Cute Ideas to Ask a Girl Out

There are a lot of good reasons to look for cute was you ask your crush out. It’s natural to fear rejection. Even if you don’t fear it, it is, at the very least, awkward. Awkward for everybody. If you can think of some cute ways to ask a girl on a first date, it lightens the mood. It makes it easier for her to feel comfortable to say no (which might hurt for you, but it’s important that she feels free to have that option), and it shows her that you’re not taking it too seriously. If you’re serious when you ask your crush out, you might come off as desperate. And that’s no good.

So, what are some cute ways to ask her out? Let’s quickly go over some cute ask outs:

Creative Ways to Ask for a Date

In the past ten years or so, teens have popularized the “promposal”. We have all seen viral videos of really creative kids going all out with extravagant and/or funny promposal. They’re great fun, but don’t let these videos influence you too much. There are many benefits to being creative, but you can’t be too dramatic with it. It’s just a first date; if you go too big, you could scare her (or him) off.

Clever Ways to Ask a Girl on a Date

The real benefit of asking a girl out in a cute or clever way is not improving her chances of saying yes. A girl wants to go out with you, or she doesn’t; how you ask is unlikely to change that. However, if you ask her out in a clever way, she might be impressed and be more excited about your first date. This could be as simple as sending her a text when you’re in the same room with her (a library, a study hall, a break room, etc.) and telling her to look to her left or right, and you hold up a piece of paper asking her on a date on a certain day. You could write a poem for her. Poems are romantic, but it would best to keep your poem short, cute, and funny. Something like a haiku or a limerick should work well. Then there’s the note. Do not pass her a note saying, “Will you go out with me? Yes / No”. That’s childish, and even if you want to show off your boyish charm, that’s not the way to do it. Too many guys use a note because they’re afraid of rejection, and you don’t want to seem afraid. However, if you’ve studied some magic tricks or sleight-of-hand, a note could work. Like, depositing a note in her coat pocket without her noticing while you’re doing the trick would be pretty impressive.

Best Way to Ask a Girl Out Online

The ways you can and cannot ask a girl out online are different from in-person or on a phone call. If you’re in high school or university, it probably seems normal for you to ask out somebody online. If you’re in your fifties, it probably seems like an impersonal and not-at-all romantic way to ask someone out. But lots of people ask each other out online every day, so if that’s what you want to do, how should you do it? Several social medial platforms allow you to post pictures or short videos as stories that expire after a certain amount of time or that can be sent directly to a person. A clever way to ask a girl out online might be too, instead of sending her a video, picture, or story directly asking her out, make a story that seems public but that is actually only visible to her. If she happens to check it, then she’ll know you’re asking her out on a date. (You might have to try this more than once though because there’s no guarantee that she will see it.) Some sites help you build crossword puzzles or word searches. If you think your crush might like these kinds of puzzles, you can send them one where the answers or hidden clue ask her out on a date.

Best Way to Ask a Girl Out with Online Dating

And then, of course, there are dating apps. If you’re looking to date somebody—and you’re old enough to be using dating apps—then you should be trying them out. But dating apps are not for everybody. You will meet people who “ghost” you (disappear without a notice), you will make plans with people who will then cancel them, and you will probably meet some rude people (especially if you’re a woman seeking a man). But many people have met great partners using online dating. Some girls will openly solicit cheesy pick-up lines and dad jokes in their bios. Some people appreciate that “so-lame-it’s-funny” type of humour. If your crush states something like this in their bio or you get that vibe from them while messaging them, then go ahead. There is no shortage of lists of humorously lame pick-up lines online. But whatever you do, keep it clean. Enough rude guys are sending dirty pick-up lines out there online, don’t be one of them.

Romantic Ways to Ask Someone Out

So far, we’ve focused on cute, creative ways to ask a girl out. While these creative ways to ask for a date can be very charming and effective, they’re often not particularly romantic. But maybe you’re a romantic, and you don’t want cute ways to ask a girl to date you but rather a way to ask her out that displays your feeling for her. What should you do then? How to ask a girl out romantically?

