‘After breakup’ quotes to take the edge off your heartache

Although it is only natural to feel disheartened when a relationship runs its course, you should always try to look on the bright side. It might not seem so easy at the time, but things will gradually get better. Just ask any of your friends who have already been through heartaches of the own.

Something that would help you to get over the pain of separation, whether this was a joint decision or something more one-sided, would be to consider some good break-up quotes about moving on. There are so many sources for these.

  • By popping ‘surviving a breakup quotes’ into your search engine you could unearth a treasure trove of valuable platitudes to put you in a more positive frame of mind.
  • The important aspect to try and focus on is that this is only going to be a temporary situation. If you're familiar with seeking a prospective partner by using online dating, you will be familiar with the extent of the potential pool of talent at your disposal, literally at your fingertips.
  • The key is to thinking of good breakup phrases is to combine sentiments that acknowledge the pain you have gone through, but which offers consolation and the prospect of a brighter future.

The name of the game here is optimism, not to dwell on the negative aspects of what you've been through. And never blame yourself for the breakup, even if you can at least acknowledge that your actions played some part in what happened. So how about a selection of breakup recovery quotes?

  • ‘The grass will always be greener on the other side.’ This is a simple truth. You might have assumed that what you had and have just lost was the most terrific partnership you could have imagined. But the truth of the matter is, there will always be sunnier climes ahead if you look hard enough.
  • 'There is so much more to my life.' Think of your positive attributes. Instead of moping around and focusing inwardly, fixating on the 'what ifs' or 'what might have been,' your mantra should be 'what now?'
  • ‘This is the new start.’ Many people facing breakups deal with it by being as optimistic as possible. Given the circumstances, it might seem as if this is the very last emotion you could express. But it would be worth thinking of fresh goals. There’s an adage about ‘getting back in the saddle.’ People who fail a driving test have a much better chance of getting through the next one successfully if they apply for it straight away and confront the challenge, rather than putting everything to one side! So forget about your woes and grab that metaphoric steering wheel, powering forward into an exciting future!

Here are some worthwhile quotes about moving on after break up, strong sentiments that will put you in a positive frame of mind:

  • Sometimes the best things in life fall apart so that even better things can fall together.
  • Never stress about ‘what could have been.’ If it was meant to be, it would have been.
  • The best revenge you could have on somebody who has let you down is to smile and move on, always with a spring in your step.
  • You will never be able to repair your love life if you keep dwelling on whatever created the fault in the first place.

These are all sayings that will help you place your heartache in perspective. The majority of people who experience the demise of a relationship are bound to feel some sort of hurt in the initial stages of getting over the loss. But provided they have the correct degree of support from family or friends, they should be able to gain enough confidence to put all that adversity behind them.

  • Breakup inspiration can come from a variety of sources. It could well be that others within your social circle know exactly what you are going through. Let’s face it, the breakup of any partnership is hardly a unique aspect of human behavior. All you have to do is tap into this resource to gain support from people who have been there, done that, purchased the T-shirt!
  • There is an adage about people learning from their mistakes. If you are in the habit of seeking short-term partnerships by signing up to matchmaking websites when things don’t work out the first time there will always be a wide array of choices waiting to fill in the gap. You should try your best to be honest when identifying what has happened to derail a particular relationship and cause it to fail. You can then make amends when you are connecting with future partners, safe in the knowledge you have developed a degree of foresight.

There are many areas where you can gain further inspiration. Relationship break-ups happened to be a staple plotline of romantic comedies and novels. Because these aspects of entertainment and art often mimic what happens in real life, even the simple aspect of following an unfolding storyline on the TV can put you in the right frame of mind, especially if the characters you are rooting for happen to go through breakups and end up all the better for having got through the other end, especially if they appear to thrive in their post-relationship situation.

Many people see breakups as an opportunity to draw a line in the sand and move on to more prosperous times. So rather than clinging to the past and focusing on the negative aspects of a particular love affair, look upon the break as an opportunity to discover new fortunes.

