How to Flirt for Guys – Get the Best Advice

There is an old saying, “in love, as in war, there are no rules,” and it is a powerful metaphor if not taken literally, and we can understand what it’s trying to say. It means that there are no set rules or guidelines for love; what works for someone else might not work for you. If you ask two men or a man and a woman for advice on flirting, they will give you different advice because their personal experiences shape their views on flirting, dating, and love.

Flirting is a powerful weapon in your dating arsenal, so learning how to master your technique is essential if you want to break the ice.

The truth is that most men overthink flirting. Society has led men to believe that flirting revolves around pick-up lines and sexual innuendos. Women want to be heard, engaged with, and treated with respect by a man with confidence during a flirtatious conversation. And that leads on to the first piece of advice:

Be Confident

Confidence is one of the features women find most attractive. Even if you’re not an overly confident person, keep trying. Confidence comes with experience, so don’t be afraid to “fake it ‘til you make it,” and act the part.


It seems obvious, but conversations are two-way streets, and flirting is another type of conversation, so listen to her when she talks. Forgetting vital information about her or not paying attention when she’s speaking is a massive turn-off.

Let Her Talk

Men can often suffer from verbal diarrhea when they get nervous. It is unfortunately is also a turn-off for women. Like we mentioned before, flirting is a two-way street, so ask her questions and show that you’re interested in what she has to say.

Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection and Be Graceful in Defeat

Learning how to be good at flirting with a girl is a road full of failure. Nobody likes getting rejected, but it happens. When it does happen, you need to be respectful and graceful. It just wasn’t meant to be, so move on.


Respect is vital for any kind of flirting to begin and even more for it to be successful. If you want to know how to be cute and flirty, you must know how to be respectful first.

Ask a Girl out

Asking a girl out is a bold move. However, if you are both flirting, then she is likely to say yes. Remember always to be respectful and find the right time to ask. If you ask 30 seconds into a conversation, you will come off as desperate - a real turn-off.


Just like any skill, you will need to practice your flirt tricks to get a girl. Find opportunities to be respectfully flirty whenever you can. You’ll soon see an improvement.

How to Flirt with a Girl - Know Yourself

So, you want to learn good ways to flirt with a girl, right? First, you need to know yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Knowing you’re own limitations is vital for being able to flirt successfully. Once you discover that most women are just as nervous as you are, you will also find that perfection is boring.

In film and television, we prefer characters we can relate to. That’s what makes a TV show entertaining. The same applies when flirting. Knowing how to flirt with girls begins with knowing yourself, and girls relate more to men who aren’t perfect or certainly don’t think they are.

Once you’re aware that girls are just as nervous as you are and that nobody likes perfection, you can begin flirting. We mentioned earlier that confidence is a feature women find attractive, but don’t overdo it. You have to stay light and sweet. Take a moment before approaching a woman to observe what’s around you both; who is she with? Where are you? Etc. It will also give you a second to think and gather the information that will help you in the act of flirting.

Use that instance to pick out something you genuinely like about the person you’re approaching. It could be her smile, her eyes, her coffee mug, anything. It can also be related to the establishment you’re in, like the music, the food, or the service.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Stop playing it safe and talk to as many people as you can when you’re out on your own. True, some people may give you weird looks, but there will be others who are open to friendly and respectful flirting. It helps practice your skills and perfect how to flirt with a girl properly.

The Best Tips for Flirt – Make Your Best

There are many different ways to flirt, and women will respond to them in their own way. Also, some flirting techniques may work for you, while others won’t. The trick is to find the right balance that works for you and the person you’re trying to flirt with.

Here are some ways you can try while learning how to flirt:

Using Touch

Using touch is an effective way to flirt with girls if done the right way. Start with light, gentle taps and build the duration and type of touching the more intimate you become with a girl.

For example, start with tapping the back of her elbow with the back of your hand. From there, you can change to using your palm to touch her upper arm and slowly progress to one-sided hugs. As the flirting continues, you can begin increasing the duration of each touch.

Using touch to flirt works in several ways and will help you attract women, as it is one of the most effective flirting tricks:

  1. It makes a girl feel comfortable with physical contact with you without feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Touching shows you’re comfortable around her and are interested in her.
  3. Not touching her for too long shows you’re in control and leaves her wanting more.

It’s important to get this method right, as holding your touch for too can come across as creepy or desperate. So, be patient, respectful, and read how the girl responds to your contact to get it right.

Being Playful

Flirting is a game. If you make the game too simple and let her win, the girl will become disinterested and bored. If you make it too hard, the girl will never know you’re interested in her. Use a flirting trick called “push and pull.” This trick involves showing a girl some interest with a compliment and then playfully pushing her away.

It’s not an easy trick to master, but the uncertainty the trick creates will keep a girl interested once you have. Keep a girl guessing, and you’ll make sure she keeps playing the flirting game.

Flirting as a Natural Behavior

The art of flirting with a girl isn’t about what words you use; it is about your mindset. Once you have the right attitude, the conversation will flow with ease.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, the right mindset is to be confident. You need to see yourself as desirable and assume the girl you’re flirting with already wants you. But be careful not to confuse confidence with arrogance. A positive attitude is a form of confidence, as is being comfortable in your own skin. This attitude will show you’re fun and willing to try new things while also helping you turn flirting into your natural behavior.

The Power of a Nickname

A cute way to flirt with a girl is to give her a nickname. Nicknames are personal and we usually give them to people we feel comfortable with. It is also playful, intimate and shows that you like a girl. It can be fun choosing the right nickname too, so why not turn it into a game where you give each other nicknames?

The trick to a good nickname is that it has to be personal to the girl you’re talking to. While you could use default names for each girl you meet (such as “troublemaker”), it adds intimacy if you can come up with a unique nickname for the girl you’re flirting with. So, don’t be afraid to be experimental, and remember to keep it fun, positive, and respectful.

Summary of the Best Ways to Flirt – Keep in Mind

There are many ways to flirt with your girlfriend or a girl you’re interested in. It’s your job to try and find which works best for you and which one is best suited to the girl you’re chatting with. However, there are some key points you always need to have in mind, and they are:

  • Confidence: One of the sexiest features in a man
  • Respect: Nobody likes to be mistreated, so don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want to be done to you
  • Fun: Flirting is about having fun, being cheerful and playful
  • Practice: Don’t see Rejection as a bad thing; see it as an opportunity to continue practicing and improving your subtle ways to flirt with a girl

Now you’re all set to begin a new flirting adventure. If you keep the main factors in mind and follow the advice set up in this article, you will soon master the art of flirting with girls. So, go out there and try some new good ways to flirt with a girl.

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