Flirty Would You Rather Questions

When starting a relationship, it's always hard to come up with important questions to ask. Asking the right questions could help you learn more about this person and give you the relationship's upper hand.

It's always great to have fun and flirty questions on hand to ask your crush when you meet them. And what better opportunity to learn than through a game of 'Would you rather…?'

We want to ensure your flirting is at the top of its game, so we've compiled the best flirty you would rather question to ask your crush. These questions will leave your crush intrigued by you and ensure they develop an interest in you.

Some examples of good, flirty would you rather questions to ask your crush include;

  • Would you rather be in a bad relationship or not be in a relationship at all?
  • Would you rather date someone funny or someone who's romantic?
  • Would you rather date someone obsessive or someone with no emotions?
  • Would you rather have a good night text or a good morning text?
  • Would you rather hold your partner's hand or hold their waist?
  • Would you rather date someone with long hair or someone with short hair?
  • Would you rather stay in a one-sided relationship or never find love?
  • Would you rather date one person or multiple people at once?
  • Would you rather be in a serious relationship or a casual relationship?
  • Would you rather chat with someone all night long or call them all night long?

When playing, would you rather with your crush? Remember not to ask overly deep questions that might make them uncomfortable. Keep your questions light and flirty.

Would You Rather Game Flirty Questions

When it comes to flirty, would you rather questions? You need casual questions that don't prod too much but allow you to learn more about the other person.

These questions should be ideal for whatever relationship status you have with their person, whether it's a crush, a casual relationship, or your partner.

Here are some great would you rather game flirty questions you could ask;

  • Would you rather kiss someone privately or kiss them in public?
  • Would you rather go for a quiet date or go somewhere loud like a carnival?
  • Would you rather have a funny partner or a shy partner?
  • Would you rather eat in a cheap restaurant or a fancy, expensive restaurant?
  • Would you rather share your partners' clothes or have them wear your clothes?
  • Would you rather have one kid or many kids?
  • Would you rather date someone passionate about their career or someone passionate about their family?
  • Would you rather date someone who's socially active or someone with a small, quiet friend group?
  • Would you rather tell your spouse all your secrets or have some secrets between the two of you?
  • Would you rather watch a theatre show or go to the movies?

When asking flirty would you rather questions, you should remember to ask questions that help you learn more about the person and what they expect in a relationship. Don't just ask random questions. Instead, target your questions towards specific topics like the type of dates they like to go in, whether they like PDA, how romantic they are, type of food they like, etc.

Questions like these are more helpful in getting to know your crush.

Would You Rather Questions for Guys Flirty

Sometimes flirting can be almost effortless. Other times, it requires a little more effort to keep the conversation going. Luckily, we have just the right amount of would you rather questions you can use to flirt and captivate the girl you like.

Remember that these questions are not supposed to be overly serious. Try to keep them light, fun, and flirty. You could also try asking funny questions to make her laugh;

  • Would you rather receive a love letter or write a love letter?
  • Would you rather lay in the sun with your crush or spend a winter's day inside with them?
  • Would you rather fall in love fully or become rich?
  • Would you rather date an athlete or a professor?
  • Would you rather make the first move on someone or have someone flirt with you first?
  • Would you rather cook for your partner or have them cook for you?
  • Would you rather date someone that you find funny or someone that finds you funny?
  • Would you rather go to a concert with your friends or with your significant other?
  • Would you rather go bungee jumping with your partner or go sky diving together?

These questions are meant to be fun and flirty. You want to get an idea of the type of girl she is and what she looks for in a man.

While this isn't the ultimate determiner of a relationship, it will help you know how compatible both of you are, and it'll give you a chance to practice your flirting.

Would You Rather Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

When texting a girl your crushing on, remember to keep your texts simple. You want her to be interested in you, but don't ask private questions that will leave her uncomfortable.

Another important fact is you don't want to seem boring over text. If you're good at keeping up the conversation, she'll like you better. Suggesting a game of 'Would you rather…?' over text will spark her curiosity and allow you to learn fun and important facts about her!

Would you rather questions could range from funny questions, flirty questions, serious questions, and much more. All these questions will let you learn more about the girl you like.

