Funny Random Questions to ask a girl – Bullseye

It is painstaking running into a girl you fancy and missing appropriate words to engage. Cat got your tongue comes to mind when boy-meets-girl and wishes the ground would open up, swallowing him. Meeting your crush and squeezing in an apt word is easier said than done. Experts believe less is more, especially when breaking the ice. If you must speak, be funny. Ladies love a guy who makes them laugh out loud. Always have your sense of humor handy. Jot down these tips if necessary. Your next mall visit might be the ultimate test.

Dumb Questions to Ask a Girl – Why Dumb?

Let’s take the dumb route. Not out of witty one-liners. There is a method to this madness. These questions check her funny bone if she has a sense of humor or your work is cut out for you. Here is a list of ten dumb, hilarious, and stupid questions you could pose to a girl.

Beginning with queries to a total stranger, a girl you met at the supermarket/mall, engage with weird questions regarding the following:

  • Calling you like she said she would? (you’ve never met).
  • The plans you had for dinner? Is she seeing someone else?
  • The end of the world? Is it here, or are you still dating?
  • Is she not interested in dating you? What about her friends?
  • Her transition from an angel to a human.
  • Her trip back to Venus, and whether she has a twin sister( for you)
  • Plans for you and her to elope?
  • You are meeting her parents to discuss dowry.
  • Previously ‘discussed’ Baby-making plans.

On being sweet and witty, checking the level of your game requires some finesse. Slick questions come in handy, so up your game instantly. Assuming you ran into your crush today or are experiencing a love-at-first-sight moment, here are some smooth questions to ask a girl.

Slick Questions to Ask a Girl

  • Inquire about her zodiac sign. Whatever it happens to be, insist that you are ridiculously compatible.
  • Her favorite actor. Once she responds, you have insight on men of interest.
  • If she is with anyone – act shocked when she reveals she is single.
  • Does she believe in The One or love-at-first-sight? This can go from weird to romantic, depending on her personality.
  • Inquire about favorite foods. Take notes for the first and subsequent dates.
  • Could she name a few shenanigans from her past? This reveals personality traits in minutes, with less probing on your part.
  • Be bold – ask about the kinkiest, craziest escapade she had with another guy or girl
  • Tucking in your ego, inquire about her ideal man.

Moving on swiftly, we’ve transitioned from sweaty palms, chatting up our crush, to having a girlfriend. Breaking the ice is a non-issue, but awkward moments arise. Check out some cool, silly, ridiculous questions you can pose to your girlfriend.

  • Pose a question regarding her worst dating scenario. She may drop a few hints on your current dating status.
  • Inquire about her most useless talent. She might take a while to answer, probably because she will be laughing out loud, coming up with the answer. Be sure to laugh out loud with her.
  • Tease her on the worst name she could name her (your) child, to get her talking about having kids, nothing to do with bad names.
  • If you are religious, ask if she’d rather chat with the man above or link up with a celeb. The answer, however shocking, will expose your bae.
  • Last but not least (brace yourself) inquiring what she’d change about you for a day. This could go wrong, depending on their sense of humor or their character.

Magic doesn’t exist to falling in love. Some believe science helps people get matched and connected with precision. Others feel it is mathematical, accounting for pluses and minuses (strengths and weaknesses), and finding common ground.

That said, some believe there are easier, laymen approach to finding love. Pose a few apt questions to have a lady blushing some type of way. Let’s examine questions to ask a woman to draw her nearer.

Questions to Ask a Woman to Make Her Love You

First off, to get closer to a woman’s heart, emphasize questions revolving around her instead of you.

  • Inquire about what makes her feel special. She may take her time responding, and please let her. The more she divulges, the better. Pray you to have a photographic memory of sorts, or try hardest to remember this list. It will be your savior in the future.
  • Ask what she deems the greatest trait in a guy and why? The answer gives all the insight needed to keep you grounded and on the right track relationship-wise.
  • Dive into her livelihood, lifestyle, and lifetime goals. Inquire about her passions. She might talk in length, dropping hints along the way regarding how you fit in.
  • Inquire about her family, how often/rarely they meet. If she is family-oriented, consider it a plus, especially if you plan to be together long-term. She will be involved in your family as well.
  • Ask about one exciting fact she hasn’t revealed yet. She may think long and hard, and her response should not matter. This question neutralizes or breaks the ice. It makes for a smooth transition from unnerving queries.

