Discover How to Know If a Girl Wants to Date You

The Girl is Shy around You

Those butterflies in your stomach when you see an attractive girl are also applicable to women. Girls are more sensitive than men, so their sensations are higher. A woman who is unusually shy around you is a hint she feels some way towards you. Another sign of shyness in girls is the failure to make eye contact while conversing with a potential partner. These are signs that are easily noticeable when a man is keen enough.

Occasional Presents

Gifting people shows you care, and women are better at this than men. A girl deeply in love with a man she sees a future with will buy him gifts for no reason. It's not on a special occasion like a birthday or a job promotion. Girls will buy gifts on a random day because their man has to be loved and appreciated. If a girl goes to great lengths to make it a surprise, she wants that moment to be precious and magical. It is a very strong love language, and girls like expressing their love this way to men in their relationships.

Women Striking Interest in Daily Activities

A woman intending to be in a relationship with you will be interested in the stuff keeping you busy throughout the day. It may be your work or hobbies, but she will start asking questions and gaining more interest. Girls know by 'faking' interest, your admiration towards her will increase. A woman can take part in your hobbies like swimming, watching sports, and cycling to be closer and forge a bond.

She Is Attentive to Your Needs

Unlike men, women are naturally loving and caring. If she has intentions of dating you, her caring efforts will shoot up the roof. Girls will pay attention to your needs and try to help you be satisfied and happy. The girl will listen to your future dreams and nurture you because she sees a future with you. Women are born nurturers and caregivers. Your dream is like her dream, and this selfless nature makes women better lovers than men. True love and relationships are hard to find, so watch for such a sign to avoid missing out on a good girl.

Cute Girly Nicknames

The beginning of most relationships is the man and woman having cute nicknames. The nicknames are not to be used by friends; they're exclusive. It's usually a sign a girl is ready for a relationship when she brings up the cute nicknames. She will blush when using that nickname. So when a girl starts suggesting cute nicknames, better start preparing for a relationship.

Replies to Social Media Posts

In modern-day dating, relationships and social media are inseparable. Fresh and young couples want to show off on social media. Similarly, a girl may start 'marking' her territory by replying to your social media posts. She will ask your social media usernames, follows you, and bam! A new follower is commenting on your posts every day. When a girl starts tagging you on her posts, it means she stake on you.

Regular Inquiries on Friends and Family

A girl interested in a relationship with you will enquire about your friends and family. She cannot wait to have a good impression of them. We seek approval from people close to us. Men and women are usually concerned about what close friends and family think of their partners. Girls know it's best to integrate with their loved ones. Constantly asking about them is an indication of needing approval. And it is a sign of intent from the girl that she wants a relationship with you.

How to Know If a Woman Is into You – Useful Signs

Girls usually say that men have a hard time identifying cues or signs of interest from them. Men are wired to do the courting and wooing to have a relationship. Men tend to forget a woman they're courting may also be interested in a relationship. Look out for these signs to identify when a woman has a crush on you.

Body Language

Non-verbal cues can indicate whether a girl is interested in you and a relationship. Notice her behavior while having a conversation. A woman sitting with her arms and legs crossed is a sign of nervousness or lack of interest. Psychologists say our body postures show how freely we feel around a person. If a girl stands close to you, unloosens a button, flips her hair, it's a positive sign. Watch body language closely to pick these non-verbal cues from women.

Eye Contact

As stated earlier, girls are naturally shy and usually blush when making eye contact with a man they want for a relationship. Nervousness makes a woman wait for a man to make the first move. Glance her way regularly and hope to catch her staring back. It's a sign of a woman's admiration and desire for you.

Physical Contact

Girls have subtle ways of making physical contact with a man they fancy to have a relationship with. Some are shy and refrain, but most are good at it. She can rest her head on your shoulder, place her hand on your knee, or rub her hands against yours. These are subtle ways of flirting that girls take part in. A man may initiate the contact due to the girl shying away from making the first move.

She Is Copying Your Moves

We imitate what we secretly admire. A woman imitating your moves is a sign that she likes you. A girl can imitate your movements, talking accent, and posture. It is her subconsciously relaying the message she likes you and wants a relationship.

Deep Conversations

A woman crushing on you develops an interest in knowing you at a deeper level. She doesn't want to chat about pop culture, trending, or funny topics. Her preferences shift to understanding you. Serious topics like beliefs, friends & family, and future plans aren't afraid of opening up herself. A deep conversation on life, beliefs, and a family indicates deeper interests like a serious relationship. Men don't like to open up on such issues, but it's worth it with a woman who loves and appreciates you.

