How to tell if you are attractive to others

The attraction is synonymous with being beautiful. Talking about beauty for the female gender, more value is placed on it than on men. People hardly give attention to the looks of men like the ladies. Before stepping out of their closet, most ladies take a good time to look well and good to get attractions and compliments from others, both female and male alike. But what happens if, after all the effort you put in making yourself look gorgeous with the mindset to receive numerous endearing words concerning your looks? Then you never receive any. You feel sad, devastated, and depressed, right? Then you begin to look at your body and dressing over and over. Ruminating in your mind and asking series of questions, "am I not beautiful enough, didn't I dress well, what happens to me, I didn't receive a compliment from friends not to mention guys. Is my face makeup awful?" these questions and more flips through your mind and makes you feel inferior. With that, you begin to look for validating signs people find you attractive. But do you need to? No! Why? Because you are wonderfully made, you are awesomely beautiful and attractive than you think. This is no flattering take my words for it.

How to tell if you are attractive has a lot to do with you and your state of mind. What you trust in is what you will receive. So the first thing to know in telling if you are attractive is to accept that you are highly attractive to people. Either you receive a compliment or not. Do you know why? Most people see complimenting you as disturbing you, which you might not like because they believe that you have received countless attractiveness compliments and those words are no longer new to you again. This is the reason you have to see yourself as attractive. Look into the mirror and see that wonderful creature staring at you with a nice figure and appearance. She is gorgeous and attractive.

Several signs people find you attractive

Are there visible and notable signs that you can relate to knowing that people find you attractive? Yes, there are, but you shouldn't depend on others' validation of how they see you. In doing so, you have an inferiority complex that is very bad for your reputation, and you will be taken for granted, losing your value and dignity.

Let's dig it up. It is not a strange habit for ladies to feel and act insecure about certain aspects of their lives, particularly when it comes to their body and appearance. We get self-conscious about series of things daily. That is the reason we do ask our friends for confirmation "am I not too thin, am I not too fat, is my dressing okay, how do I look, do I look feminine to you…?" With this, we put ourselves down and rub our image in the mug thinking we are not pretty enough, smart or amazing to others. And whenever we keep underrating and underestimating ourselves, our personal qualities and attributes are always at risk, and we lose without being aware.

Though it is not all that bad to get others' opinions when it comes to our look and personality, when you allow it to affect you significantly, it becomes nasty and weird. Your term for the word 'attractive' may differ from what others see as admirable and compliments in you.

Well, as the female gender, we are not to blame much for this. The society and environment we live in impact this because of the pressure that comes with being attractive when it comes to relationships and dating. That is why most ladies take their time to have a nice and aesthetic picture of themselves to upload on dating apps and social media platforms. Without that, no one will give notice.

Signs people find you attractive cannot be all hidden from you. It is very noticeable in the way they act. Some of those signs are:

  • When you get lots of compliments from people on how pretty, amazing, and great you are, it is a sign that you are being attracted to people, both male and female.

  • At times, you may not get compliments from people. The reason is that people know that you are very attractive and you have received countless compliments from people. They feel that there is no point in them repeating what you have heard for zillion times again.

  • When you notice that people just want to be around you, get to know you, and have a chat with you, it is one of the signs that you are a good-looking girl.

  • If you have gone on different dates, it is a sign that you get attracted to. Unattractive ladies hardly get someone who will be on their neck pestering them for a date. If your date hasn't ended well, don't let this get into your head that you are not attractive. If you are not, you won't get a date in the first place. It might be that you both are not compatible.

  • Another sign for you to know that people find you attractive is when you notice people gazing at you while walking in the street, or when seated in a bar or somewhere, people double-check on you. This shows that you are hot.

  • When guys try to maintain a good posture and look when they see you coming, my dear, that is a sign that you are attractive.

