How to Talk to Your Crush

Chances are, if you're reading this, we can assume you're one of the thousands of singles wanting to know how to talk to someone you have a crush on, both face to face and online, to get you the best results. Well, luckily, there are many different ways and methods to gauge what provides consistently favorable dating outcomes going forwards for your dating circumstances.

Whether you're the type of person who seemingly has it all from the outside, the confidence, the looks, the charisma, or you're the one who is more reserved, shying away from extroverted conversations with boisterous characters, much preferring intimate chats and connections with those you hold closest. It can sometimes be difficult to start a conversation with your crush and keep it flowing naturally, without being awkward!

Well, we say from "sometimes," for most of us, we mean all the time!

Before we dive into the important information, it's important to note the more experience you have chatting with crushes, the better you'll become at maintaining conversation and building a bond.

Regardless of the category you fall into, or whether you're treading the lines of both, it can be difficult to know the best way to talk to your crush, as well as the best things to say to captivate their attention for more than a couple minutes, inevitably prolonging your conversations making them keen for more in the days, weeks and ideally months that follow. There's nothing as disheartening as engaging in conversation with the hottie you've had your eyes on since before you can remember, only for the chat to be underwhelmingly placid and plain, never to happen again! Killer, we know.

Luckily, in today's technological age, with the emergence of the Internet, it's always possible to learn online how to get your crush to talk to you without leaving the house. You're all granted access to hundreds of videos, clips, and information detailing new successfully proven dating strategies, which can be viewed, tried, and tested unlimitedly at no cost! Save your time, though; our experts have compiled the best ways to increase your chances of success when chatting with your future partner!

How to Talk to Your Crush in Person

For arguments' sake, you're out and about shopping or enjoying your favorite leisure activities; there are no government restrictions preventing close social contact from taking place. How do you communicate with your crush face to face effectively and take things further?

Firstly, we need to assess our whole character image, internally and externally, to increase the likelihood your crush sticks around for a meaningful conversation rather than escaping through the nearest exit at the earliest opportunity.

For the most success on how to talk to your girl crush especially (although this works with men), oozing confidence in everything you do is the key and shouldn't be overlooked!

From your approach, everything from the way you speak to the length of eye contact you're making, instilling a feeling you're a confident, self-assured individual subconsciously drastically increases your chances of her sticking around whilst making it much easier to talk to your crush as you can direct the conversation anywhere. Remember, you're a confident, self-assured guy who knows how to get the courage to talk to your crush!

After filling ourselves up with a confidence boost, however real or fake, now's time to look the part externally for optimal crush dating results. We all know when we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good, great things happen, particularly in dating environments. So, looking our best is vital to making it easier to talk to our crush in a personal social environment or via ever-so-popular video chats!

To begin a conversation with your crush, keep the topic relevant and mutual so that you can both contribute at every stage, leading to a connection being built rather than immediately severed. For women, it's no use trying to stimulate men with a chat about beauty; the same goes for guys who only chat about their work or cars. Very unreliable, this will not get your crush to like you or want to talk to you again!

How to Talk to Your Crush Without Being Awkward

The best way to talk to your crush without it being awkward is to aim for topics that are likely to interest your crush rather than things you love, especially if you're chatting face to face where replies are constructed instantly. Granted, you're not looking to freeze yourself out, but allowing them to evolve conversation is the best method to ensure future conversations occur.

Ask Questions of Your Crush

The goal of looking like a social butterfly, preventing your chats from being awkward, can be achieved by asking questions of your crush on the spot, delving as deep into their personal life as possible without overstepping. The deeper the conversation, the higher likelihood of future dating success. After all, nobody wants to fall in love with someone they can't enjoy a stimulating chat with for more than three sentences. However, it's your prerogative to read your crush steering your questions towards avenues with a high probability of success.

Ask for Your Crushes Opinions

When engaging in conversation with your crush, online or in person, asking your crush's opinion on all manner of matters greatly reduces the chance things become awkward, regardless of what you're asking, within reason.

As they're opening up, offering insight into the way they think about any given situation, there's a little chance things take an awkward turn, not for us, anyway. With our crush positively diving deep into their minds, we can gauge a better understanding of them. If awkwardness does arise, we can easily steer the conversation in a new direction. The more they talk, the less chance of our nerves providing large obstacles to clear, sparing our blushes.

Talk About Pets

For men looking to chat to women, an age-old way to make your crush talk to you is by chatting about common interests and mutual life-events such as animals, pets particularly.

Pets are a fantastic conversation starter with your crush as the chat can take off rapidly. If they don't own one, it's likely they have done it previously, relating with stories from their departed beloved, or if they have one now, the snaps of their favorite animal normally offered. From there, the conversation begins to flow and can be switched when the time is right.

Ask About Their Past Dating Experiences

Again, you're striving to dig deep for as much information as possible. Asking about past dating experiences allows your crush to further open up whilst enabling us to see a picture of who they've been with, why it didn't work, and lots of other useful information you'd need if you begin dating.

If your crush has never had a serious relationship before, this is your perfect chance to show off your confidence and take the initiative!

Use Social Media to Chat with Your Crush

However obvious it may seem, online chats are the primary way to prevent awkward conversations with your crush, mainly because you're given ample time to reply rather than being required to fire-back immediate responses that often don't fit the conversation.

With more time to preside over what you're saying, you can create better responses, more stimulating and engaging for your crush; then they'll take time to construct a relevant, often witty reply elevating the conversation. In contrast, few people prefer to chat with their crush in person (the younger generation especially), opting to engage in conversations online through their smartphones, minimizing awkward dating exchanges for the duration of your dating activity.

If you're a reserved character who feels uncomfortable taking the lead in conversation with partners, being an active, engaged listener is equally rewarding, eliminating awkwardness when chatting with your crush. By sitting back, allowing them to set the pace, and you chip in when it feels right, you're gaining an abundance of relevant information, showing you're a good future partner who isn't overly obsessed with conversation topics relating to you. With online chats, if the worst happens and the conversation takes an awkward or negative turn, at least you weren't stood face to face with your rosy red cheeks on display.

After reading these effective and reliable tips, you're in a strong position to reach out to your crush and get new dating opportunities finally moving! On top of that, this guide can be viewed 24/7 if you forget how to talk to your crush properly or forget how to prevent awkward silences during conversations with your crush - just come back, and re-indulge the information!

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