Quotes About Love Long Distance Relationship

All relationships are precious, may it be romantic, familial, or friendship. If your mom is far away, then it is great to send her cute long-distance relationship quotes for her to make her feel better. But of course, you need to be sure to write the appropriate statements, since ldr love quotes for her does not apply. Keep in mind that long distance relationship phrases vary in context, so if it is your special someone who is so far from you, then opt for cute love quotes for your boyfriend. Long distance can take a toll on your bond, that’s for sure. That is why it is crucial to make far away quotes for him, so your love connection is not broken even when you are miles away. Love quotes may not completely ease your longing for each other, but at least they can reassure the other of your love and devotion.

The secret to a successful long-distance affair is trust and constant communication, plus love quotes for him. Long distance relationship, English written words, and true love combined to develop your love story. And though there are couples who fail to survive a far away relationship, quotes and sweet long-distance love statements could have made a huge difference to save the bond. So in your effort to keep the connection strong even when you are far away lovers, quotes are there to supplement your loneliness.

Loving Someone Far Away

The most difficult part of a relationship is having to live far away from each other. Doubts cannot be avoided, especially if you are both attractive and passionate. That is why it is vital to always give each other long distance relationship motivation speeches. You both need to believe that distance makes love stronger. Quotes are the perfect way to express how much you long for your man, especially when you write love quotes for him from the heart. Long distance is simply a temporary thing, but your love is forever. Let us take a look at a couple of short cute love quotes. Long distance relationships can certainly benefit from these statements.

  • For me, hell is the distance between you and me.
  • Even with the miles between us, you can still make me smile.
  • Thank you for making feel loved even when you’re far away.
  • I’m not there physically with you, but I’m here for you, always.
  • More than the distance, I miss you smiles more than that.
  • Regardless of the distance, I’m just a text or call away.
  • My favorite phone notification is you, my love.
  • If teleportation is a business, I will be a regular customer.
  • We are far in distance but close in our hearts.
  • Miles separate us, but love brings us closer.
  • Distance does not matter with true love.
  • The sun reminds me so much of you. Bright, strong, and extremely distant.
  • If not for our long-distance affair, my dream to travel will not be realized.
  • Let’s make a pact to meet in dreamland every night.
  • We are miles away from one another, but we still breath the same air.
  • Your absence does not diminish my love. Instead, distance sharpens it.
  • The more I missed you, the more my love grow.

Whatever your thoughts on long distance relationships are, you must be transparent about them with your lover. Note that the best love quotes for distance relationship will never work unless there is honesty in the mix. So when you write your own far away love quotes, pour your heart into your words, and always be clear about your feelings to your boyfriend. Without a doubt, the ldr quotes for him strengthens your romantic bond.

Cute Long-Distance Quotes

When you are in a long-distance relationship, quotes, English phrases, and sweet words help in making you realize how much you love your guy. When you are feeling distant in a relationship, sayings can bring you back to the reality that your love is stronger than the miles apart. So it is indeed beneficial for you to learn writing love quotes for distant relationships. The long-distance love sayings can make your man very happy, and he may even start writing long distance quotes for girlfriend too.

Romantic love quotes for long distance relationship can be short or long, depending on your preference. The cute love quotes for him, long distance phone calls, and phrases about distance lovers can be long too. For the time apart in a relationship, quotes can bridge the gap between lovers, albeit in an emotional one. And though the short long-distance love quotes are excellent, the best love quotes for distance relationship are a bit longer.

