Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back Fast and Fall in Love Again

Regardless of who broke things off in your relationship, it’s possible and normal to harbor feelings still for your ex-girl and finds yourself missing her greatly and acknowledging the important role that she played. Nobody is perfect in life and if you took her love and affection for granted and contributed to the deterioration of your relationship, what matters is owning up to your mistakes and fixing them.

Sometimes you never know the real value of what you have until you have lost it. Clearly, things have not been smooth for you ever since you went your separate ways. You may try to approach other girls worldwide, but you only see this girl in your mind. In other words, you come to realize that this one girl is your ride-or-die kind of woman that you introduce to your mother and recite your vows to.

You learn a person’s character mostly during negative seasons and tough times such as a breakup. If, for instance, your girl left you and you handled the situation like a gentleman without any immature behavior, women notice such things, and she definitely remembers that. Moreover, don’t forget that she is also human, and she must have those moments of weakness where she craves your company even if she may not send you drunken texts as guys do.

Best Thing to Do to Get Your Girlfriend Back after a Breakup

Trying to win your departed lover back may either work for you or against you, depending on your track record when you were together. Women take dating and relationships very seriously, and most times, when she loves, she goes all in with her whole heart. If, for instance, you were a serial cheat and abuser who took her love and forgiveness as weakness, even a million pounds of luck may be useless if her mind is bent on moving on.

The period after separation is confusing because you have these painful feelings of the heartbreak you underwent. Still, then you can’t help reminiscing about the passionate moments you shared at other times. It’s normal to find yourself missing the company of your ex and wallowing in loneliness during this period. It is a ripe time to seek atonement for the wrongs that you did and try to perch things up before she moves on with someone else.

5 Brilliant and Cute Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Back

When polishing your cupid armor and launching your bid to convince your lady to give you another chance, encourage yourself with the fact that you have succeeded in convincing her before. You have to swallow all your pride and put all negative energy aside because it is a new battle that requires fresh tactics. Instead of pursuing all the other tons of wonderful, single girls in the world, your heart says this is the one. Try the below tips:

Maintain friendship even after separating

When dating a girl, you should aim not only to be the guy that kisses her like crazy and rips off her clothes but also a good friend that she can share even the most sensitive details with. Even when you hit a challenge as a lover, your bond of friendship keeps you together. This bond should not be broken even if you decide to go your separate ways as a couple. Form a habit of checking on her without being all up in her business and appearing as nagging.

During a breakup, some people prefer to be left alone by their exes to focus on healing and move on. However, craft some clever ways of reaching her without spamming her inbox with text messages or making desperate calls every now and then. For instance, try tagging her on a random funny photo on Instagram or Facebook, and whether she comments or not, she has noticed it, and you definitely crossed her mind.

Remember important dates

Nothing impresses a girl than remembering things that mean a great deal to her. For instance, you parted ways in February, and her birthday is coming up in April. It is a great, natural opportunity for you to demonstrate your unconditional love and thoughtfulness towards her. Although you may not be able to throw her a party or visit her at home, a simple birthday text is guaranteed to score some major points with her.

Important dates can be anything of importance to her. If, for instance, you study in the same college and the end-of-semester exams are approaching, wishing her success in the upcoming exams is a good idea. Similarly, if she is part of a sports team or another hobby-group like dance or drama clubs and some competitions are approaching, drop an encouragement text for moral support. Although she may act like she isn’t impressed, deep down, she is bound to smile and appreciate the effort.

Indulge her in things she likes

One advantage that you have over other guys when trying to get your girl back is that you already know all her likes and dislikes. It’s like an exam, and you have the marking scheme. You know the kind of foods that turn her on and even what she is allergic to. It extends to stuff like music and movies, where you know the kind of genres and playlists that keep her up all night and those that she cannot stand.

Try and be creative when pulling this card so that she won’t feel like you are invading her private space, but make the offer too good to refuse. For instance, let’s say that she loves a certain musician crazily. Try creating a playlist of the best songs by that artist and share it via text or social media. Although she may act as your name is the last thing she expects to see right now, seeing her favorite artist’s name is guaranteed bait, and you get all the credit.

Apologize and mean it

Sorry is just one word, but it has so much power to stop families from breaking and even nations from going to war. Quite honestly, everybody pretty much screws up sometimes. The degree of sin may vary, but in the end, we are all sinners who fall from grace every now and then. No matter what you did to make your lady walk away, start with a humble apology. You may have to do this more than once to drive the point home.

You should avoid one trap, especially if you really like her is not trying to move on too fast after the breakup. She may be very angry with you but still considering giving you a second chance. If you were to start posting photos of you making out with random girls on Instagram, that is a surefire formula to screw up any chances of getting back together with your lady. You might realize this when it’s too late to take things slow and focus on her.

Be patient and persistent

Girls enjoy being chased and feeling adored and wanted. Separating from your lady is similar to being relegated from the premier league and having to fight afresh for a new chance. The worst mistake is thinking or feeling that she owes you any favors due to your shared history and expecting a smooth sailing back to her arms and her heart. It is a sure way to lose your woman to other preying men who have been eyeing her.

Remember that a girl is also considering other potential suitors during this period of separation and wondering how things might turn out if she chooses a new person over you. Your ego and pride are guaranteed suicide pills that will see you lose your treasure in such a competitive season. It’s, therefore, crucial to swallow your pride and be humble, and maybe she can decide that the great thing you had going on is worth saving.

Will I Get My Ex-Girlfriend Back and Feel Her Affection?

Sometimes, challenges are blessings in disguise that open our eyes to see things that evaded us all along. For instance, separating from your precious woman can serve as an eye-opener to show you her amazing value in your life. Second chances do not come often. But everything precious is worth fighting for. Most times, we tend to hurt the people we adore and love the most due to insecurities that make us say the wrong things and act foolishly. You should memorize the below tips:

  • Say sorry for your shortcomings; an apology goes a long way
  • Avoid repeating mistakes such as cheating
  • Demonstrate your love by remembering important dates or events
  • Treat her to some of her favorite things
  • Pursue her with zeal, patience, and persistence
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