Learn How to Flirt with Girls Over Text and Be Cool

If you never seem to thrive when it comes to flirting via text, you are definitely violating one of the supreme rules you ought to follow to do so. Check out what those rules are here and why you need to adapt them to a tee if you want to end up with the girl of your dreams. First off, learn to be patient. This is a very important law to obey while flirting via text messages. Unfortunately, a lot of guys struggle to pursue it. This is mainly because guys get anxious and restless when a girl fails to respond to them right away. They fear that they may have done something inappropriate or that the girl isn't interested in them. Because of this, they end up bombarding the girl with text after text after text, each of which looks more desperate and makes them look like more of a stalker than a suitor. If you don't want that to happen, be careful. This way, you won't give her any control over you; you won't look desperate and needy, and you won't lower your worth in her eyes.

Pink Power – How to Flirt Girl to Girl Over Text

When flirting by text, the hardest thing is checking to see if the girl that your text will eventually text you back. If you have already sent her a couple of flirty messages but haven't received responses from her yet, you may be thinking about what went wrong and why she won't respond to you. The even bigger question, what are you going to do with it?

Okay, first and foremost, you have to cool down if a girl isn't replying to you when it comes to flirting by text. Overall, there might be multiple factors behind her silence. She might be busy studying, for example, or she might be spending time with her family. Chill out and wait.

Texting is usually all about persistence. While some girls might respond right away, others may not reply for days. Then there are those girls who like playing games with male minds, but they delay responding only to keep you on your toes.

Anyway, thinking about it won't help if you want to keep flirting by text later on. Sending her more messages won't help, either, as this will only make you appear annoying, which will make you seem weird and desperate at the same time.

If waiting is stressing you out, then try to keep yourself occupied with other things right now. Play some video games, spend some time with your friends, sleep or text some other girls. No matter what, however, steer clear of your phone and stop worrying about her silence.

Now, it might be possible that she may have already read your text message and just deleted it. She may have found your text lacking in the charm department, or you might have got her in a bad mood. You'll never know. That's the thing with texting. You won't get any clues on whatever it is you did wrong. You just need to find out what works with the girl you are now texting and then stick to it.

How to Flirt with A Black Girl Over Text – 5 Tips

Are you clueless when it comes to learning how to text-flirt with a black girl? Would you have trouble thinking about something to say that would hold her attention? Would you like some tips on flirting over text? Texting has been the networking medium of choice for many people today. It has almost substituted phone calls for people under the age of 35. But as with any form of flirtation, text flirting takes skills that don't come easily to everybody.

When you get thumb-tied, try these 5 tips on how to text flirt with a black girl:

  • Keep it quick – The first rule on how to flirt with a black girl over text is to keep the text messages quick and nice. Text messaging is not structured to send lengthy, comprehensive narratives. The shorter you keep the note, the longer you'll keep her attention. Several short texts perform better than one unnecessarily long message that she stops reading halfway through.

  • Keep it bright – The second rule is to be quick on your feet. Text messaging isn't the perfect medium for learning about philosophy or the fate of the Western world. Give punchy messages that are light-hearted and sometimes sarcastic. No knock-knock jokes, please, but use your own weird world view to send messages that would make her smile or laugh.

  • Keep things running – The third rule is to use tactics to keep the conversation running. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by posing questions that require more than a basic yes or no. Engage her in some quizzing back and forth. You'll have her attention, and you'll both learn more about each other in the process. You could also play word games to keep the enjoyable, imaginative juices going - but only if you're both a bit geeky.

  • Keep it positive – The fourth rule is to spread optimistic feelings. A text message is a great way to compliment a black girl, so she knows you can't see her blush! Don't be gushy, but feel free to tell her that you enjoyed the dress she chose today or her new haircut. Never attempt to use text messages to argue a point — or to argue, period. Everything you text is frozen in stone - well, at least electronically. You don't want her going through your texts, again and again, wondering if she felt she ever loved such a jerk.

