The Big Question: Do Italian Men Like American Women?

It seems rather silly to ask the question, “what type of woman do Italian guys like?” We are not the sort of people who like to stereotype, but in this instance, the rumors are more than likely true: Italian men like all women. We don’t think it matters if you are American. However, we would hazard a guess the American sense of optimism meshes very well with that famed Italian fire.

If there is one thing Italians are passionate about, it is their female counterparts. Italy as a whole is a very passionate country, which makes the men very attractive prospects. Of course, the excellent physical genes and dreamy accent play their part as well!

If you are an American woman (or just any woman) thinking about dating an Italian gent, and you need a little push to help you along, read the rest of the article below!

Need Some Persuasive Facts About Italians?

Italians Have a Lot of Practice When it Comes to Dating

This comes with the territory. Italian men are gorgeous; it should come as no surprise that they’ve been on their fair share of dates in the past. However, this also means they know exactly what to do to make a lady feel special and ensure your first date is one you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry.

And with any luck, you might be the last first date they ever go. Don’t be afraid to dream big!

Italians Love Their Food and Drink as Much as Their Women

If you have ever been to Italy on vacation, you will know just how important food and drink are to the locals. Whenever they socialize, they usually go for something to eat. Inevitably, they follow the same blueprint when dating. Thinking about a first date with that dishy Italian guy? Chances are you’ll be grabbing a slice at a quaint pizzeria and getting cozy over a glass of wine or two.

Warning: you may get fat if this relationship becomes serious!

Timekeeping Will Never Be Adhered To

Another stereotype which is often proven true, Italians are bottom of the pile when it comes to keeping time. This bodes well for you if you are one of those girls who likes to spend the best part of an evening ensuring your hair is absolutely perfect before you head out on your date. I mean, who doesn’t do that anyway? Would this Italian cutie rather you turned up looking like a total slob? Of course not – he’ll be too busy making himself look spectacular for you anyway. You’re both likely to turn up at the same time… only an hour after you originally planned!

Italians Are in No Rush to Get Married

If you are one of those women who are afraid of commitment and prepare to take relationships REALLY slow, you’ll be happy to learn that Italian men feel the exact same way as you do. In fact, the majority of guys don’t actually get married until they are in their mid-30s, which is well above the European average. If you don’t fancy rushing into this sort of arrangement, these are definitely the men for you.

Italians Are Amazing in… well… the Bedroom

When we say Italians are passionate about romance, we totally mean it. They seem to live and breathe intimacy. This inevitably leads to an intensely satisfying sex life. In fact, this has even been backed up by recent statistic polls, which place the Italians as some of the very best lovers in the world, much higher than both the US and UK. And if that’s not enough for you, scientists have hypothesized that the Italians’ sexual proclivities help them live to a higher age on average.

Did We Mention Their Beautiful Accent?

We’ll level with you now, dear reader; we don’t speak a lick of Italian. Not one single iota. But we sure as hell know that accent is a dream come true. One syllable and we are whisked away to steamy fantasies about hunky smooth-chested heartthrobs stealing us from our putrid existence. In fact, we would be more than happy to just listen to them talk about paint drying - that’s how sexy this language is to foreign ears.

An Italian Boyfriend Is a Great Excuse to Learn the Lingo

Many of us say we would like to learn a second language. But do any of us follow through on that promise? Of course not! We are all far too busy with work or the kids or planning our cat’s bar mitzvah. But what if you could combine the leisurely pastime that is dating your hot Italian fella AND picking up a few free language lessons as well. Jeez, talk about a win-win scenario.

Is anybody else hot for the teacher?

An Italian Partner Means Dining with the Family

As soon as you move past the casual stage, you’ll be invited to the family table to dining with your partner’s relatives. This is usually like your Thanksgiving meal, but only with more pasta, more veggies, more fish, more pizza, more dessert, AND it happens all the time! You’ll swear these wonderful cooks are trying to turn you into a whale. Who knows? Maybe they are! But when the food is this good, and the men are as handsome as they are, who actually cares?

How Much Would You Love Your Own Italian Tour Guide?

Whether your beloved lives in Italy or has ventured further afield, you’ll find yourself heading to his sunny native land more often than not if you are the woman by his side. There’s so much of the country to explore; why not grab yourself your very own Italian tour guide and get a first-hand account about all the amazing sights you are yet to behold. You could not possibly pick a boyfriend from a more beautiful or historic country.

An Italian Mother-in-Law Is a Reward and a Challenge

An Italian mother-in-law is something many of us have heard of, but few foreigners have actually experienced. We conjure up images of overbearing older women who can’t keep their noses out of other people’s business. However, in actual fact, you’ll probably find your Italian partner’s mother welcomes you to the family… after a brief interlude where she gives you that distrustful side eye. Italian mothers are often full of love and wisdom, which they will readily pass down to anybody who asks - and that makes them an unlikely perk of finding an Italian beau.

Italians Place Great Importance on a Good Impression

Sure, Italian guys may be drop-dead gorgeous, but did you know that a good impression means more to them than a lot of other cultures? Known as la bella figura, Italians constantly want to charm every person they meet. This means they dress with style and flair at all times and also try to be compassionate and helpful wherever possible. Man, talk about the total package!

An Italian Partner Will Help You Navigate Your New Environment

If things have gotten serious with your partner and you’ve decided to move abroad to be with him, you may find yourself feeling daunted about all these big changes. Luckily, you’ll have somebody who can show you around town and make sure you know all the essential customs. They won’t let you make too much of a fool out of yourself. Imagine how much harder it would be immigrating to another country if you didn’t have an in-built support network already there?

Did Somebody Say Holiday Home in the Sun?

If your Italian boyfriend decides to live with you stateside, try not to feel too disheartened. The fact he has a family home back in Europe means you’ll always have somewhere to stay if you both decide to get away for a while. Even better, his family may even have a second property somewhere close to the coast, so you’re getting a beach holiday for practically nothing.

Girl, share some of that good fortune with the rest of us!

Have You Ever Been to an Italian Wedding? They’re Amazing!

Much like family get-togethers, Italian weddings are all about going overboard with the country’s finest array of food and fine wines. If you think your partner is the one, you’ll find yourself being the bride in the most decadent wedding you’ve ever seen. Also, the Italians sure do know how to party. Throw it all together, and you’re bound to have a truly unforgettable night with the man of your dreams, potentially underneath that famed Tuscan sun.

Are you trying to tell me that doesn’t sound heavenly?

Arrivederci, Dear Reader!

We’re sure you’re itching to get out there and find your dream Italian hubby ASAP, so we’ll finish our article here before you go crazy. We’d like to wish you all the luck in the world – just remember to introduce us to his hot brother whenever you get a minute!

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