How to detect love at first sight signs

When we are talking about the concept of love, we can say that love is unimaginable, it is bonding, and through it, you can become strong and happy. Love has a power that man cannot contend with. It is eluding to men to give a precise definition or attribute of love. The effect and blow it hits on you will determine what you will say of it. Love doesn't know the rich, nor does it know the poor; it handles both males and females with its strong arm. Love has the potency to change man and the universe at large to become the best version it could be.

What can you deduce from a royal king who got fascinated by a slave that was captured in the course of invasion into another nation? To the extent that the king couldn't think straight, neither was he his normal self ever since he set his eyes on the damsel. He couldn't help it nor snap himself out of it but follow after the damsel till he has her to himself. This is how great and all-powerful love is. Once it strikes anyone, the mental and emotional state of such a person takes another form. At this point, no one can ever advise against what his heart is longing for and where the feeling is leading him/her.

Love at first sight sign- real or infatuation

"No one believes in love at first sight until that special person comes along and steals your heart." as a young dude/lady, your life has been going smoothly and normally as it should be. Many friends to hang out with, both male and female, and you have been enjoying your life in that manner with good euphoria. On a fateful day somewhere, you ran into this lady/guy for the very first time. You got caught up with him/her that you cannot take off your eyes. The smile, attitude, manner of talking, and everything about this personality drive you all mad and crazy. Deep within you, you have a feeling that you cannot describe towards the personality. It continues to vibrate, and you lost the excitement, transiting to another realm you are drawn at gazing at this personality.

This is the first time you are having this experience; what can you say of it, how can you define it. Falling in love with someone you have never met from Adam. Love at first sight! Can it be real, or is it just a fantasy, infatuation, or lust?

Some people believe that there is nothing like love at first sight, that it is just a mirage, fairytale-esque that is far from reality. This belief led to the question; is it possible to fall in love at first sight? If it is thus possible, where will such love lead the two amorous birds?

Some opine that love, at first sight, exists based on their personal and individual experience. If you have not experienced it, you will never believe it exists, so they concluded in their thoughts.

Love at first sight, is there any science or philosophy behind it? Yes, there seems to be. Love at first sight theory is likened to the heavens in Plato's explanation. He posited that when man's soul descends from heaven to the earth, it becomes fragmented into two. As they journey on earth, the other soul will need to find the other half to reunite. When you come across the other half of your soul, there will be an immediate connection with that person that is beyond what you can control.

Science-backed love, at first sight, up that there is a chemical reaction in the brain that is responsible for the feel of love. When two individuals, especially the opposite gender, look into each other's eyes, a prompt signal will be sent to the brain to receive the attraction, and then there's a connection. The longer the connection lasts, the stronger the feelings you will have towards the person. This connection draws you together using the chemistry that has taken place in the brain. With these two postulated theories for love at first sight, it can be presumed that love at first exists or could exist.

But the facts about love, at first sight, remain first sight love doesn't mean that the personality you have met is 'the one' and the relationship will last everlasting or lead to a blissful union, no! The chemistry just avails you the opportunity to have a proper connection and get to know each other for some time to determine if you are a good fit as a partner and see how things will be worked out between you two. Depending on how it is nurtured, the love can either be real as some have experienced it, and it led to their wedlock. In the same vein, it can be a feeling of infatuation if there's no further compatibility.

What makes a guy fall in love at first sight?

"The love we feel at first sight is so life-changing that we are able to remember and cherish it for the rest of our lives" having a first sight love doesn't leave you empty-handed it creates a kind of print in our heart that becomes irrefutable when talking about your experience of love. What makes a guy fall in love at first sight, can emanate from different factors according to an individual's taste and preferences that appeal to his sight.

Some fall at first sight with a girl or lady based on her cute smile. This smile alone appeals to him and sends an undeniable feel of affection into his heart and creating chemistry between the duos.

What appeals to some guy to fall in fall at first sight with a lady is the body figure; fat, slim, chubby, or athletic figure can make them go mad and crazy. The mode in which the lady carries herself also has its place to arrest the heart of a guy.