Some funny flirty questions you could ask a girl over text include;

  • Would you rather date an ugly, rich person or an attractive poor person?
  • Would you rather adopt young children or older children?
  • Would you rather have a partner who's hardworking but jealous or lazy but trusting?
  • Would you rather exercise with your partner or exercise alone?

Some serious 'would you rather' questions you could ask a girl over text include;

  • Would you rather date someone who's very fashionable or someone who dresses comfortably?
  • Would you rather be with someone who's strict or someone very loving?
  • Would you rather have a restaurant dinner or breakfast in bed?
  • Would you rather lie to your partner to help them or be honest with the truth?

You could also ask some deep 'would you rather' questions to your crush over text, such as;

  • Would you rather have an extremely sensitive partner or an insensitive partner?
  • Would you rather date someone your family hates or someone who hates your family?
  • Would you rather date someone who's overly religious or someone who doesn't care about religion?
  • You just found out you have a terminal illness: would you rather spend your last days with your family or partner?

All these questions will help keep your text conversation going and ensure that none of you get bored. It will also spark her interest in you, and she might ask you a few questions of her own!

Would You Rather Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text

Guys can be very complicated at times. Knowing the right 'Would you rather…?' questions to ask your guy crush over text is very important in helping you understand them better.

Remember that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions. It's all in good fun and a great opportunity to learn more about your significant other. If the guy doesn't give the answer you like, no problem! Just move on to the next question.

Don't let him feel you're taking his answers too seriously, or he might want to stop playing. Be chill about it and try to learn as much about him as you can while also having fun, enjoying yourself, and maybe answering some questions of your own.

Here are a bunch of great would you rather questions to ask a guy over text;

  • Would you rather stay up late or get up early?
  • Would you rather solve problems by yourself or ask for help?
  • Would you rather be famous and poor or rich and unknown?
  • Would you rather celebrate Christmas in summer or celebrate it in winter?
  • Would you rather read a book and listen to music or go to a party?
  • Would you rather play football or basketball?
  • Would you rather lose your sight or lose your hearing?
  • Would you rather achieve lots of things and remain unsatisfied or achieve little and be content?
  • Would you rather travel to the past and experience history or travel to the future?

When you ask would you rather questions over text, try to think of your answer to your answer. It's always great when your answers match as it shows whether you two have enough chemistry together.

Would You Rather Questions for Girl Crush

It's normal to get nervous when talking to a girl crush. And often, you might lose track of what you wanted to say. As a result, it's good to have backup questions to ask your crush if the conversation is boring.

Here are a couple would rather question to ask a girl you like;

  • Would you rather have an indoor date or go out for a date?
  • Would you rather spend the majority of your time outside or inside?
  • Would you rather watch a romantic comedy movie or a horror-thriller movie?
  • Would you rather stay celibate all your life or stay silent all your life?
  • Would you rather travel the world with your partner or live a quiet life together?
  • Would you rather go to school with your partner or work in an office with your partner?
  • Would you rather go on a blind date or fall in love traditionally?

Flirty Would You Rather Questions to Ask Your Crush

While it's important not to take the game too seriously, you still need to know what type of questions to ask your crush. People all have different personalities, and the flirty would you rather questions you can ask, depends on the type of person your crush is.

Here are a few things to put into consideration when choosing flirty would you rather questions to ask;

  1. What type of person are they?

    Please get to know them and try to pick questions that would attract and interest them.

  2. Are you trying to pursue a serious or casual relationship with them?

    Decide for sure whether or not it's simply casual flirting you want or if you're trying to get into a relationship with that person.

  3. Choose fun and interesting questions

    You don't want to bore them out. Chose questions that make them think and laugh.


You'll be surprised how much you can learn about someone from a simple game of 'Would you rather…?'

The main idea behind these questions is to help you form interesting, quality conversations with your significant other. These questions will ensure that there isn't a boring moment between the two of you.

They also present a great opportunity to get to know your crush better. Don't just ask random questions. Try to ask questions that tell you more about your crush type, what they look for in a partner, their interests and personality traits, etc.

Get ready to build deep rapport with your crush as these 'would you rather' questions will leave them captivated by you!

There are lots more fun and flirty questions for your crush out there, so feel free to add more if you want. Just remember to have fun with these questions, and let your crush ask you questions too!

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