete somebody from my life. Who do you have in mind?
  8. Assuming you were offered the opportunity to become the next US president but on a condition to break up with me. What's your stand?
  9. Assuming shooting five innocent males saves my life, will you?
  10. A scenario where you have to choose either your parents or me. Who is your heart going for?

As similar state above, being with your partner 24/7 doesn't guarantee you knew him so much. You can only know a little if you choose to observe him and get close to him. The only way you can know a lot more about your bf is by asking him questions. From the categories of questions above, you certainly will find the perfect question you can ask him at the perfect time. Make him feel comfortable whenever you are in the mood for these inquiries. Once you know what to ask him, you are on the right track to getting to know him better.

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