Funny and Unique Get to Know You Questions

Let’s say you just moved to a new neighborhood, school, or workplace. Suddenly, you start interacting with tons of new faces in your day-to-day activities, and naturally, you find yourself wanting to know some people deeper. It could be that lady at the library who smiles like the sun is about to come up or that cool doorkeeper guy at your flat who always treats you with so much kindness. Whichever the case, it’s not easy to get to know someone. It might take a little bit of creativity from the normal to break the ice and get you started.

In our day-to-day interactions, we face tons of opportunities to ask one form of a question or another. Whether it’s asking for directions to somewhere or the price of an item at the shop, questions are part of our daily vocabulary. However, when you want to know someone better and even become friends with them, you have to choose ideal questions that will switch the conversation from just casual to friendly. This isn’t a walk in the park because you might go for a funny question and the other person misses it.

Games to Play and Get to Know Someone Better

Language has many fun things that you can use in your quest to know a person better. Whether it’s twisting words in a hilarious way to create a joke or playing word games with the other person, there are tons of ways that you can engage each other’s creativity, humor, and intellectual ability. When confronted with a challenge, most people’s competitive side springs up, and they start doing everything in their power to outsmart you. Whether you are engaging in a debate or a game, they will want to beat you.

Various games exist that can help you diffuse the tension with someone you just met and feel comfortable around each other. The choice of which one to go with ultimately depends on the person you are trying to get to know better. What works for a girl you have a crush on may not work on a college professor you sat next to on your flight back home. You also need to test the other person’s adventurousness to establish just how far you can go with the games.

Cool Games to Play and Get Acquainted

Beer games

Arguably one of the most common ice breakers, beer games allow you to pose a challenge to a person you just met in a club, and the loser buys the winner a beer. You can make your own rules like decide to ask each other the capital cities of popular countries and whoever misses buys a beer or a shot of tequila.

Would you rather

In this game, usually, someone is asked a question with a pair of contrasting options to choose from. For example, would rather… have coffee or beer? Watch investigative or horror movies? Date your celebrity crush or get magical powers? These are fun questions that can add so much fun to your conversation and help you know each other better.

Truth or dare

In movies, the game of truth or dare sometimes takes crazy twists and ends up with evil and scary outcomes making some people fear it. However, in real life, you can indulge your friends in a round of this game to sort of getting to know their darkest secrets and hidden personalities. You simply pose the question and depending on what the other person picks, and you can dare them to do something or ask for some truth.

Funny Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone Well

Humor is the best secret when trying to create a friendly atmosphere with someone you just met. If you can get someone to laugh deeply from the heart, you can get them to do almost anything. When it comes to the art of comedy, it’s not just a matter of the words that you decide to use but also how you deliver the question or joke accompanied with visual effects like facial expressions. Funny emoji’s in the case of texts. People have lots of challenges to deal with daily, so a hearty laugh is always appreciated.

When delivering a funny question, you must be very careful because a bad joke does not sit well with most people. For instance, avoid offensive topics such as religion, political affiliations, and sexual orientation. People tend to take a hard line in these matters, and what started as a joke can turn ugly. The best idea is to focus on common life issues that affect every human being regardless of their beliefs, background, faith, gender, sexuality, etc. This way, you can create an environment that is mutually comfortable for all.

Funny Questions to Leave the Other Person in Stitches

The following questions can break the silence with someone you are trying to have a conversation with and crack their ribs without a doubt:

What’s the most inappropriate place that you have ever farted?

Surely this may not seem like the best line to create a conversation, but it has some hilarious weight in it. Imagine if a stranger you met on a plane trip asked you this, and they went on to confess their weak moment happened in church or a buffet?

Do you know that presidents pee through their fingers?

Asking such a stupid question with a straight face can bring a mixture of confusion and fun to the next person. Their active mind will tell that this is a ridiculous, impossible idea. However, looking at your straight face will make them try to think it through, making it sound more funny and stupid on their part.

Have you ever threw out some trash and accidentally hit someone and run?

This is a definite possibility where you may have tried to throw some trash like avocado seeds from your 7th-floor apartment only to hear someone cursing loudly downstairs. Although they may not outright confess to their crimes, they will, without doubt, reflect on such memories and find them funny.

Have you been busted in the act somewhere inappropriate?

Everyone has some wild side, and this sometimes leads us to some very inappropriate situations. For instance, you might act in the heat of the moment with your girlfriend or boyfriend in a park, where such behavior is not allowed for you to get busted by guards. Such a question can awaken wild memories in person.

Weird Questions to Get to Know Someone Deeply

Normal can get boring at times. Sometimes weird does it because it comes out as unique, original, and refreshing. This could be why most geniuses are weirdoes who seem to see the world through a different lens from the rest of us. Such people tend towards introverted and anti-social behavior, and even if such a person was to hit on you, it would be somewhat different from what you are used to. Sometimes you can encounter a person who asks you a very weird question that you are not accustomed to, and you take a minute or two to think before answering.

When trying to make friends, you can, however, use weird questions to your advantage. The idea here is to instill the surprise element that will capture the other person unawares and immediately grab their attention. You don’t necessarily need to have a super high IQ to pull this off, but you have to be very sharp to get the desired outcome and not appear like a psycho. You also need to judge your audience appropriately because shooting weird questions to strangers can land you in serious trouble.

Examples of Weird Get to Know You Questions to Elicit Interest in People

Have you dated someone who farts excessively at night?

Although it’s none of your business, the kind of people someone has dated, asking such a question, presents you as a wild thinker who can ask any question. This may paint them as a weird but funny, interesting person.

Would you wish to be a vampire for a day?

This is a thrilling question, just like the action in horror movies that can make someone wonder whether you are a member of the occult or purely weird. All the same, the thrill can be fun just imagining ripping people apart and draining their blood.

Have you been at the store without enough cash and shoplifted something?

Although no one likes to expose their ghosts and past small crimes, remembering a memory where you were forced to run with some items without clearing the bill can be funny.

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