Personal Approaches When Recovering From a Broken Heart

An aching heart keeps the spirits and moods down! The feeling of being unloved isn’t something anyone should have to experience. Bailing out on a partner or hurting them so much in an unforgivable manner leaves them profusely bleeding emotionally. So weary is the drain that the victim feels like recovery is out of sight. Nevertheless, no one should remain broken forever! Adopting the right approaches to heal a broken heart eases the mind and thus a chance to move on. Though it may seem challenging initially, consistency and baby steps in progress get a person through. It’s calming and relieving when you understand how to deal with heartbreak.

Are You Heart Broken or Just Upset?

Self-recognizing, when faced with heartbreak, is crucial to the process of healing a broken heart. Denial is always an undoing that will create false hopes. It’s easy to identify signs of a broken heart if one pays attention. Catching the signs early can help a person heal a broken heart before the situation worsens, thereby avoiding anxiety, depression, or deep thoughts. See some common traits that a breakup has led to heartbreak:

Having Your Mind Stuck on an Ex

When all that goes through the mind is what an ex-partner could be doing, then it’s a sign you’re stuck. While a once in a while thought about an ex is okay, being fixated on them is dangerous and messy. If seeking to heal a broken heart, avoid memory triggers.

Loneliness and Self-Isolation

Breakups hurt and cause unimaginable pain! However, that’s not a good reason to stop living. Other than seeking comfort in isolation and loneliness, choose to visit public places and meet with friends. Having a social life is always an addition to a commitment to healing a broken heart.

Hesitancy in Taking Care of Oneself

Relationships are happy times that should never end! Nevertheless, thing sometimes goes haywire, and when that happens, numbness and laziness clocks in, causing an unhealthy lifestyle.

Circumventing Fun Activities

Broken hearts leads to unwillingness to participate in fun activities. While it’s normal, prolonging it means things are getting worse. The advice is one should have fun to heal a broken heart.

Struggles with Maintaining Personal Boundaries

Sometimes it’s hard to establish boundaries with someone you previously loved, especially if the friendship remains. However, caution is advised to avoid rekindling the affection when one of you is not ready. For a fruitful heal the heart tactic, keep boundaries.

Disavowal of Future Dates

Being fixated on an ex-partner leads to a decision never to date again. However, this isn’t a healthy approach when seeking to heal a broken heart. Yes, it may feel like a betrayal, but the faster one overcomes it and move-on, the better.


Feeling upset after a breakup is quite normal. However, allowing the feeling to continue boils to rage and could cause conflicts with other people. As such, relationships with other friends and close relatives are dented, thus segregating a person. Besides hurting others, anger also causes one to think of harming themselves, which is ill-advised. Therefore, it’s always wise to take considerable time to heal a broken heart.

Substance Abuse

After a breakup, people having a hangover will find themselves in substance abuse in a manner they had never done before. However, it’s advisable to note that such a move won’t heal a broken heart. As such, other than abuse drugs spend time with people you love to get their support.

How Do I Heal a Broken Heart and Find Love Again?

A choice to heal a broken heart must come in phases. Rushing into it without a reliable plan will plunge a victim to more crisis than solutions. Before deciding to heal a broken heart, it’s important to analyze the situation. A wrong approach is dangerous and could push the process back to square one and sometimes worsen the condition. Like creating a timetable, some schemes might not be helpful when seeking to heal a broken heart. That’s because people are diverse and hence takes different timeframes in a healing process. Besides, it’s hard to tell how long each stage could take to heal a broken heart. Breakups are similar to diseases, and the deeper one is into a relationship, the more the pain and time are taken to heal. Nevertheless, to have an edge, here are simple tips for applying. Please make sure none is skipped!

Outcome Acceptance

Upsets are common when a relationship has broken down. However, partners must accept reality at the earliest time possible! For acceptance to bear fruits, avoid trying to pick up the pieces. If the feeling isn’t mutual, failure is guaranteed, and the pain and anger may be enormous. Besides, acceptance is the path to true grief, which in turn relieves one from the pain.

