Learn to identify fake love quotes and how to react to them

It can be all too easy to fall for fake quotes, and the reasons for this is are understandable. The person who is attempting to get these sentiments across is likely to attempt to make the message sound as authentic as possible.

  • Why would somebody be tempted to make false statements about their feelings? Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world where people react to each other from a default position of empathy.
  • Particularly where dating in the offline world is concerned, individuals sometimes prefer playing mind games, rather than showing their true emotions.
  • It could be the case they are naturally cagey when it comes to admitting their feelings, and don’t wish to come across as overly keen in the early stages of connecting with a potential love interest.
  • Perhaps they have been hurt in a previous relationship, and are being guarded.
  • In a few cases, where singles are signing up to dating sites, they might have ulterior motives for reaching out to strangers in this environment. Rather than seeking prospective partners for a relationship, all they are interested in is finding out personal details from other site users, such as Internet banking passwords.

So what is the best way of identifying when someone is being sincere about the sentiments they express to you in their quotes and statements, as opposed to going through the motions? People can communicate in so many different ways, and the majority of these have nothing to do with the words they use.

  • Body language is a far more potent form of communication. Studies have revealed between 70 and 90% of it is non-verbal.
  • Doesn't this make it even trickier to suss out true intentions? Not when you consider how these other ways of getting messages across. Facial expressions can be a giveaway. Someone might make a love quote to you, but are their eyes saying the same thing? Do they look furtive, glancing around them, or finding it difficult to make eye contact during the conversation?
  • Fidgeting is another symptom of a dichotomy between the quotes coming from their lips, and what they are genuinely thinking.
  • When they do discuss anything, how is it said? Do the words flow naturally, as they would in any normal conversation, especially between two people who are supposed to have a connection? Or does the speech sound more hesitant? The tone of voice is an excellent way of identifying the sincerity of love quotes.

For your information, quotes on fake lovers can be useful

Fake husband quotes are more difficult to discern because these are arising in what should be a committed relationship, where neither party should be feeling anything other than trust. But there could be mitigating factors for the message becoming distorted.

  • The key to establishing common ground again is communication. Ask your significant other if there might be deeper issues at play. Is all well at work? Is there some family situation he is unwilling to share with you for some reason?
  • When you tell him love quotes of your own, does he react differently? Where he would normally reciprocate enthusiastically, is he more reticent? If he does have anything on his mind, whether that’s a relatively trivial matter, or something more profound – perhaps guilt about infidelity, or some health issue he is concerned about, the only way to get past this glitch and prevent it from snowballing is to discuss the matter. Trust is the most basic of all building blocks that knit together to keep any relationship stable – when this is eroded, the entire structure will be in danger of collapse.

Understanding fake feelings quotes

The fakest quotes often arise when you are getting to know someone on a matchmaking service. In the early stages of connecting, singles will say one thing but mean something completely different. Say you compliment a guy on everything from his latest haircut to the type of car he drives. He could tell you all about his taste in movies, or the types of cuisine he relishes.

In normal circumstances, noticing a potential partner has particular preferences and being able to comment favorably on these is how people make the extent of their growing feelings for each other apparent. But if your prospective partner is a player, he could be giving what might be referred to as false lover quotes.

  • The problem with communicating in the online environment is that you don’t have access to those non-verbal communication techniques previously mentioned. You can only rely on the text messages that are being sent via the website’s private channel, or the voice at the end of a phone call.
  • It does become slightly easier to make sense of a person's true intent when you engage them in video chatting because here you can at least observe their facial expressions as they are coming out with their supposedly sincere relationship quotes. But it could be the case they are saying the same things to any number of other singles on their extensive shortlist of site members they like to interact with.

Here are some of the most typical fake boy quotes

  • Quotes about fake love and lies will help you get through a situation that has left you with feelings of mistrust. ‘I don’t feel I should have to put up with liars. I’m nice and trustworthy, not stupid and gullible.’
  • Have you ever heard someone say, 'it's not you, it's me,' usually as a prelude to telling you they no longer want to be romantically involved with you? This quote tends to be a classic example of tact being used over honesty. Because partnerships involve the actions of two people, there is every likelihood it will have something to do with you. Or if it isn't, then whatever has caused the sea change in his feelings isn't going to be something trivial. This particular fake love quote is something that usually tends to be a smokescreen for guilt.