As you compile a list of the best queries to pose to a crush, girl you recently met or are dating, maybe we should delve into what you shouldn’t ask a girl as well. It is one thing to understand the art of tuning a lady, and equally important the worst approaches.

Bad Questions to Ask a Girl

Based on a girl you have just met, these questions pose the worst possible queries to a new acquaintance. In terms of foot-in-mouth scenarios, these take the cake.

  • How do you relate to your parents? This is too personal, especially for a first date. Apply the funny questions above to salvage the situation.
  • Queries regarding her last breakup and the reasons behind it should be avoided at all costs. The new girl in your life won’t be forthcoming with answers for obvious reasons. She may be attempting to forget that part of her history altogether. It could spell the last date you have with her.
  • Loving everything pure and holy, avoid asking about her favorite (sexual) position. Avoiding this question with a close friend or current girlfriend is considering courteous. The same should apply to a girl you hardly know.
  • She might have jumped through hoops to get her current job. Also, she could be struggling to maintain it. Steer clear of questions portraying her as lazy or unambitious.
  • If you want to be exceedingly rude, inquire if she always dons heavy makeup. Either way, asking this question must be compelled by a need to strike a nerve. More is expected of you.

Finding love and good companionship requires decent articulation. Good looks are a plus, but applying the slickest one-liners is not always necessary. Teenagers take pride in journaling detailed lists of supposed top-notch pickup lines, later finding out these lines show a lack of creativity. Explore general questions to ask a girl leaving room for foot-in-mouth situations.

Best Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

  • Begin with questions asking her to name her BFF, her pet, the person who makes her smile the most, and her ultimate crush. General queries leave room for the girl to answer stress-free without wondering what compelled you to query that.
  • Probe her on her school or work schedule, whether she enjoys her work and what she enjoys about it, and anything about her boss. These topics might be on her mind before you pose them. Thus, your query will be met with enthusiasm and long, exciting dialogue.
  • Inquire about her pet peeves- insist that you have enough to go around and are willing to share (to tell her, not to spare some).
  • Take it to the amateur level and inquire about her birthplace. Slide in a question regarding family, how often she calls them, or how her mom is faring. Long as you don’t insist on an answer about family, she will be comfortable enough to respond.
  • Ask if a man ever proposed to her. If he has, it makes for a fun afternoon of yip yap about what could have been – or not. She may reveal important information you were hard-pressed finding.
  • Ask about her worst dating experience. Better yet, maybe she can reveal what she deems the darkest side of dating. Whether she begins with online dating or losers she keeps running into, the ball is in your court. Change her mind about any negative aspects she carries regarding dating, or join the club of mediocre men in her life.
  • On being personal, some questions might be overly sensitive, and posing them requires finesse. For instance, ask about her gratitude list and what it covers, but steer clear queries based on life-and-death situations. Only discuss such if she initiates the topic.

The safest questions, personal and all-weather, revolve around the following:

  1. Her Best movie, song, book, actor, and or play, and if she played a Disney character.
  2. The most serene part of her week, a year or specific month, and her birthday (if you don’t know it).
  3. If she prefers cozying up to watch movies or going wild-n-out.
  4. Querying her favorite color and sport is as safe as it gets, without getting awkward.
  5. Ask if she has questions regarding your life. Entertain her with embarrassing stories – ladies love those.

Having compiled the best questions and worst queries, top the list with weird questions. Some may be considered morbid, unconventional, or corny. Albeit, these are perfect conversation starters.

Weirdest Questions to Ask a Girl

  • She receives a phone call about a death in the family; whose death surprises her the most?
  • With powers to time-travel, is she heading to the past or future?
  • One physical aspect she could change for a day, what would it be?
  • If she could sleep with anyone for a day, who would she pick, and why?
  • Inquire about bisexual experiences - ask her for details.
  • Ask her to reveal the ugliest item she possesses.
  • Something she hates with no justification?
  • Inquire about ridiculous, romantic past relationships?
  • What would she change permanently in you if she could?
  • Probe on her thoughts about eloping.


Experiencing awkward moments of silence in relationships is normal. Since time immemorial, men get sweaty palms sweet-talking women. Picking the right words to tune a crush is similar to selecting the right outfit. It may create the best first impression and lasting image in others or embarrass you for eons to come. Select the funny list of questions, along with a few witty one-liners, and watch yourself attract a few good ladies to your inbox or home.

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