Did You Say There Are 10 Bases in a Relationship?

If your school was anything like mine, then you probably knew plenty of people who lied about knowing their way around the bases in a relationship. You would hear a student bragging about how they got to eighth base last night with a girl from Biology class. If you knew anything about this subject, you would know they were full of crap.

Suffice it to say; there is no such thing as tenth base. The term derives from baseball (as you have probably guessed) and denotes the bases you need to round in order to score a homerun. By that logic, there are only four bases in dating. There’s also an elusive fifth base, but more on that later.

Keep reading for a full breakdown of each individual base, along with some tips on how to navigate them successfully when the time comes!

What Are the Bases in Dating?

The four relationship bases depict an escalating sexual tension between yourself and your partner. But some people do not actually know what these bases stand for – which is why we have resolved to go into great detail on each one. Rest assured, you’ll be well-prepared when the moment arrives!

First Base: Kissing

So you’ve covered hand-holding and cuddles. Soon after, you’ll be confronted with first base – kissing. And no, we are not talking about the peck you give your grandmother on your birthday. We mean full-on making out. With tongues. There are plenty of ways to get this wrong, which is why we’ve compiled the dos-and-don’ts when it comes to French-kissing your partner.

  • Use Your Tongue

    The tongue is the thing that separates first base from your run-of-the-mill smooch. You may find it strange to have somebody else’s tongue in your mouth, but it’s a level of intimacy which marks the next level in your relationship. The tongue is an erogenous zone, and it’s packed with taste buds. You’ll love it!

  • Don’t Use Too Much Tongue

    Of course, you don’t want to go overboard when it comes to sticking your tongue in somebody’s mouth. The key thing to remember is that this is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for all involved. Don’t leave your partner sopping wet and in need of a towel.

  • Make Sure Your Breath Smells Good

    Nothing kills the mood quicker than the after-smell of this afternoon’s lunch on your breath. If you think there is a chance of rounding first base with your partner, carry some mints in your pocket or invest in a breath freshener. It is definitely better to be safe than sorry.

  • Figure Out What To Do With Your Hands

    This is the most underrated rule when it comes to hitting first-base. Many people have no idea what to do with their hands when they’re kissing their partner. Gently touch their waste or stroke their hair. Find other erogenous zones on their body without jumping the gun and going straight for the rude bits. That’s the next phase!

Second Base: Heavy Petting

Essentially, second base in a relationship is what happens when first base gets a little out of hand. Ideally, you want to have had a conversation beforehand about what you deem acceptable in this instance. You should be certain your partner is willing to let you explore their body before you actually venture south (or north, depending on your preference!).

  • Those Parts Are Delicate

    We shouldn’t have to tell you this: go gentle when you’re touching your partner in their sensitive places. Stroke and caress. Don’t wallop and grab. Let that be a rule you always follow. Second base should not leave anybody with bruises or feeling sore. Be gentle and considerate; focus on giving your partner pleasure first and foremost.

  • Have a Game Plan

    Don’t just go into this situation, all guns blazing, without any idea what you are doing. Do your research and try to figure out what everything is and how it works. You may not be advancing to third base and fourth base just yet, but an understanding about the way your partner is built will really help you.

  • Listen to Your Partner

    Communication is key to any successful sexual exploration. A relationship is built on trusting your partner to take your needs into consideration. Let them guide you and take the time to listen to what is working for them. If they tell you to keep stroking in a particular direction, do it until instructed otherwise. By all means, trust your instincts. But just remember those instincts may not always be right.

  • Vice Versa!

    We may not be at third base just yet, but do not forget to use your mouth. Talk to your partner. You are a willing participant in this exchange as well. Your pleasure is just as important as theirs. Make sure you both enjoy the experience as much as you can!

The Final Two Relationship Bases

So we have covered the first two parts of the dating bases system. Now it is time to move onto the hot and heavy stuff. Hold onto your hats, folks; it’s about to get wild!

Third Base: Oral Sex

Oral seems to be the most natural progression from the casual petting of second base. It’s intimate, sexy, and definitely a taste you acquire very quickly. It seems human beings have evolved to enjoy putting things in their mouth when they are in that mood. Ready to take the next step in your relationship? Make sure you follow these guidelines!

  • Keep Your Teeth Away

    The most important rule of third base is simple: do not bite! This is the most sensitive part of your partner’s entire body. Makes sure your teeth stay out of the equation. Nibble their thigh gently if you have to bite something. But if you are exploring their sexual organs, keep your teeth well away!

  • It’s Nothing Like Making Out

    You may be a good kisser, but this does not make you an expert at going down on somebody. Third base is an art form, plain and simple. Don’t just go at it like your partner’s mouth. You need to be subtle when it comes to helping your partner achieve satisfaction in this regard.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Nobody is expecting you to have your technique down straight away. Listen to what your partner likes, and be sure to read their body language. If you stumble across a technique which works, you better remember it for next time.

  • It’s All About Give and Take

    Do not be one of those people who expect their partner to go down on them and then never return the favor. A relationship should never be one-sided. Besides, half of the fun of third-base is making your partner feel amazing with just your mouth!

Fourth Base: Sexual Intercourse

So you have survived the first three relationship bases, and now you’ve arrived at the final hurdle: sexual intercourse. This is the most daunting base to overcome but also the most rewarding. By this time, you should know if you are ready. You will have had frank discussions, and both expressed a comfortability with taking things to this level. First, second and third base should be a resounding success before you even attempt this one. But if you think you are ready, here are some obligatory to help the process along!

  • Start slow

    We cannot stress this enough – do not go too hard straight away. Your partner will not appreciate it. Your genitals need time to warm up. Wait until your partner’s body is completely ready (hard or wet) and take your time. Sex is definitely a marathon rather than a sprint!

  • Rhythm Is Everything

    Try not to break your rhythm when you finally get into the flow of things. A good and steady rhythm is the key to making your partner feel amazing. If you want a satisfying sexual relationship, you need to develop your stamina. Maintain your rhythm, and you’ll bring your partner to the point of bliss in no time at all.

  • Eye Contact is Sexy

    Sex can be as simple as a game of tennis. But it’s much better if you feel a genuine connection with the person next to you. The best way to develop this bond is through regular eye contact. Also, don’t be afraid to speak to each other. Sex should be fun. Make each other laugh and let each other know what is working for you. Don’t be afraid to incorporate dirty talk, especially if you are the sort of person who does not take themselves too seriously!

So that’s it! We’ve covered the main four bases you need to know in the bases system. There’s also a fifth base, which involves anal, but that’s best left for another time. That sort of intimacy is not everybody’s cup of tea.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and maybe picked up a few tips along the way!

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