A lady's decency, character, and nature as a way of attracting some guys and make them fall head over heel even while meeting her for the first time in his life.

For some, it is beauty. Like the popular cliché, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." On sighting how gorgeous a lady is, some guys will transit to a state of restlessness and unable to control their emotion towards the damsel.

The level of some ladies' intelligence, hardworking nature, maturity, and the way such ladies socialize can be why a guy can fall in love at first noticing.

Some guys just got attracted to a lady at first sight unconditionally without having anything to point to. If you ask them, all they will tell you is that I just love her; I don't know why or how. This type of crush, at first sight, is way awesome and unique compare to others. This type tends to survive every odds to a blissful ending.

What does love at first sight really mean?

Love, at first sight, is what happens when you see or meet someone that your path has never crossed, and instantly, there is a connection from you to the person, and you feel like you want him or her. This feeling is magical and very strong on you that you become startled at sight; you feel a kind of unexplainable reaction inside of you.

Love, at first sight, has its attributes;

In love, at sight, there is no mutuality. It is always one-sided because the person you are having a feeling of love towards doesn't know your feelings towards him/her. If you express it towards the personality, the mutuality will not just happen immediately; it will have to leave through time.

This feeling of love, at first sight, is more of men than men because women are choosy on the specs of whom they will love to date. Men in their state fall in love by sight.

Love at first sight often revolves around beautiful people and ladies with a nice gifted figure. It can be an attraction to the looks and body, which doesn't involve the person's behavior and character.

In most cases, love, at first sight, can't truly be taken as sincere love. The reason being that real love involves knowing each other's personality, seeing to compatibility, understanding, and commitment of the two parties involved. But for love, at first sight, it lacks all this. Though, love, at first sight, can develop to actual love if they can get to know and understand each other and see to their compatibility.

In love, there is nothing like a fake; love is true and genuine. If it is not real and genuine, that means it is infatuation or lust. At first, sight, if your love goes beyond physical attraction, it can result in true love and get committed to it.

Signs a guy is in love at first sight

You feel nervous about sighting them: when you meet with the person that caught your attention unaware, and you felt a bit sick or had some kind of sensation in you, it can be prompted by love at first sight. You can have an experience of butterflies in your stomach; the reason is that there's a link between the brain and the stomach. The nervousness you had might be the result of the elation and anxiousness of sighting the person.

You want to know more about them: this is a good sign of first sight love to want to know all necessary information about the person you are just meeting for the first time. The only way to see if compatibility exists between you and getting close and seeking out all details about the person and this curiosity leads to starting a cordial and smooth conversation between you and the person you have first sight love towards.

You have eyes for them alone: when the feeling is strong and reciprocal, you will often have eye contact with each other several times. Your gaze will not be to any other person other than the personality that you have gotten attracted to. As eye contact is very vital in cementing interest in feelings of love, it could be a good sign that you are falling for that person on sighting for the first time.

You felt intimacy within you: love, at first sight, gives a feeling of closeness or familiarity as if you had met before or known each other for some time. It doesn't look like you are forcing things or like the person is a stranger to you. When you feel relaxed and comfortable with someone, it shows a connection and chemistry of first sight love.

You find their behavioral attitude appealing and distinctive: when you are attracted to the ways and manner in which someone does things, laugh, talk, walks, and relates with others, this can bring about a feeling of love and connection with the person. In this, you overlook the person's deficiency; it is a sign of falling in love at first sight.

Love, at first sight, maybe powerful and result-oriented if the parties involved take it the way it should be taken and treated. Though you both don't need to end up tying the knot, your knowing and meeting will be memorable.

Aside from the signs of love at first sight discussed, other signs will confirm to you that you are having a connection with the personality through your body language. The rate at which your heart will be beating will increase from normal; your body temperature may get hot and excreting sweat from within. There is also the tendency to maintain a warm and cool smile towards the person. A feeling of excitement and assurance will accompany the reactions of your body.

What doesn't work for others may perform well for you; love, at first sight, is real.

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