Read our list of things to talk about with a guy

It can sometimes seem difficult to think about juicy topics to talk about with a guy when you are put on the spot. But the important point to keep in mind is that blokes are generally fairly easy to please!

  • When it comes to first date conversations, by all means, go into deeper subject matter such as art or culture, but if you want to get the conversational ball rolling you could just as easily mention what you watched on TV last night, or ask them who their favorite football players happened to be.
  • Before going out to meet up with a guy for a get-together, you could list things to talk about. This way there will be no chance of any conversational lulls - the type of experience that can derail any date before it has got off the ground.
  • Why don’t you ask your friends for advice about how to talk to a boy? If they happen to have boyfriends already, they will be able to provide you with a rich seam of advice when it comes to finding the correct discussion topics that will keep him interested.

What about when it comes to planning a liaison? A list of things to talk about on the phone can be an excellent way of laying the foundations for a strong rapport to develop. Before actually making the phone call, get a notebook and jot down some scenarios to broach. If this is someone you have connected with on a dating site, you will already have had the opportunity to check out their dating profile. This where they have listed their hobbies and interests, providing you with an overview of subject matter liable to arrest their attention.

  • Conversations to have with a guy you like should demonstrate that you have been paying attention to the types of things that they like.
  • If you have already embarked on a couple of dates, you might be able to form an opinion of the discussion topics that got them particularly animated. There would be no harm in revisiting these, perhaps injecting some of your own opinions.
  • If your boyfriend happens to be interested in activities you are not familiar with, do some preliminary research to bring yourself up to speed. Say they happen to be fanatical about a particular football club. By going onto social media you’ll be able to find out so much more about players who are currently wowing the crowds, or how their team is faring in the cup competitions.
  • Having the ability to broach this subject matter with him will fill him with admiration. Even if he gets the impression you are not 100% sure of what you are talking about, he will still give you extra points for at least having dared to introduce these icebreakers.
  • If you feel yourself running out of conversation, all you have to think about is talk show topics. This harmless entertainment can form a common interest for anyone.

Some of the best topics to talk about with a guy

Don’t overthink stuff to talk about with a boy. In most cases, you’ll find the conversations tend to flow naturally. By all means, ponder exciting topics to talk about with a guy before you meet. Perhaps, on the way to your rendezvous point, you could think about things and then type them into the notes of your phone. Then, during your date, take the opportunity to glance down at your mobile device to remind yourself about things to talk about with your guy friend.

  • Finding something to talk about with a guy is generally very straightforward. If you have met them on a dating site, there is every likelihood you will already be compatible in so many areas.
  • In much the same way as you find out what to talk about with a new friend over text when you are doing so with someone you are romantically attracted to, all you have to do is inject your messages with a degree of flirting, dropping in the occasional double-entendre to arrest their attention. There are so many subjects to talk about with a guy friend that you will be able to develop a sense of chemistry in no time.
  • A key aspect of learning how to start talking to a boy you like is to develop confidence. While coming over as shy can be endearing for a while, he is much more likely to be drawn to you if you are capable of displaying a more forthright nature.
  • Guys simply love girls who are willing to take control and demonstrate assertive qualities. They will not feel intimidated in the slightest. On the contrary, they are far more likely to open up to you about things that are on the back of their mind.

When thinking of things to text about, you have a little more time to ponder the discussion topics. Because you are not having to blurt random things out to fill conversational lulls, you can take as much time as you like to compose your messages.

  • One of the most important points of chatting to a guy via text is ensuring you thoroughly edit what you are about to share with him before pressing the ‘send’ button. Nobody is going to be impressed by messages containing a lot of grammatical or spelling errors. This will only give the impression you have not put much thought into the communication.
  • Instead, it would be worthwhile taking the time to think about the impression you are trying to get across. Do you want to appear rather coy and hesitant, or do you want to give the impression you are an extrovert whose company he will grow to relish? Either approach is perfectly valid. The key thing is to maintain a high level of interest in the subject matter you approach with your boyfriend.