Have you come across any fake girlfriend quotes?

Perhaps you are part of the social circle that likes to exchange information and general chitchat about how your various relationships are progressing? If you are part of a group who feel confident enough in each other’s company to share some of the details that guys sometimes tend to keep bottled up, what are the scenarios you like to talk about?

  • You might have quotes you like to introduce when your group gets together concerning girls who have been less than honest in their dealings. ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ is a well-worn adage, but where fakes are concerned, it is something that will always ring true. Just because someone looks perfect is far from a reliable indication that they will turn out to be this way once you begin delving deeper, into their personality and character.
  • Another quote that springs to mind is 'some things are too good to be true.' This is so apt when it comes to trying to develop a sense of chemistry with people you don't have any way of knowing the truth behind any elaborate boasts you come across on their profile page.
  • In online dating, the majority of people you are likely to come across will be genuine, but there will be the odd fake profile or single female whose intentions are less upfront and honest.
  • If you only have a profile photo and a few paragraphs of background information to go on, how could you possibly learn the full picture about a prospective partner from such a brief snapshot of details?
  • This person might look like one of the most attractive women you have ever come across, but this in itself might be cause for concern. How do you know that this is a genuine picture from recent times, or has it been adopted by Photoshop? In some cases, the photo displayed in someone’s public profile might not necessarily be the same individual you have been messaging.
  • If you get any inkling that this person isn’t what they seem, it can be easy to do a little detective work. Google offers a reverse image service where you can pop any Internet picture into your search box and discover if it has been reproduced anywhere else. If the person you or any of your friends have been interacting with has uploaded a photograph obtained from stock images, perhaps from an online modeling agency, these are the matches that will be flagged up.

Another quote you guys might confer about is that you should ‘never take anything at face value.’ You might come across someone on a dating outlet who appears to be perfect girlfriend material. She might have listed a variety of attributes, including an impressive roster of academic qualifications, and a seemingly never-ending list of the fantastic and interesting hobbies and passions she likes to pursue.

But you need to be wary of anyone who is going onto a dating service and simply appears to be bragging about their achievements, rather than presenting an honest and down-to-earth appraisal of their motivations like most honest site users do.

Putting fake love quotes in their place

Don't be too disheartened when considering any of these scenarios. While the course of true love can sometimes be rocky, with meandering twists and turns rather than a linear passage from A to B, for the most part, people will be trustworthy.

  • Because dating sites have evolved into a position that they are so much more than places where you can interact with other singles. They have become vibrant communities where you can dip into chat rooms, and make a wide circle of new friends, or refer to regular blogs offering siege advice about relationship issues.
  • Word can quickly get about these close-knit groups where individuals have proved to be less than trustworthy. It might be a good idea to keep one ear on this virtual grapevine in case there have been any rumors about specific site users having what might best be described as ‘iffy details’ on their profile.

The good news about all of these scenarios is that they tend to content to be open in the early stages of singles getting to know each other.

  • The more you connect with someone in the Internet environment, the greater the rapport that can develop. As you discover layers of background to another single, it will become easier to identify somebody using fake love quotes compared to genuine individuals.
  • Should you be unfortunate enough to cross paths with one of the former, this won't be the end of the world. To use in another long-standing quote that has nothing to do with fake individuals, ‘there are plenty of fish in the sea.’
  • If you happen to come across a particular individual who appears to be leading you down a relationship cul-de-sac, it is the easiest thing in the world to block them and then move on to someone else who could prove to be the complete opposite where their behavior is concerned.

Online dating is such a flexible medium for meeting people that you should never feel disheartened after less than favorable experiences. The whole ethos of these dating services is to find you the most compatible individual, either for casual encounters or something much more long-lasting and fulfilling.

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