How good are you at typing sweet texts for him?

If you can think of small cute messages for him, you’ll create an impression. Guys aren’t always the most receptive when it comes to the more sensitive displays of affection. But you can certainly do your best to change that! There’s an adage that laughter is the best medicine, so if you can think of ways of injecting your online conversations with witty comments, he will be overjoyed, and always feel at ease when you are interacting, online and offline.

To assist you with this process, here are some examples of flirty texts to make him laugh.

  • Start off a message with ‘hey, stranger!’ This might seem a little cheeky, but it’s obviously just an endearing way of touching base.
  • Try the direct approach. How about suggesting your partner drops whatever they are doing and pops over for a visit – right now?! There’s a slang expression for this type of invite, and it’s used quite a lot in the more risqué pop songs. A booty call!
  • No guy on earth will be able to resist the allure of one of these! You could spice this type of message up by dropping hints about what he can expect when he makes his way over to your location. Pop some emojis into the text – we would recommend candles, or perhaps a couple of glasses of wine and a bottle of bubbly! Add musical notes to let him know you’ll be playing some suitably alluring background music.
  • ‘Wish you were here.’ It might be one of the oldest clichés in the book, but it’s one that’s guaranteed to provoke the desired reaction every time. We’ve already mentioned the adage about laughter, well here’s another one for you – absence makes the heart grow fonder! Use your messaging skills to get across how eager you are to be reunited again. If you happen to be apart for any significant timescale –through work commitments, or college courses, family events, or whatever – your messages can provide a visual countdown, marking the time until your liaison.

Cute messages to send to a boyfriend include ones where you can upload images to remind him of all the happy times you’ve spent in each other’s company. Because we spend so much of our time recording our activities, by sifting through your photo galleries you’re bound to come across a terrific selection of suitable photographs to upload, making your messages even cuter.

Once you’ve mastered the art of composing sweet messages to send to your boyfriend, you can experiment with the style.

  • You might choose to keep your communications short and sweet, leaving much to his imagination.
  • Or you could go down the route of pouring your heart out. The truth of the matter is there is no right and wrong when it comes to telling him how much he means to you. Whatever form your love correspondence takes, the ultimate result will be leaving him with a glow of contentment after he had finished reading your intimate message.

Composing a sweet text for your boyfriend is easy

Picture the scene. You have found a moment when you are alone with your thoughts, and are ready to think about cute things to text to your boyfriend. One important piece of advice to take on board is not to rush into this.

  • Some guys love receiving succinct memos that will brighten up the day. But because these are short and sweet, the effect will be somewhat instantaneous. Your bf will certainly receive a boost, appreciating that you have kept them in your thoughts. But if there isn’t really much substance to the message you forward to the special person in your life, they are liable to read your communication and then quickly delete it. This isn’t a sign they haven’t taken anything on board. Their emotions will have been stirred by your meaningful words. But in an era where smart devices or tablets can become cluttered with all sorts of information, available space is sometimes at a premium.

So, your lovely message might well end up on the virtual equivalent of the cutting room floor in the movie industry! When it comes to putting together a long text message to send to your boyfriend, you should always treat this with more than casual flippancy. Here are some of the factors you should consider prior to sending him this important piece of correspondence.

  • Before you even pick up your phone or other smart device and begin texting this cute communication, it would be important to outline the sentiments you wish to include. Grab a hold of a notebook and jot down some preliminary ideas.
  • Commence with broad headings about the type of information you might like to include. Using these as an aid, you can expand on the emotions you wish to convey. You might feel as if messages appearing to have come straight from your heart might be the best way of getting across how do you feel about your boyfriend. On the other hand, there would be no harm in the dipping into specialist resources available online.
  • Insert the phrase ‘cute texts to send to your bf’ into your favorite search bar. This will take you to resources where a variety of information will be available on tap.
  • Don’t simply copy and paste whatever you come across. But you can take the bones of these suggested messages and then tailor them to your own specifications.
  • Texts to send a guy should include pet names that are only known to you. If a particular turn of phrase looks appealing, but is one you just couldn’t imagine using yourself, try and translate this into language you would be more familiar with. This way, the cute message you send your lover will appear to be genuine, rather than something regurgitated from some online source.

