What is the Best Way to Say Sorry in a Text?

It’s never easy to say sorry – especially if you have to do it over a text message. Of course – it’s always best to say sorry in person, but if someone is refusing to see you or avoiding your calls, sometimes it’s the only way to get your relationship back on track.

It’s important to note that a “sorry for hurting you” text should be only part of your apology, and if it is accepted – the second apology in person is often the best way to find forgiveness from your partner.

But how do you create make-up text messages that will ensure you get a text back? When writing a loving apology or looking for romantic ways to say sorry over text, it’s important to remember you probably only have one or two messages that they will bother to read – especially if they are angry or upset with you – so getting it right is essential.

There is no right way to say sorry over text, but there are plenty of cute ways to apologize to your girlfriend or boyfriend to encourage them to calm down think about forgiving you – but what are the biggest Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to sending a “sorry message”?


  • Accept responsibility: even if you don’t think the fight or argument was entirely your fault or down to your actions – however, if you want to be forgiven, it’s often much more beneficial to accept responsibility now and in-person to discuss the ins and outs of what happened and what could have been done differently.
  • Be direct and to the point: when you fight with someone you love, it can be all too easy to waffle on about how much you love them and how sorry you are over and over – meaning they’ll likely stop reading and maybe even block your number after a while. Rather than sending long, soppy texts, short, direct texts that represent you accept their anger, acknowledge your role in causing it, and that you love them.
  • Be polite and use pet names: things like personal pet names can be a great reminder of how good your relationship was before your fight or the reason for your partner’s anger. When texting someone to say “sorry for hurting you,” speak to them as you would when you were together and continue to use your pet names for them in the text (also signing off with “always your *pet name*”) can help to pull at your partner’s heartstrings.


  • Dismiss their anger: if you have hurt your loved one, they have every right to be angry with you, and if you’re looking for them to accept your apology, don’t tell them you “don’t understand why they’re angry” or anything along those lines. Accepting you have upset your partner is your first step to them accepting your apology.
  • Blame them too: 90% of fights within relationships are due to errors made by two people; however, if your partner is angry with you and you want to say sorry and move forward, it’s a good idea to stay away from telling them it was their fault too – especially over text as you’re unlikely to get a positive response.
  • Text them repeatedly: being ignored is frustrating, especially when it’s someone you love deeply. However, the more you text someone – without getting a reply – the more likely someone is to hit the block button and stop all your chances of being able to apologize at all.
  • Expect to be forgiven with just one text: while you shouldn’t repeatedly be texting, if your partner does respond to your messages, you might think you’ve got the green light and been forgiven – however, it often takes time to rebuild trust and a few “in-person” conversations to move on in a relationship.

The Best Cute Ways to Say Sorry Over Text

If you’re looking for the best ways to say sorry and I love you at the same time, cute texts are often a great way to get your partner’s attention. Composing a cute text and one that says sorry can be difficult – but it’s not impossible.

You know your partner and have spent plenty of time with them – and in most relationships, the majority of the time has been happy memories. Happy memories are a great way to be cute and encourage your partner to smile and remember the good times before whatever caused the upset between you.

Reminding your partner of your first date and something you remember about how they looked, what they ate, or what was said can help them remember what made them want to be with you in the first place. Luckily, in 2021, most of us have first-date photos – a great way to get your partner thinking of that day is to attach a photo to your cute sorry message.

If you don’t want to send a photo, you can still be cute with your words. As mentioned previously, using pet names can be helpful – but you can also bring up small traditions you have together or quirky things about your partner that only you know about. This helps your partner realize you think about them more than they know and, therefore, help them see your error as a “forgivable mistake” rather than an action to hurt them.

If you’re not too great with words or can’t think of a way to be cute, simply telling them what you miss about them – whether it’s the way they look sleeping, the smell of their perfume or cologne, or the fact that they always wake you up with a coffee, all of these things are cute aspects of your relationship that your partner will be missing too.

Memes and emojis can help punctuate apology messages, especially cute “I’m sorry” GIFs; however, they’re often impersonal and generalized and might not seem cute to your partner. If you want to send something that says sorry for you, apology poems can easily be found online and send via text message as a much more personal and cute way to say sorry than a meme or a GIF.

How to Apologize to a Girl Over Text and Get a Reply

The above advice will work for both men and women, but if you have upset your girl and are specifically looking for a cute way to say sorry to your girlfriend over text, there are some great ways to get a girl’s attention.

Say It with Flowers

It’s an age-old tradition for a man to buy a woman flowers if they’ve made a mistake. In 2021 almost everything is online, and it is easy to arrange flower delivery from your phone. Most companies will give you the time they will deliver the flowers, and you can time your cute apology text to arrive as the flowers do. Send the flowers without a message – maybe just a simple sorry or your name – and say everything else you want to in a text. The flowers will be a distraction from her upset or anger, which will encourage her to read a message from you. In contrast, the lack of message with the flowers will pique her curiosity about why you’ve sent them.

Text her when she’s Free

If you want to send a cute sorry message, do it when you think she won’t be busy. Rushed reading a text at work and forgetting about it later is a real problem many of us suffer from. When sending apology messages, you want your girlfriend to be free to think about what you have said and not be distracted by work, a night out, or dinner with friends. You’re much more likely to get a response if she is sat at home on the sofa scrolling her phone and watching TV.

Be Yourself

Your girlfriend fell in love with you for a reason, and no relationship is without it’s problems. If you’re saying sorry via text, remind her of who you are and help her remember why she loves you. Sometimes we forget why we fell in love as relationships develop and the day-to-day takes over; treat her how you did when you were trying to make her fall in love with you.

Ask Her How She is:

Men and women alike love to be asked how they are and how their day was. Often when we first meet someone new, we text back and forth all day long, asking what we’re doing and sharing even the most mundane details of our day to day lives, but as we settle into relationships, we often guilty of forgetting to ask about the other’s day. It can feel increasingly like you don’t care. If you want to say sorry to your girlfriend over text, sometimes a simple – “how are you? What have you been up to today?” can be the best way to get a reply.

Cute Ways to Say Sorry to Your Boyfriend Over Text Message

Men and women are wired differently, and while there is no right or wrong way to say sorry to someone special, there are plenty of things to try before you give up on finding forgiveness with your partner.

Typically, men are a lot less likely to discuss their feelings or emotions with other people – especially other friends – but this doesn’t mean that men don’t have emotions or aren’t also sensitive during difficult parts of a relationship. If you want to apologizapologize to your boyfriend over text – addressing his emotions and the fact that you have hurt him is a great way to help him move towards forgiving you.

Often women overlook how much they have hurt their partner during a fight or argument because women – statistically – are more likely to become emotional. However, this doesn’t mean that men aren’t also hurting, and saying you’re sorry for the hurt you know you have caused them can help them to see that you understand them – despite them not showing their emotional side.

Encouraging your boyfriend to open-up can also be a great way to demonstrate that your partner can rely on you in the future. If you’re saying sorry via text, accept you know you have hurt him, apologize for doing so, and remind him that you’re always there if he wants to talk about how he feels because you understand what you did was wrong.

What Next?

Now you know how to say sorry to someone special over text, it’s time to send a message – however, you chose to do so – once you’ve sent the message, try not to worry, and distract yourself with a walk or film as you wait for a reply. There is no perfect way to say sorry by text, but you’re on the right track to getting back together with your partner with these tips. If you do get a text back, it’s time to plan a spectacular date – and drinks are definitely on you!

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