Learn a selection of fun things to talk about with a guy

Fun topics to talk about with a guy could cover a variety of subjects, but a good starting point is always the movies or TV series. You will never run out of topics to talk about with a boy you like if you are a keen viewer.

  • There are so many terrific titles available for watching these days, so even if you make a list of things to talk about with a guy that doesn’t include anything he has seen himself, you can embellish your descriptions of your favorite shows and draw him in.
  • This will provide him with some insight into your personality, revealing you are someone who likes to engage in the topics you are interested in. Think of a good talk show topic, as being able to discuss pop culture is one of the many things that can draw people together.
  • Another good starting point is to think of funny topics to talk about with friends. Once you get into group discussions in chat rooms or via social media, there may be certain subjects that prove to be particularly popular. These can then be used as ammunition for things to talk about with a guy.

By all means, keep an eye on topical events that are occurring in the news as this is more fertile ground when it comes to random things to talk about with a guy to keep him interested. The crucial aspect of this is not to go into too much detail.

  • It is fine to gloss over topical events that everyone is chatting about at the water cooler at work, as this will demonstrate you take a close interest in certain subjects.
  • But try and avoid contentious subjects. It is always worthwhile focusing on funny rather than serious. If you drill down through the news pages you are guaranteed to come across much more informal items, and these can often be entertaining.
  • If you are a keen user of social media, it could be the case you are in the habit of sharing amusing Tik-Tok or YouTube clips with your friends. If you come across anything that is particularly hilarious, you could forward these to the guy you are interested in getting to know better. As an icebreaker, this will be so much more effective than spending a long-time exchanging text message.

In most instances, you will discover that finding things to talk about comes perfectly naturally. There would be no harm in jotting down one or two background details to provoke stimulating ideas, but you’ll find the more times you exchange messages with the person you are interested in via a dating site’s communication platform, the more at ease you will feel when chatting. In no time, you will begin developing a strong rapport, and will be easy to carry this on during face-to-face discussions.

Interesting things to talk about with a guy – some top tips

What about when it comes to things to talk about with the boy on the phone? This is where the conversations can become quite racy, especially as you develop the confidence to begin injecting your chat with flirty asides.

  • Before you dial his number, it might be worth considering something to talk about on the phone guaranteed to provoke his interest. There are strange topics to talk about - again looking back at those quirky news stories you might have uncovered, pay particular attention to subjects you know he is interested in.
  • If you should uncover some facts about his favorite football team or the type of pet he has, this would be a fantastic thing to broach with him. Imagine how his face would light up if you were to forward amusing footage of the football star he idolizes tripping up during a training session?
  • Things to talk about with a guy friend over text will give you the confidence to embellish the types of stories you can share. When it comes to ways to talk to a guy, you can be friendly and affable, covering a variety of generic subjects, or you can be much more direct. There is no real right or wrong way to do this, it is simply important to know interesting things to say to a guy can lead to much steamier conversations when the time is right.
  • You might like to consider breaking the ice by choosing random topics to talk about with a guy. All you have to do is tap into the Internet for inspiration. There is a whole world of topics to talk about, sometimes the more bizarre the story, the more interesting it will become. We have all seen those crazy little films of squirrels water-surfing or dogs doing all sorts of crazy stunts. These are worth dropping into any conversation because they immediately establish an informal atmosphere.

Don’t overthink how to find something to talk about. The worst thing you could do would be to make your conversation topics sound rehearsed all preplanned – even if that’s exactly what they are!

  • Instead, try to make the conversation flow naturally. The more you chat to a guy, you will find your inhibitions fading until you get to the stage where the chemistry between you is sufficient to give you the confidence to give as good as you get.
  • Guys love it when females flirt outrageously with them, so don’t be shy when it comes to winding him up, or dropping subtle hints about what you would like to do once you are alone together. No guy in the world is going to be able to resist an overtly sensual female and toys with his affections.
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