The Trick on How to French Kiss Well

Whether you are thinking about your first French kiss or seeing unwanted reactions from your partners when you smooch them, learning tips and tricks about the art of kissing with your tongue will benefit you and your partner. You want to know how to French kiss a girl or a boy, but you’re unsure about what you need to do, and then you are in the right place.

For many, kissing with the tongue is a passionate dance that you need to practice, and this comparison is an accurate one. Like dancing, deep Frenching is a give and take between partners sharing a sensual and passionate moment.

What’s a French Kiss - Discover All the Facts

A French kiss can be anything from a quick peck to a half an hour make-out session, where you draw the time limit on the definition is ultimately you to. What makes French kissing different from a goodnight peck from your mom is that you use your tongue. If you’re kissing someone and your mouths are open, and the tongue is getting involved in the action, that is French kissing.

You should consider Frenching as an art. Like art, it takes practice to define your French kiss style, and different people will have their own way. Does that mean they’re a bad kisser? Not necessarily; it just means they have a different way of kissing that may or may not match your own. However, it could also be that they are a terrible kisser.

Don’t be put off by bad kisses; the perfect French kiss is out there looking for you too!

How to French Kiss a Girl - All You Should Know

We’ve all been through our first kiss with tongue. We all know the nerves that come with looking at a girl’s face getting closer and praying that we don’t suck at French kissing. Even when you’ve got some experience under your belt, there will be a woman or man who makes you feel all those nerves of your first-ever time again. Luckily for you, here is some excellent advice on how to French kiss a girl that will last you a lifetime.

Find Someone to French Kiss

Having a kissing partner is the first step towards getting better at French kissing. It could be the girl you have a crush on or your girlfriend. The important thing is that you’re both consenting, and you want your tongue in her mouth.

Find Somewhere to Kiss

Nobody wants their first French kiss with a girl to be in front of their parents during dinner, so the location needs to be right. It can be in the back row of a movie theatre or somewhere more romantic. What important is that you both feel comfortable and have the right level of intimacy for a passionate French kiss.

Find Your Partner’s Mouth

It sounds ridiculous, but ask anyone, and they will tell you they’ve had mishaps and accidentally put their tongue up a girl’s nostril. It can happen for tons of reasons, nerves, you closed your eyes too soon, etc., but it does happen. So, locate their mouth before you go in for a kiss, and keep your tongue in until you’re sure you found their lips.

Build up

Don’t try to run before you can walk. Girls don’t tend to like having a tongue thrust down their throat immediately or unexpectedly. Warm-up with light pecks or some gentle shoulder touching. Remember, like dancing, there is a build-up of passion and emotions.

Consent and Respect

Find out if the girl you’re with wants to make out with you. Even if the light touches and kisses are going well, she may still not want another tongue in her mouth. When or if she says no to making out, respect her decisions and continue with the build-up. Avoid making her feel uncomfortable.

Lean in

How to French kiss well starts with the perfect lean in. Lean towards the girl slowly to avoid bumping heads.

Gently Open Your Mouth

Part your lips slowly before you get your tongue involved. This action will warn the girl of what’s about to happen. Romantic Frenching takes time and gentle movements from both of you.

Don’t Rush to Put Your Tongue in

You’ve reached the French part of kissing. Don’t shove your full tongue straight into a girl’s mouth, though, so only put a small part of your tongue past their lips and work up from there.

Switch It up

You are now in a deep French kiss, so switch it up a little. Change how much tongue you use, how you move it around in your partner’s mouth, work with them to find out what is best for you both.

Breathe through your nose, but if you do need to stop for air, bite the girl’s lip as you pull away. It’s a sexy move that will leave her wanting more.

There Is No Time Limit

The best tongue action can last 30 seconds or 30 minutes. There are no limits on how long a good French kiss should last; just do your thing.


When you’ve finished kissing a girl, pull away and smile. A smile is a small gesture that shows your partner you enjoyed their personal lesson in passion.

Your first French kiss with a girl may feel awkward or clumsy, but so do many other first things we do in our lives. Don’t let it put you off; keep practicing, have faith and love, and soon you will find the perfect lips to fit yours.

How to French Kiss Him - Become the Best Kisser

Girls get just as nervous as boys about their first-time touching lips. The situation is no different, whether you’re a girl trying to French kiss a boy/girl for the first time or a boy trying to get close to a girl/boy for the first time. Your first time will be a moment you always remember.

So, besides the excellent tips and advice we have already given you on how to French kiss, here are some more tricks you need to read to make sure your first time with your partner goes smoothly and is a pleasurable experience for you both.

  • Breathing: There are a time and a place for sharing a breath with your partner. But your first kiss is not that time or place. Breathe through your nose, and if you need to pause for a deeper breath, don’t be afraid to pull away. It keeps your partner wanting more.
  • Fresh Breath: Nobody likes to be that close to someone with bad breath, so keep some mints handy when the moment arrives.
  • Use Your Body: Body language is an essential part of deep French kissing. Use your hands to explore your partner’s body, and show them how much you desire them by keeping them close. Some describe a good kiss as an out-of-body experience, so use your body to make your smooching more passionate.
  • Watch for Teeth: Banging teeth happens to us all, but be careful and try to avoid it when changing the kissing position with your partner.
  • Change It up: Don’t get stuck in kissing the same way each time. Mix things up, explore new parts of your partner’s mouth, and try lip biting. A French kiss should never be boring, so experiment and try different ways with your partner.
  • It’s About Feelings: Kissing is about a mutual feeling of passion and desire. It can be scary for the first time but focus on your emotions and sensory pleasure. Soon you will master the art of kissing with tongue.
  • Take a Pause: Passionate tongue action can be as short or as long as you want it to be, but it’s good also to take a pause and bathe in the glow of how good it can make you feel. You can also take a break from Frenching and focus your partner on the cheek, neck, or collarbone to keep the passion flowing.

The first kiss can be a nerve-wracking time, regardless of gender or sexuality, but your technique will get better with practice. Finding a pair of lips that perfectly fit yours is magical and something we all strive to find. Don’t be put off by a bad experience; your partner’s technique or style may differ from yours. Simply communicate to find out what works best for both of you.

Follow our advice, and you will soon master the art of Frenching. Don’t think about it too much and enjoy the moment. A first kiss is something we should remember forever. Don’t let nerves ruin that moment for you.

The advice we give here may look and sound like a lot, but trust, it will all happen in a split second. Now you’re ready to tackle that split second and enjoy every second that follows after.

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