How to tell if an awkward guy likes you

To tell if an awkward guy likes you is not something you just have to pick on the surface. You will need to be calm with him and relate with him more to know this. In some, it is easy to know shy men in love signs, while for some, your patience will help you to know if he has feelings for you as you do or you should move on with your life as there is no time to waste. How to tell if an awkward guy likes you tends to be more obvious than that of the self-confidence guys.

  1. He stares at you often: whenever you are around where he is, you will discover that he will be gazing at you more often, especially when you are not looking at his side. But whenever you look, and you almost lock eyes, he will take off his eyes in a swift noticeable way. When you remove your eyes from his side, he will continue staring at you in admiration, and when you look at his side again, he repeats the same thing. Know that he likes you and is interested in you, but he is not bold enough.

  2. He gets nervous: this attitude is more of shy guys when they are interested in a lady. On a good day when their crush is not around, they hardly get nervous. But in your presence, he gets queasy involuntarily that he cannot control himself. One way his body shows him up is that he will lose his cool and lose hold of whatever he is doing or holding. At times he might bury his face or be scratching his hair. When you get close to him, he gets fidgeting. This is the shy guy's weird behavior towards someone they are into.

  3. Stuttering: a shy guy gets exposed when you move close to him to have a conversation. His nervousness and fidgeting will make him do this uncontrollably. He may want to act cool and normal, but you will notice that his words are not spontaneous when he talks. He may even lack the right response to give and as a result of stammering utterances at your sight. This is one of the things that happen to shy guys if they are into ant lady.

  4. He gets silent at your presence: the best way to notice a shy guy who has feelings and intent for you but not bold to make it known is to sneak at him when he is with friends. He talks and communicates coherently without missing words. But when you are around, or he is around you, he promptly put an end to his subject of discussion and keeps mum. He does this because he doesn't want you to have a bad or negative impression of him. This is the way of telling you that lady. I like you but can't say it.

  5. He wants to be around you: one way of life of a shy guy is to be in the midst of friends. You hardly see them alone. He sees his friend's circle as his place of comfort. But when you and a shy guy are on talking terms, you will discover that he likes to be around you even if he has nothing to say or discuss with you. If there is a place you love frequently going, he will show up to see how you are doing there without inviting him. This is another sign to note.

  6. He chats with you online: to know a shy guy who is into you, he will always create that time to chat with you online. He will always want you to be online so that you can both chat. His chat will be spontaneous and coherent. A shy guy who feels for you finds it more convenient to have a chat online than physically because you are both not seeing, and his body language won't be giving him up.

  7. He acts jealous: shy guys are the ones who get jealous more often amidst the different types of guys, especially when it has to do with someone they are into. When you talk to other guys, try to notice the expression on his face and his reactions. You will notice that it will be that of jealousy, looking at the guy with envy, or pretending not to notice you. This is because they feel those guys might take their chance and snatch you away from him. When you observe this, be sure what he has for you is strong.

  8. He keeps a record of every detail of you: shy guys are good listeners. Any of your information you share with him, he keeps it accurately and doesn't expose them. He remembers every single bit of it, your memorable day, birthday, and all significant things about you. This should make a mark on you.

  9. He gives you a special name: in this aspect, shy guys are good at it. Though the word may not come out smoothly from him, he might be feeling withdrawn when using those nice and sweet names for you. The reason being that he doesn't know what your reactions could be, but once he notices that you don't object to it, he makes it a special name to call you. This is a way of expressing his affection for you.

These signs of shy guy into you are not limited to these. There are more signs they will display to you to show that they have feelings for you. The key thing is to note the way he acts around you and his body language expressions.

How to detect when a shy guy likes you

Shy guys are people with amazing personalities that you can easily relate to if you know more about their nature. They are the cool type of people, and when you initiate a conversation with them, you will be astounded at the level of their knowledge and exposure. In everything, shy people are always modest in doing and handle things, maybe because they fear being embarrassed or ridiculed. When it comes to decision making, you can be sure that people with a shy trait tend to be better off as they think before they leap.

They consider every movement before they step in. These attributes of shy people extend to when they are in a relationship. They seem to think over who their partner is before taking the relationship further. When it comes to calmness, shy people can maintain it. When offended, they easily get over it and move on with their life as they don't like finding themselves in an uproar. When looking for someone to bet your trust on, shy people fit in into it. Things can be committed into their hands, and you will have the assurance of being in able hands.

Some of these personalities of shy people extend to any type of union they find themselves. To conclude, that a shy guy likes you or not, it might seem kind of easy if they exhibit general traits. But for some, you have to dig deep to reach a definite conclusion with their type in looking for signals a shy guy likes you.

Signals a shy guy likes you that you should look out for in him.

Expressing your mind to someone you love doesn't come easy with most guys as a larger percentage of them fear being rejected by the lady they approach to express their intent. Even if the lady has been friends with you for a long time, you have a smooth conversation. Whenever you express your feelings of love and affection for her, your heart will skip you like it's about to fail. Before you know it, you have retreated to your normal state and put a halt to making your mind known to her. Why? Because you don't know what will come out of her mouth if it will meet her in a good state of mind or not. Maybe she will lambast or embarrass or accept your asking out.

If guys who are not shy can find themselves in this perplexity, how much less the shy ones. It takes great courage to express affection and love to the opposite gender for guys. The main reason guys are fond of securing a good connection with whom they are interested is to use their body language to communicate. If you are a lady who is observant and understands body language, you've helped him in turning the mountain into a valley.

As a lady you've been friends with this shy guy for a long time, you notice how close, cordial he has been towards you. You find him calm, cool, and reserved and possess the good quality to the core. From his action, you don't know why he is so close to you; you want to know the signs he is shy and likes you to know what to do. Or your experience is with a colleague at work or someone you do meet regularly at a particular place. From the way he behaves, you know it is not ordinary or normal. You have the impression that he is shy, but seeing him, you've got attracted to his personality and looking for signs a shy guy likes you at work or how to deal with a shy guy who likes you. You will be helped out to know the signals a shy guy likes you and how you will be able to deal with the situation to bring out good union for you both.

How to deal with a shy guy who likes you

Having ascertained that a shy guy truly likes you from how he behaves around you, you need to help him speak up by giving him the confidence to do that. In how to deal with a shy guy who likes you, you have to be proactive and sensitive.

  • You will need to be patient with him. Shy guys have the potential to treat you right as a lady. But to finally have him, you will need to exercise patience till he can come to it and express his mind.

  • Give him a smile whenever you are around him. This means a lot to shy guys and helps them get relieved, better, and less tense. Be sure of one thing that he is also looking for your interest. Your smile can be a catalyst to express his intent.

  • He will want to communicate with you too. Be a listening ear to him, be more concerned about him, show affection, encourage him, and give adequate advice. In doing this, he will find solace in you and finally open up about his feeling for you.

  • Don't act or play hard to get even when you get frustrated over his mixed signs of likeness for you. This might turn him off and be to the detriment.

  • Make close friends with him and let it be cordial so that he can free up himself. Get his opinion about various topics, even relationships, and hang out together.

  • When you noticed that the friendship is good, ask him out yourself. You can do this directly or indirectly. And never try to change him from who he is.

Shy guys are great people in relationships, no cheating or double dating; they have no much demand on ladies. But they find a way to make her happy once the lady can show herself as a true companion that can be confided in. Don't try to change him once you have him because that might break him. Let him be himself, and you will enjoy your union together.

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