Quick Responses

A girl ready for a relationship has no time for playing mind games. She responds to messages without hesitation. You may realize she's more interested in the conversation and is keeping it alive. It is her showing you interest in a relationship and your value to her. Don't play mind games, instead reciprocate by responding fast. Communication is a key to women, and it has a calming reassurance to them.

She tells you and Her Girlfriends

Some women will tell you that they are attracted to you. Others will be more subtle and use their girlfriends to relay the message of wanting a relationship. Her friends will warm up to you and maybe point out how happy you make her. That is a girl giving hints she is ready for a relationship. Girls can even bring the issue of being exclusive and ask about your dating life. Be positive towards her friends and point qualities in her you like.


Flirting is fundamental because it signals attraction while opening the door to check for mutual attraction. It's a sign language used by girls and men alike to say, 'I'm sexually attracted to you.' Biting lips, flipping hair, and other sub-conscious actions are a pointer of a woman's admiration. Other flirtatious actions might not be in a subtle way. Women use flirting with gauging if a man is interested in a relationship (an interested man would flirt back), fun, and encouraging men to take charge. For some women, it's merely relational and has no sexual value at all, but it's still a pointer of a girl who likes you.

Check out these signs in a woman which signal her undying love and craving for a relationship. If her stand on a relationship with you is uncertain, it's better to ask and clear it up. Freely express your feelings, and that switch will be flipped. Remember that if a girl is interested in a relationship with you, she won't be vested in playing games.

Pay Attention to Unmissable Signs that a Girl Wants a Relationship

Relationships today are somewhat tricky because people are afraid of commitment and prefer casual, shallow relationships. It keeps the possibility of meeting other people open. At times, this hesitation is due to the uncertainty of whether they're likable. Both the man and woman might be ready for a life together, but they don't know. Look for these signs to know if a woman is ready for a relationship and a commitment.

Spending More Together

Adult life is a busy affair, but we find time for our loved ones. She might request to meet for coffee or use a break at work to see you. It's a pointer of how valuable your company is. Reciprocity at this stage is important. If she doesn't get the same energy and vibes, she might walk away. Don' ruin your chances of a perfect relationship by not prioritizing her time.

Done with Her Ex

The average adult has a good number of exes. Nowadays, it's common for a relationship to end because of an ex who's in the picture prematurely. A woman consistently nagging about her ex is a red flag and should be avoided. No man wants a girl in love with a man from a previous relationship because chances are they might start messing around. Moving on from an ex doesn't necessarily mean he is her mortal enemy. It's having no unresolved issues or underlying problems from the previous relationship. For instance, you cannot expect a woman out of a 2-year relationship to be ready for a serious relationship in a month. Time is a healer, and she needs it. Talking positively about him is a sign of zero attachment and readiness for a committed relationship.

She Is Happy

Happiness comes from within, and for a happy relationship, both the man and woman have to be happy together. A woman happy with herself is confident in her own skin, and has no underlying self-esteem issues. Choosing a happy woman guarantees a good relationship because she is happy and content on her own. No one is responsible for your happiness. You don't want a girl who is complaining every day or is demeaning towards themselves.

Examine Her Relationships

It isn't about her past relationships; it's her connection with friends, family, and even colleagues. Getting along with those closest to her shows she is a great person. A noble argument or disagreement with them shouldn't put you off; arguments are common and a fundamental human aspect.

Seeking Your Opinion

A woman asking your opinion on personal matters in her life shows she values your input. It might be a sign that the woman is ready for a relationship. A girl might even take your side when there is a difference in opinions when hanging out with friends. Ask for her opinion about relationships. It is a smooth tactic because the conversation may lead to you two.

The Magical L Word

Let's face it; the magical L-word is an ice breaker. When a woman says she loves you, she isn't messing around. You have no business going after other women because you already found the one. Say the magical word back and watch the girl's eyes dilate with love. Men are hesitant to say it because of the fear of commitment to girls and serious relationships. Don't miss out on a good girl due to stubbornness; open your heart and feelings.

Asking about Dating Apps

The popularity of dating sites and apps means the average adult is registered in at least one. A woman inquiring about them wants to know if you're still messing around or want a relationship with her. Drop your other women and delete that dating site. She might suggest you delete the apps together. It's time to start a new relationship together.

She Is a Jealous Girl

A jealous girl wants you to herself. She is intimidated by your friends and past lovers. Notice her reaction and attitude when you're around other women. Men are known to play the jealousy card and bag a cute girl who never wanted them first. It's not a bad thing, just her trying to set boundaries and make you inaccessible to other women.

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