Learn a selection of inspirational breakup quotes

There are many quotes about people who have broken up but are still in love. How about these:

  • ‘Never regret yesterday, the sun will always rise on a new tomorrow.’
  • ‘Walking away from someone you still love can be the hardest thing of all.’
  • ‘I may have failed in my relationship with someone who didn’t love me back, but that person has lost someone who truly loved them.’

All these quotes focus on what can be a rather complicated situation. There could be many reasons why people decide to split when they still have strong feelings for each other. It could be the case that work or study are going to keep them separate for long periods, and they have decided they are too young to waste a significant chunk of their lives waiting until the other person is available again.

  • If you believe in the adage that ‘life is too short for regrets,’ then sometimes you have no option but to move on without paying too much attention looking over your shoulder.

This is where painful breakup quotes can come in useful, as they will help to lift your spirits when you are feeling down

  • ‘Perhaps we were never meant to be, but that didn’t stop me from loving every second we spent together.’ What this adage is focusing on is that life is sometimes complicated, but this is scarcely an aspect where the blame should be apportioned on one or other of the people involved in the failed relationship.
  • Playing this some form of ‘blame game’ and trying to implicate someone for bearing the brunt of responsibility doesn’t help anyone.
  • It would be far better to be mature about the whole situation and accept the reasons why you have decided that moving on and will be in both your best interests. This way, there will never be any grey areas, as too often people in the same situation will continually return to what they used to have, domming them to make the same mistakes over and over again, as if trapped in some real-life version of the hit Hollywood movie Groundhog Day!
  • Love sometimes means having to let something special go. Whether this is because you have decided you are fine in the present but your aspirations and goals are too different to ever be reconciled for whatever reason, you will always be able to exit with your head held high if this is a decision you have come to together.
  • Remember, even though you are going through traumatic situations, you will scarcely be unique in this scenario. There will always be others who can empathize with what you are going through, friends or work colleagues who will give you a shoulder to cry on, or simply just here for you to unwind issues.

Some of our favorite ‘break up but still in love’ quotes.

Post break up quotes for people who are still in love or sometimes the hardest of all to define. This is such a peculiar situation. It might seem too obvious that people who are in love should always be together, and people who are not in love should have much less reason for staying in a relationship.

  • This is why ‘break up and make up’ quotes can also be so important. Life isn’t always a linear progression. Sometimes it is something far more multifaceted, where you have to account for different scenarios that impede progress for a partnership, causing severe wobbles on your journey.
  • It might be worthwhile considering the benefit of ‘coping with the break up’ quotes. Just as there can be myriad reasons why a relationship has run its course, there will be many ways of providing is suitably positive spin so the outlook for the situation doesn’t seem quite so strenuous.
  • You should never regard yourself as having to go through anything on your own – find your best support network and then put these ‘break up but still loving’ quotes into practice. Talking is sometimes the best antidote for the post-relationship blues. This is where you can find out who your true friends are, those who will always be ready to listen to you as you open up to them about whatever has panned out. In most cases, you will receive nothing but sympathy for having arrived at this awkward predicament.

Rather than dwelling too much on the negative aspects of breakups - and there are often complicated reasons why even the most contented partnership can be derailed - why not look upon the whole experience from a position of objectivity? Remember, no matter how disillusioned you might feel about something not working out, one of the strongest quotes of all to do with post-relationship issues is this one: ‘there are always more fish in the sea.’ While it might seem a little heartless to introduce this common adage at such a sensitive time, it does underline an important truth.

  • There are so many singles out there who are clamoring for attention, you should never feel on your own when the relationship comes to its logical conclusion. Signing up to a dating site is one-way people manage to cope with the loss of somebody important to them.
  • By completing the application form and outlining the type of person who turns them on, they will soon find themselves getting embroiled in all sorts of potential exciting situations.
  • These matching outlets always go out of their way to provide newcomers ready access to the existing site members, whether that’s by introducing algorithms that will find them their perfect matches or providing chat room facilities where they can get involved in group discussions, and also introduce themselves to an expansive new social circle of acquaintances.
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