Grief Fully

Pain denial is a sure way to guarantee a broken heart had not healed. A breakup disastrously leaves a person hurt and in pain. Refusal to grief or denial of the breakup causes one to hold-back anger, which destroys them from the inside. It’s always true that people who go through grief after the breakup easily come to accept reality. Though a tough thing, grief is a medication necessary to heal a broken heart. While naturally, instincts could push someone towards skipping this stage, it’s inadvisable. Doing so could create a false impression and resurrect hopes that a relationship might rekindle. Such a move is ill-advised if seeking to heal a broken heart. Failure of a relationship to revert to the good sweet old days could cause:

  • Dejection
  • Low self-esteem
  • Nervousness
  • Compulsive thoughts
  • The suppressed immune system
  • Body exhaustion
  • Failure to move on
  • Helplessness
Avoid Triggers

Digital communication is a reality we can’t avoid and has both pros and cons for people in relationships. While it is good for a thriving relationship, it could be a nightmare to heal a broken heart. Emotional instincts could push one towards maintaining contact with an ex-partner. Some may consider this a sign of maturity and strength, but honestly, it could crush a broken heart completely. Avoiding constant engagement with an ex is an appropriate thing to do at this time. That ensures the emotional wound doesn’t peel off, leading to more pain. It’s a smart move to heal a broken heart. Some usable techniques to achieving that include:

  • Shunning any meet-ups at secluded places with an ex-partner.
  • Having the policy to stick to formal interactions and being disciplined enough to guarantee it.
  • Avoid viewing an ex-partner’s social media profiles. Seeing them moving on with someone else could hurt more.
  • Stop sending late-night messages or making night calls.

Make New Friends

Making friends is a super excellent approach to heal a broken heart wrecked by a failed relationship. It’s said ’a sufficient route to overcoming an ex-partner is getting under a new one.’ Breakups create a feeling of being unwanted and unloved. However, it could worsen if a victim chooses to hold-back the pain and remain in isolation. One of the most conscious ways for one to heal a broken heart is having new friends. Having some fun and talking to trusted people is a smart move used to heal many people’s broken hearts. Opening up, no matter how difficult it may seem, eases-up the pain. Besides, it’s an assurance that someone still loves and wants you.

Build and Strengthen Self-Love

Above all else, to heal a broken heart is also about self-love. Having self-love is the genesis of confidence and high self-esteem. By treating oneself positively, a victim quickens the healing process. Trues happiness originates from within, and that leads to peace of mind after a breakup. Yes, the victim will feel the loss, but overcoming it will be guaranteed as the true value is in oneself and not the ex-partner. Take time to do the following as a self-treat adventure.

  • Have a nice meal at a lovely dinner
  • Take a nature walk for fun
  • Exercise by attending yoga and gym classes
  • Go out for outdoor activities, including football, baseball, etc

Modest Tactics on How to Help Someone with a Broken Heart

None is without an idea on how to assist a heartbroken person! If you have a heartbroken friend by a breakup, offering help is the best thing to do. Whether you have done it before or not isn’t the issue. No one lacks an encouraging word to heal a broken heart. So, have no fear of offering hope to a heartbroken friend. On top of your approach, there are some other necessary tips to use. When doing it, it’s not about perfection but willingness. Always begin with a smile and let the person know all is not lost. As the support process continues, it’s important to note that it takes patience and time to heal a broken heart. Find some useful tips below:

Encourage Grieving

Never deny a brokenhearted friend an opportunity to grief. Actually, please encourage them to do so! It’s part of the healing process and very much okay. Also, inspiring them by discussing the issue and tackling it head-on is a good move. However, avoid being judgmental. It’s a good approach to heal a broken heart.

Listen to Them

Giving an ear to a heartbroken person is always a plus when you seek to heal a broken heart. Talking less and listening more should be the approach. Avoid interruptions unless it is necessary to interject. Also, try not to appear offensive when you make contributions to the discussion.

Express Empathy

Compassion to brokenhearted people contributes a lot to healing a wounded heart. When someone knows others care about their wellbeing, their healing process will quicken. Begin by showing how sorry you are about the situation they are going through. However, avoiding anything that appears as being pitiful is necessary. The person doesn’t feel ashamed! She or he only seeks to heal a broken heart. Thus, show full support.

Keep the Person Company

Making sacrifices to heal a broken heart is part of a good friendship with a brokenhearted friend. When someone is in a grieving mode, keep them company for as long as possible. It’s advisable to have a leisure walk, make home visits, go out, send a message, or call the person. Doing that gives the warmth required to heal a broken heart.

Encourage the Person to Move on

After you help a heartbreak victim reach a point of reality, inspire them to move on. There is no way the relationship will rekindle, and thus the only option is to seek a new partner. However, please don’t force them into dating. Let it come from them!

Please Don’t Push It

Opening up should be voluntary. As a friend, the work involves offering advice but not forcing a person to do something. People hurt by breakups open up at their speed. If an aggressive push for them to speak up is conducted, it could lead to mistrust and shut down. In some cases, the victim could lie, which would hinder the healing process. Moving at the right pace is the right move to heal a broken heart.

Please Don’t Suggest a New Partner

Jumping into a new relationship is dangerous, especially when one has not healed from the old one. Be a good friend, and don’t push the person to go out with other people. It could come out as if they are bothering you. Besides, healing a broken heart requires time.

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