How to tell if a guy thinks you re attractive

It is very easy for ladies who are very observant and sensitive to know when a guy finds and sees you attractive, hot and pretty. If you can interpret a guy's body language, you will be able to know. Because guys hardly tell a lady that she is attractive or good-looking or, let me say, they find it hard to utter such utterances based on their masculine nature. But with their body language, they say it all, action speaking louder than words. These are how to tell if a guy thinks you are attractive.

  1. Smiles: smiles is one of the way guy used in communicating to ladies without using words. When a guy looks at you beaming, that is an indication that shows that he finds you attractive. With this, he may likely want an acquaintance with you if his smile is not flirtatious.

  2. Maintains eye contact: giving eye contact to someone they like is a male thing. When he maintains eye contact with you, he communicates his attraction to you with the expectation you do the same. This eye contact is different from when someone stares at you.

  3. He moves close: men, when they are attracted to a lady, the next thing you will see them do is to move close to the pretty lady. When he moves close, he examines if it is safe for him to proceed without bagging a rejection or not. If he observes that it is safe, he moves more closely to have a conversation. Once you experience this attitude of men moving close to you, know that you are attracted to them. Some may not pick up a conversation with you if they are the nervous type who fears being rejected.

  4. He tries to look good: men and women attraction is just like the peacock. The male peacock spreads its feather on sighting female peacock. When a guy sees a lady he is attracted to, he tries to adjust himself to look good and presentable before the lady. When you notice guys trying to adjust themselves in various ways at your sight, he doesn't only think you are attractive, but you are attracted to him.

  5. You get talked to: when doesn't just talk to ladies that they see is not attractive. If they do, it is to make a mockery of such lady. If guys always have a conversation and a chat with you, they tell you that they think you are attractive.

  6. You get asked out: when you get asked out virtually every time you go out alone or with friends, guys try to get your mobile contact or social media handle; believe me, you are highly attracted to and beyond thoughts.

  7. He comments on your look: giving a positive comment about ladies is something men rarely do. But if he goes beyond his way to give details to your dressing, look, the way you smile and comments on it that he likes something about you, that is to tell you that you're attracted to him.

These are some of the basic ways to tell if a guy thinks you are looking good. Some subtle ones can be noticed from the ways guys react around you or when you are sighted.

How to tell how attractive I am

It is curious to know how attractive people find you, but that alone won't suffice. You should know personally that you are. Talking about attraction, it has a way it positions for confidence and how you see yourself. In telling how attractive you are, you need to be honest and sincere about your look, physical attributes, and personality. Give an objective analysis of yourself without criticism about your skin color, eye, body shape, stature, etc., the opinion you give yourself preponderate what anyone can give about you. Don't see any flaws in your look but see everything as a compendium of what makes you beautiful and unique for who you are. Without comparing yourself with others, this will help you see what makes you different from them and your beauty. When you limit yourself based on others' judgment and compare them, you will be dropping your ego and aesthetic attributes.

When talking about attraction as a lady, know that it goes beyond physical features or attributes. Your passion, goals, living the right life, living above feminine insecurities present you in a better way and help you stand out getting attention from others.

In how to tell how attractive I am, you will need to believe in yourself that you are enough. Look inward to the qualities you have. Some are not attracted to appearance alone, but they look at the personality and attributes that are welcoming such a lady possesses.

How to tell if you are pretty, take this points it will be of help;

  • Don't compare yourself with the societal definition of beauty

  • Consider how your partner/family sees you and say you are

  • Focus more on yourself

  • Think about how amazing and exceptional your body is

  • Put on what makes you feel good

  • Don't entertain negative comments about you.

  • Keep your thoughts and critical opinions in check

  • Attractiveness is not the same as happiness.

In telling if you are attractive, first of all, make a judgment of yourself and don't base the look of yourself on what people say of you. Negative people will want to put you down by their words. State by examining your inner beauty. The value and the dignity you stand for. No matter how hard you try to make yourself more attractive and acceptable to others, people who will still put you down by their words will still do such. Let the opinion and the way you see yourself supersedes that of any other person. Detach yourself from those who don't see the beauty and attraction in you.

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