  • Keep it tidy – The fifth rule is to avoid being vulgar. You may have the best dirty joke in the world, but sometimes things don't translate well when they're in stark black and white on a screen, without the benefit of your laughing, innocent look! Also, see the last rule above. You don't want the pictures of your six-pack to be saved forever - do you?

How to Flirt with a Stranger Girl On Text – 10 Tips

You finally got the hot girl's number, now what? Do you know how to flirt with stranger girls by texting? It helps to get an idea of what kind of sense of humor she has, and it can't hurt to know how amenable she'll be to some naughty innuendo. If you don't know this stuff, it can be easy to say the wrong thing and totally turn her off while text flirting.

Keep the following 10 tips in mind if you want to flirt with a stranger girl with some degree of success:

  • Keep It Short – Keeping it short and easy is your best bet because text flirting shouldn't belong to conversations. Two to three sentences max.

  • Limit the Needless – Simplicity of the humor and pithy questions would be more likely to elicit replies. Long, drawn-out questions might result in her tuning out.

  • Offer Her a Reason to React – Repetitive and simple questions like "How are you?" just make her feel like she needs to answer to be polite. This sounds like work as much as the end product of flirtation shouldn't feel like practice, either should the flirting part itself.

  • Move Up – Often be the one who knows when and where to go. She may consider this kind of take-charge attitude a prelude to the same kind of thing in a more intimate environment.

  • Keep Her Wondering – You don't want to flirt with girls at the same time daily, in the same manner. And don't respond to messages automatically as though you had nothing else to do.

  • Don't Be Dull – Do fun stuff in your life, so when she asks what you're doing, you have something more important to say than "nothing."

  • Patience is a Virtue – If she doesn't respond right away, don't send repeated messages asking for a response. Take a break. Text flirting shouldn't be uncomfortable or full of pressure.

  • Try New Stuff – If you try something and it doesn't work, try something different. Learn from your mistakes.

  • Show Off the Goods – How would you sell yourself to her if she doesn't know what she's buying? To flirt with women, they need to see what they're getting. And no, I don't mean below-the-belt shots, but more fascinating and enjoyable photos of you out and about, doing your fun and interesting stuff.

  • No Laws – All that was just said was recommendations, not laws. Be ready to go with the flow and see what works for her. Each woman is different, and so is the relationship you create with her.

Know that something spoken in person with a certain facial expression or tone of voice doesn't necessarily translate well when text flirting. Keep that in mind, along with knowing that text flirting should be secondary to in-person contact!

Here Is How to Flirt with a Girl On Chat with Example

Knowing the art of flirting over text messages that really work with women is extremely crucial if you want to excel in the dating world in the long run. After all, the right kinds of flirting text messages will make women feel unique and can, in turn, make them want to see you again as soon as possible.

Here are 5 tips on how to come up with the sort of flirting text messages that women love:

  • Write brief messages – The majority of men prefer to use up all of the characters of their text messages while messaging a woman, so it would probably be more effective to limit your texts to 20 characters at most if you want to win a woman over.

  • Do not be too sweet – Nice guys really do finish last, particularly in the texting department. This is why women find good guys extremely dull.

  • Tease her with mixed messages – You should never make a woman feel like she has power over you. If you accidentally send a compliment her way, take it back after you've noticed you've made an error. When you say, "You're a ton of fun," you should take it back by adding, "...except when you dance. That's just embarrassing."

  • Be sure she can relate to your texts – Care about it. When a woman asks you what you did last night, and you just tell her that you went to the cinema, she really won't have anything to focus on from there. Instead, say something like, "I actually saw this movie that reminded me of you." This would certainly make her respond right away. When she does, have a witty comment ready, and you are likely to get her more attracted to you in no time.

  • Be flirty, playful, and enjoyable – As described earlier, women will lose interest in men when they get bored - and they lose interest quickly. Make sure you are flirty, playful, and fun in all of your messages to the girl you want.

Use the 5 tips above with all of your flirting text messages, and you are likely to see replies from the girl you want in a moment. Plus, the days will get booked up with dates before you know it. Yeah, knowing what girls want to hear and read from men will quickly open the doors to you dating beautiful women like never before.

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