  • Being apart from the one you love is difficult and painful. But I would rather live apart from you than not have you in my life at all.
  • No matter how many miles we are sleeping apart, we are still under the same sky. We see the same moon, and we live on the same planet.
  • I hate being away from you. Quotes of missing you are all I have left, and I constantly wish for time to go faster. I miss you so. I love you with all my heart and soul.
  • We have been apart for months and it’s been so long since I kissed you. But I would rather starve from your touch than get them from someone else.
  • When I text you “good morning”, that implies that you are the only one in my mind every time I wake up. And I will never tire of thinking of you.
  • They say I should be worried about the distance. But I’m not. Our emotional connection is too strong, no physical temptation can tear it apart.
  • The thought of being with you in the near future gives me the motivation to survive every day without you. I miss you so.
  • A long-distance relationship is hard and it takes a lot of work to pull through. But we love each other. We can surely make it through.
  • Distance teaches us to give thanks to the times when we are together. It shows us that patience is an excellent virtue, and that time can never break true love.
  • I fell in love with you when you were with me. And my feelings grew deeper while you are living away from me. That must be true love.
  • No matter how painful it is to say goodbye, the happiness I feel when you come back is nothing compared to the loneliness.
  • Being apart is not a bad thing. In fact, it makes us realize how lucky we are to have found love and have someone to miss with all our heart.
  • Whenever my heart constricts too much of missing you, I look at our photos and smile with tears in my eyes because I see how great we are together.
  • Our two bodies are inhabited by one soul. And so I never worry whenever you had to leave. I know in my heart we are soulmates and destined for life.
  • Distance is a test on how much we love each other. If we pass, then we are sure bound to be together for all eternity.
  • I can feel the hardship of your absence. But in my heart, I can feel your overflowing love. Someday soon we will bridge the gap and live on forever.
  • Ever since you left, I feel so homesick. You are my home, and it’s been real hard without you by my side. See you soon my love.

The most efficient long-distance relationship sayings, cute distance quotes, and sweet ldr statements are mostly written words about feeling distant. When you write sad love quotes for him, long distance dilemma becomes more real. But it is in the acknowledgement of your situation that you get a clear head and plan what to do. When you are used to sending love and distance quotes for him, your man will surely reciprocate by learning how to formulate long distance relationship sayings for girlfriend. And when you are busy sending each other love phrases, then there is no room for temptation to come between you two.

Romantic Distance Love Quotes

No one likes to be in a long-distance relationship. But if the circumstance is not under your control, then you would need to accept it and look for ways to keep the bond strong regardless of the distance. Thankfully, technology is at its peak and there are countless ways to communicate with your lover and send him romantic long-distance love quotes. You can opt for a text message, chat, or post pictures of you with loving captions on your social media accounts. Indeed, the true love distance quotes are best expressed through a caption for long distance relationship.

  • Love has no limits. It can travel the world if needed.
  • Physical absence is a form of torture for people in love. But love sustains the relationship.
  • You never know the depth of your emotions until faced with separation.
  • I’m divided in two places. Right here, and there with you.
  • I have no heart left. Because you brought mine with you.
  • You have no idea how much I miss you until you’re in my shoes.
  • Your absence makes me appreciate our time together more.
  • Distance can never destroy the trust we have for each other.
  • My hands can’t hold you, but my heart loves you.
  • You will always have a home in my heart.
  • Apart with distance, but never far from the heart.
  • I would rather wait for you than settle with someone else.
  • This LDR thing is extremely hard. But definitely worth it.
  • Someday, I won’t be missing you anymore. Because you would be here beside me.
  • I love that you call me yours. Because you are mine forever.
  • The longer we’re apart, the sweeter out time is when we see each other again.
  • Wherever you are, is where I dream to be.
  • We met for a reason. We part for a reason. But our souls are united forever.
  • True love waits for the right time to be together forever.
  • Our love is being tested by distance. And we will win, that’s for sure.
  • No matter how far you are, you are always in my heart for eternity.
  • Patience is greatly tested by distance. But true love endures the separation.
  • Stop measuring the miles between us. Measure the depth of my affection instead.
  • If you can live without a person, then that is not true love.
  • Our daily video calls are precious to me. I love you so much.
  • My world is not the same without you. But I will wait for your return.
  • Love is in the heart, and not necessary in sight.
  • Today is one day closer to being with you again.
  • Two things I need in life: you and us.
  • Just hold on. We can do this. We love each other too much to give up.
  • Sending you my kisses and hugs… Can you feel them?

The best long-distance love quotes are made through a sincere heart. With the distance, missing you love statements make things easier. Make it a habit to continuously send or post romantic distance sayings. Never allow him to get lonely out there. When he is receiving I love you quotes for him, long distance does not matter much. As long as your love remains strong with the help of cute distance love statements, your relationship will last for a long time. And when you are finally together again, the best ldr quotes would speak of your love story.

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