Romantic Ways to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

It’s important to note that romance is really just what you make of it at the end of the day. We all have different notions of romance. Hollywood tells us that the best first kiss is in the pouring rain, often following a passionate argument. But you’re not Ross, she’s not Rachel, and this isn’t Friends; it’s real life. So, how do you be romantic in real life? Moreover, what are some romantic ways to ask someone out? Well, one thing that’s always romantic is flowers.

Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out with Flowers – In Person

Flowers can be romantic and cute. You can rarely go wrong with flowers. The only potential pitfall here is if you come off too seriously. You’re asking a girl out on a date, not being your girlfriend or marrying you, so you don’t want to go overboard. A full bouquet of red roses, while traditional, might be a bit much. A mixture or half a bouquet might be a better bet. And the type of flowers matters, too. For example, chrysanthemums are traditionally associated with condolences and death, so those are probably not a great choice. As for how you give the flowers to her, what can you do? Not that much, to be honest. The flowers are the gimmick here, themselves. Unless, as discussed earlier, you know some magic tricks. If you think she might be the kind of person to get a chuckle out of producing flowers out of your sleeve, then ask her out that way.

Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out with Flowers – Via Delivery

Maybe you can’t or don’t want to give the flowers to her directly but would rather send the flowers to her by delivery; that can work, too! Of course, the cuteness with the delivery of flowers will have to do with the card. Flowers are inherently romantic, but why are you sending her flowers? Is there an occasion beyond asking her out on a date? If you can find a cute excuse to send her flowers, that’s the best way. Something like, “Congratulations on beating [her favourite video game], let’s celebrate with drinks and dinner next Friday?”.

Maybe she just achieved a 100-day streak on Duolingo, or she just got an A on an algebra test, or she just completed a marathon. Be careful, though. This gambit doesn’t work for serious accomplishments. You don’t want to reduce her brand-new promotion or get a university diploma to go on a first date. Those are big accomplishments, and if you want to congratulate her on them, go for it, but do not use them as an excuse to ask her out.

Creative Ways to Ask a Girl on Date – Know Her Interests

Does your crush like a certain band or musician that you also like? Then a great first date would be two tickets to a concert. Or if you know she likes a certain genre of music; you can take her to a club, bar, or venue where they regularly play that type of music.

Creative Ways to Ask a Girl on Date – Pick a Specific Time and Place

Creativity is great, but confidence and often directness are even better. You can rack your brain thinking of really cute ways to ask a girl out, but sometimes you need to be clear. Make sure she knows it’s a date, don’t try to be coy and play it off as it might just be two friends hanging out. Ask her if she wants to go to that new bar in your city next Thursday after work, or something to that effect. If she says she can’t, ask her if a different day is better or if she’s just not interested. If she says the later, tell her it’s no problem and let you know if she changes her mind and wishes her a good day. You might be deeply disappointed but crying, and protesting won’t help. It’s a cliché, but there is plenty of other fish in the sea. Once you’ve gone on several dates with different people and been rejected, you’ll learn it’s not that big of a deal. The stakes aren’t that high.

Creative Ways to Ask a Girl on Date – Try to Work it into a Conversation

When you know there’s a girl you want to ask out; you don’t need to study romantic ways to ask somebody out or think of really cute ways to ask a girl. If you’re a romantic person or a cute person, that will show in your personality. If she mentions that she likes Thai food, why not ask her if she wants to go with you to a Thai restaurant you know next Tuesday. If you can seamlessly pivot from something in a conversation to a cute ask out or just a plain ask out even, she might at least be impressed by your evident lack of nerves. If she says no thanks, just play it off like it’s not a big deal because it isn’t. Dating is supposed to be fun, and you can have lots of fun on lots of dates with different people. So don’t waste any more time trying to think of the perfect, cute way to ask your crush out; go for it!

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