How to Pick Up Girls with Ease

Finding the right girl can be a little difficult. How do you get them to spend time with you? Knowing how to pick up girls is not some innate knowledge that every person comes with. Instead, it is a skill developed over time and with practice.

Taking a look at the key elements of the pickup technique will guide you during your first attempts. You may not have the sheer good luck to get a date the first time, but every attempt will give you valuable experience for the future. We’ll provide you with tips to pick up chicks without being obvious about your goals!

Learning the tips for picking up women will not take long. You mostly must learn the way you appear to women and what parts of the event you have the power to control. With that said, several key aspects of chatting with ladies require you to know what to do during this personal, fluid situation. The following guidelines will provide a means of inserting yourself into a pickup situation to be as attractive as possible to partners.

Keys to Picking Up Women

Believe it or not, there are some tried and true tricks to picking up women. There are not key phrases or pickup lines that you can drop to make a woman love you, though. You will need to be highly self-aware and know how to put your best foot forward. If you believe you are capable of doing those things, then adhere to this list of essentials to find success with getting dates.

Look the Part

First, you must look the part. Many guys have developed this ridiculous notion that you must “peacock” or wear ridiculous outfits to get noticed by women. The fact is you must look the right way to attract a specific kind of woman. One outfit is not a catch-all for every type of woman that you have met. For example, wearing a three-piece suit in a country bar will not aid your cause in getting a country gal. A suit in a New York City bar will go far, though, and may aid the assumption that you are well-to-do.

Do’s and Don’ts of Approaching

After choosing the proper clothes for the event, you should start to make your approach. We will detail this in the next section, but you must learn how to act when moving into a woman’s personal space. Look at these suggestions.


  • Wait for her friends to leave or come into the conversation that has ended.
  • Be confident with your approach; do not linger on the periphery because it will look creepy.
  • Introduce yourself. Make sure to obtain her name as well.
  • Walk away if you sense that she is not willing to accept your company.


  • Do not intrude in her conversation.
  • Refuse to leave when she is clearly not interested. That ruins your chance with her and others at the location.
  • Do not attempt another conversation after failure. The moment has passed, and there are other fish in the sea.

Be Confident

Most guys have a major problem being confident because they conflate it with cockiness. If you stroll up to a woman and act cocky, like her talking to you is a foregone conclusion, then you are in for a bad experience. Instead, you should be willing to talk to her, look her in the eye, and show that you are her equal in conversation. Women like guys that are confident without being overbearing jerks.

What does confidence look like? Check out these ideas:

  • look in her eyes when she speaks;
  • sit down next to her;
  • think of answers for a moment before answering;
  • when she compliments you, thank her instead of acting as you’ve never been complimented before;
  • follow up with your desires for her by asking her to join you at home;
  • call or text her to see if she’s still interested in a few days.

Stand up for yourself without being brash, and the woman will appreciate you far more.

Always Be Yourself

In their desperation for a partner, some guys will act like the man they believe their partner wants rather than themselves. If you plan to spend a single night with this woman, then embellishing is not too significant. Guys developing a relationship must remember that their true nature will emerge in time.

Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

Another element of picking up ladies is that you can’t overstay your welcome. You are going into this situation with a set of goals in mind. You are trying to get the lady to spend time with you that evening, looking for a date, or just having some flirty fun. Either way, if you do not accomplish this goal in a specific amount of time, then you must move on. Ideally, you should get up and leave before the conversation drags or you get bored.

Best Way to Chat Up a Girl

Knowing the way to pick up girls anywhere is different from the communication skills required to speak to a woman. Fortunately, learning the methods to chat with women is simple, and you can practice these skills on anyone. Before long, you will be an incredibly talented conversationalist.

Approach and Make Your Move

Approaching the lady of your choice requires you to exercise a fair amount of restraint. It can be tempting for you to start spouting nonsense to the woman. In reality, the only thing you need to focus on when you approach is getting her to agree to spend a bit of time with you, getting her name, and giving her yours. You need a way to open up the conversation.

Do not use a pickup line; they were outdated before you were even born. Instead, focus on your opener. Take a few breaths before saying anything, relax, and leave no room for her to misinterpret your interest in her. Ask her if she would mind sitting with you while you and chat over some drinks. Offer to buy the first round, too. If she says yes, then introduce yourself. If all has gone well, you can move on to the next section, continuing the conversation.

Try to Be Funny

Having a sense of humor is the greatest gift for men seeking attention from women. Ladies love to laugh, and they love the men that can make them crack up. You might have to spend time figuring out the kind of personality she has, but you could always make a few jokes and see how she responds to them. Don’t make jokes at her expense, though, and keep them all PG-13.

Show off Your Best Side

Be the best version of yourself. Don’t tell her stories that show you in a bad light. She wants to believe that an interesting, intelligent, and attractive man just approached her at the bar. Don’t say anything that seems pathetic, even if it is true. Instead, focus on the good things about your life, any skills you have, and the most interesting elements of your life. Have you traveled a lot? Are you attending a prestigious college? Do you have some rare form of knowledge? Now is the time to shine!

Pay Attention to Her

Once you have gained her trust, it’s essential that you pay attention to her. Make her feel like the center of your world. Look her in the eyes when she speaks, laugh at her jokes, and smile to be assuring. She will continue to tell you more and more about her life or whatever subject the two of you are talking about. Guys make the mistake of thinking that her agreeing to have a drink with them seals the deal. That is definitely not true, though. You should spend time having a fun and interesting conversation while flirting a little to see if you have enough in common to move to the next step and depart together.

Feel Free to Compliment Her

You need to compliment her when you’re talking. This can make her feel better about herself and become more attracted to you as a person, but it will also help her solve the mystery of why you approached her in the first place. Do not kiss up to her, but make sure she knows what you appreciate about keeping her company.

With these concepts in mind, you will know exactly how to chat with a woman while partaking in a fun conversation.

Picking up women can be a rather difficult process for some people. Fortunately, using the guidelines contained in this article, any guy can make a good approach. Look good, act right, and pay attention—these three aspects of getting a woman’s attention can help you more than a handbook on pickup lines and peacocking.

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