Everything You Need to Know About How to Catch a Cheater

If you are anything like myself, you are probably a cynical misery when it comes to relationships. I have been burned one too many times by ex-partners with wandering eyes. In fact, it has happened so much I have decided to write a comprehensive list of the best ways to catch cheaters fast.

I believe everybody has it in them to cheat on their partner. It seems to be one of the darker sides of human nature. Needless to say, this is completely unacceptable. If you want some peace of mind and require proof that your partner is creeping around behind your back, make sure you check out our numerous ways to catch them red-handed.

Let’s get to it!

Best Ways to Catch a Cheater Online

If your partner is speaking to other people online, they are a total idiot and just begging to be caught. Once something goes on the internet, it is very difficult to erase it from existence.

  • Check their internet history

    If your partner knows anything about online privacy, this method probably will not work. However, cheaters often get careless. It only takes one time to forget to browse in incognito mode. Then there will be a record of any illicit activity in their browser history. Use this as a jumping off-point. You can ask them about whatever you find it, but they’ll probably have an excuse lined up. If you find something in their search history, you will have to think more long-term, which is where our next two suggestions come in handy.

  • Create a fake dating profile

    If you suspect your partner is using a popular dating site, your best course of action is to create a fake profile of your own. Fill out all your information, so your account seems as genuine as possible. Most of these sites have an advanced search function, and you can look for people based on their distance from you. This would be the best way to look for a cheating partner. However, many users choose to browse these platforms anonymously. If your partner is cheating and has half a brain, they will take advantage of that service.

  • Log-in to their social media pages when they are not around

    Nowadays, most people know their log-in details. This may seem like a huge invasion of privacy, so don’t do this unless you are near-certain they have been sleeping with other people. Most cheaters will delete their messages in an attempt to hide the evidence, but you can sometimes tell when this happened. Wait until they are at work before you attempt to go through their social media. Be wary about many social media privacy protocols. Your partner will get an email if the website suspects any suspicious activity. If you want to go down this route, maybe wait until they leave themselves logged in accidentally.

How to Catch a Cheater in the Act

Don’t give your partner any excuse to wriggle out of your accusations. If you really want proof, come up with a plan to expose his cheating ways and catch him red-handed.

  • Set up a spy camera in your home

    How do you catch a cheating boyfriend? You get him on camera doing the deed. Depending on your level of knowledge when you it comes to technology, this suggestion may be well out of the realms of possibility. However, cameras are easier to use than ever before. If you have the money, shell out for a discreet spy camera and place it where your partner is most likely to cheat in your house. Of course, if he finds the device, you will have a lot of explaining to do. And this method also assumes they are bringing somebody back to your own home.

  • Go on a “business trip”

    Okay, you don’t actually need to say you are going on a business trip. You can also say you are going away with a friend for the weekend or babysitting for your sister. The point of this suggestion is to come up with a believable ruse and make your partner believe they have the house to themselves. If they have been cheating, they will see this as an excuse to bring their lover into your home. Then it is up to you to turn up unannounced and catch them in the act. Be sure to have your excuse lined up as to why you are back early as well.

  • Arrange for a trusted friend to “seduce” them

    If you want to become a real sleuth, this method is one of the most difficult to pull off but also the hardest one for your partner to wriggle out from – which is why we have included it on our list. If you suspect your partner is a cheater, confide in a friend and try to come up with a plan to seduce him. This is like dangling a carrot in front of your partner’s face, especially if your friend is attractive. If your spouse has the capacity to cheat, they’ll find the offer too hard to resist. As soon as your friend has the evidence, confront your partner and kick them out of your life.

  • Employ a private investigator to follow them

    Many people suggest following your partner to see where they go. However, there is one major flaw to this plan: they know what you look like. You can’t tail them in your car because they’ll recognize the vehicle (it’s been parked outside their house every day, to be fair). You should consider hiring a private investigator to follow them and get evidence. This may prove to be pricey (or even just futile), but the investment is completely worth it if you manage to get a love rat out of your life.

How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend on His Phone

If an affair is definitely happening, there will be some tell-tale signs on his phone. Whether he acts suspiciously whenever he gets a message or installs a password out of the blue, these techniques should help you find proof.

  • Keep an eye on their phone habits

    When somebody becomes involved in an affair, they become very protective of their phone. This should be obvious. How else are they going to contact their lover? Smoke signals? They will not want you to see their messages. If they get a notification, watch their body language. They might shield their phone from your vision. Every time they leave the room, they will probably take their phone with them – even if it’s just for a minute. They also do things like change their password so that you can never check up on them. Listen to your instincts on this one. If they are acting suspicious, they will inevitably be hiding something big.

  • Install spyware on their device

    Similar to the spy cam method, using spyware for cheating husbands and boyfriends requires some degree of know-how. If you are convinced their phone habits are less than kosher, you should seriously consider installing a spyware app on their phone to monitor everything they do. You will have to do this when they leave their phone unguarded (which never happens if they are actually cheating). Luckily, if you manage to get the software onto the device, it remains invisible while running in the background. You then get access to everything they do and say on their phone. Just don’t get caught in the process!

  • Read his messages when he is asleep

    If your boyfriend has not changed the password on his phone, you may be tempted to go snooping. But how do you get access to his phone when he guards it all the time? Wait until he’s asleep and then take his phone to another room for inspection. Of course, this relies on you being able to get into the phone in the first place. Try to catch a sneaky glance next time he opens his phone; you might be able to bypass his “security measures”. Just remember not to get carried away and only try this method when you are near-certain something is going on.

How to Catch Your Cheating Boyfriend by Text

  • Change your name in their phone

    I’m not sure how many people actually use this technique in real life, but this worked for me when I grew suspicious of my last partner. I managed to swipe their phone when they went to the bathroom. I noticed they had deleted all the messages to one of their friends. In a moment of genius, I swapped our contact details, so my number was now stored under their name. Then I waited for him to make the first mistake. Needless to say, his face was a picture when he realized he had been caught out.

We hope these suggestions give you the clarity and transparency you deserve in your love life. Nobody wants to feel like a fool. If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful and you have enough reason to take extreme measures, these methods will undoubtedly catch them in the act.

Good luck!

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