Browse through suggested messages to send your boyfriend

There are numerous sweet texts to send to a boyfriend, but they can fall into several broad categories. First of all, there are messages that contain generic sentiments, issues that don’t really focus on any specific aspects of your relationship, but nevertheless tell him exactly what an important part of your life he happens to be. These examples will give him something to ponder whatever he might happen to be doing at the time.

Other messages can be a lot more finely-tuned, sweet text messages to send to your boyfriend that will outline exactly how you feel about him. This type of message is particularly useful in the early stages of a relationship. Perhaps you have met somebody on a dating site, and after spending some time developing a rapport, you feel yourself beginning to develop strong feelings towards him.

  • It can often be difficult to articulate these emotions in a face-to-face conversation. You might be enjoying a fabulous date in a restaurant or coffee shop, and feel like blurting out exactly how you feel about him. But at the last minute, you are overcome by hesitation and you part company, leaving you feeling frustrated you didn’t have the nerve to intimate your innermost feelings. This is where long messages to send your boyfriend can come in especially useful.
  • Setting aside the time to jot down exactly what you hope to achieve in the longer-term can lead to very meaningful messages being written.
  • At this stage, there would be no point holding back. For all you know, your boyfriend has been in exactly the same position, wishing he had found the courage to reveal his innermost thoughts.
  • Writing texts gives you the freedom to be much more open and honest about your feelings for someone you are growing especially close to. You can also be a very discerning about what to include in your message. This is where editorial control becomes of prime importance.
  • Before you send anything via email, text or whatever type of correspondence you find most appropriate, always take the time to look over your draft version, ironing out anything that could be misconstrued, and particularly paying close attention to your grammar and spelling. There is nothing more likely to diminish the potency of a message than it reading as sloppy, as if it has been rushed rather than lovingly created.
  • Once you have got the hang of sending nice messages for him, actually composing the form of correspondence will eventually come like second nature. Just like anything else in life, the more practice you have at doing something, the greater your expertise will grow. In no time at all, you will be sending regular messages that will fill his heart with joy.

If you want to write a cute message for him, read on

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “what is the best sweet short message for my boyfriend that I can come up with in the quickest space of time?”

  • The truth of the matter is, texts naturally provide a blank canvas where the temptation can be to rush into messaging because it is such a convenient way of letting someone know how you feel. But there would be no harm in thinking back to pre-digital days when people took time and effort when explaining their hopes and aspirations to their partner.
  • The days of the traditional love letter may be numbered, but so-called ‘snail mail’ will never completely die out. The reasons for this are that the sentiments involved when working out cute texts to send to a boyfriend are timeless. Whether you choose to write the information down long hand and pop it into an envelope, or you take a few minutes to type something out in a WhatsApp communication, it’s the feelings you are trying to express that are all-important, not the medium you choose to convey them.
  • So, the best text messages to send to your boyfriend is one that comes from the heart. The best advice to give regarding these types of cute communications is to be honest and aboveboard at all times. It can’t be over-emphasized how much you have to pay close attention to editorial considerations before pressing that ‘send’ button.
  • Because so many of us are connecting in the online environment, there is always the temptation to be ‘spinning several plates’ at the same time. By this, we are referring to the fact that many site users opt to keep in touch with a shortlist of prospective partners, before whittling these down to the most ideal person over a period. While you are undergoing this process, there might be the possibility of using an incorrect name when you are addressing someone via cute boyfriend texts. Obviously, there is considerable potential for disaster should this happen!

To conclude, when it comes to deciding on nice texts to send to a guy you like, just adopt a degree of common sense. By all means, use whichever platform you feel most comfortable with, whether that’s texting, WhatsApp messages, or using the online chat platforms available with your favorite social media outlet. The end result should be composing a message that will inspire him to reciprocate immediately.

  • Always be polite and charming in your online discussions, especially if you are connecting with someone you don’t really know too well – a common enough situation where online dating is concerned.
  • Inject your prose with elements that will add a dash of color to your sentiments. You can download various banks of emojis, giving you access to graphic images to enhance your cute correspondence. Love hearts or cuddly animals will always achieve the desired result. Use those endearing terms you are familiar with during ‘pillow talk.’ Success is assured!
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