What's a Good Dare for a Boy – Good is Relative

A good dare for a boy needs to be something epic, falling under the category of some awesome dares. Ultimately, unlike females, boys already have a daring streak innately in them. A female requires finesse even when a dare is in order. Otherwise, lawsuits under sexual harassment might be in order.

In contrast, dudes have the leeway to be as dangerous with dares as is legally and humanly allowed. Hence, in planning some good dares for boys, 'good' doesn't imply safe, decent, or morally sound activities. It refers to dares good enough for some epic, memorable times.

Awesome Dares for Truth or Dares – for Your Crush, or Buddy

While females practice what we may call cute dares and questions, dudes need to feel insecure or intimidated for a dare to work out truly. Let's check out some awesome dares for dudes, keeping in mind most of these are bound to make any man feel queasy.

Send a sex message to the last person on your contact list

Men are shy expressing feelings romantic feelings. Picture your pal sending a random sext to their last contact person – geez. Their ex (), their colleague at work, or dare we dream - boss. It gets all the more interesting when sexting family members.

Perform a lap dance on someone you choose

In the room, or wherever you are, there is a chance his crush is there, or there are a bunch of dudes who deep down crave some bisexual activity. Well, blame it on the booze, and truth or dare as you dare a boy to give one of their pals in the room a lap dance. Keep your camera phone close for this dare

Unclad yourself – at least four items

Boys are insecure about body language, yet few lads strip at any opportunity. This is the perfect dare for boys, particularly if their crush is in the vicinity. It brings him out of his comfort zone, possibly providing insight on who is feeling who

Mix up a concoction of sorts – with everything available

If you've never done this, your teenage life left little to be desired. Dudes have to drink some fatal concoctions at some point in their lives – preferably when their bodies can heal from such destructive activities. Dare him to mix everything he sets his eyes on, be it bleach, gin, coffee, or water.

Shave your legs

Before we get to it, he will only be shaving one. Yep, not only will he feel extremely weird if he happens to be hairy, it will be extremely uncomfortable for him having to be clean-shaven on one side of his body. Men are insecure regarding most of their physical attributes – so anything that makes matters worse should be a welcome dare.

Swap clothing with a female

On insecurities and fun times, have him grab a tank top from the lady next to him, or better yet, she gets to choose what he should wear. She should choose anything from bras, hot pants, or even high heels for purposes of a good and awesome dare for a boy. These are fun things for boys to play with, and to be honest, many will fulfill fantasies with this dare, unbeknownst to the crowd

The above are awesome dares for boys, be they friends or a crush. There are some awesome dares for your boyfriend worth considering. Spark up your relationship with these cool dares.

Funny Dares for Your Boyfriend – Witty, Funny, Classic

Dare him to sing a love song to a random lass

A few tweaks, and this dare is profoundly more interesting. It promises to be funny because the girlfriend will pick a random female. He will then sing to her, a made-up song, about what he digs about her (the random girl, not the girlfriend). It can only get hilarious as he tries to be funny while treading carefully

Shower and pick the first item of clothing

If you happen to be at your pal's house, have his shower, then pick the first item of clothing he finds out of the shower. Be sure to drop some female panties, a bra, or a nightdress close by. If he loves you, he will forgive you for this one. If no forgiveness is forthcoming after that at least, you had fun

Play a sex game with someone in proximity

There will almost always be a sex game of sorts during truth or dare, especially between couples. Have your boyfriend simulate some sort of sexual activity with whoever is next to them, boy or girl. This promises to be fun, especially if you have him blindfolded, not sure how you react to all the shenanigans.

Get to know your body

Let him explore a few parts of your and your friends' bodies. If you have been dating a while, this will be more interesting. Blindfold him and have your friends line up their feet for him to massage, and pick one which should supposedly be you. It gets interesting when he (and you) realize he knows specific parts of your body only -

Be a pet to someone next to you

Your boyfriend should be seated next to someone they don't particularly like for this one. Have him be a pet, be it a dog, parrot, cat, or even snake, for approximately five minutes. Things can get ugly if he chooses to be a pit bull and his master is the jock he has had a never-ending feud with since high school. You may see a side of your boyfriend you never knew existed.

On that note, if he happens to be your crush, truth or dare questions are the jackpot in terms of breaking the ice. The questions can be tailored to answer questions needing answers soonest. Let's check out some cool truth or dare questions for you and your pals and perhaps your crush.

Cute Truth or Dare Questions – Break the Ice or a Soul

Truth or dare can get quite messy when the individuals involved seek to extract information instead of having fun. Check out some decent, fun-filled questions for you to break the ice with strangers or delve into the soul of your crush

Who are you thinking about now?!

Catch your crush off guard with this question. If it is a guy, chances are he'll divert quicker than you ask the question twice. This will occur because he thinks about you, cannot mention it, and doesn't want to bring up someone in the same room. So, he'll mention his mom. At this point, you should be blushing.

Top five turn-ons

Your friends have to answer this question in less than ten seconds, better yet, less than six seconds. The longer they take, the more they want to lie to impress someone in the room. Have them jump right into it and prepare to be astonished.

Name the hottest person in the room (wherever you are)

The longer they think, the less truthful the answer. It is truth or dare. Dare them to tell the truth. You will be amazed how men quiver at the thought of making people uncomfortable or their crush being disappointed

Ever lied to your partner?

This works wonders for couples and friends. It gest emotionally tense, rousing buried memories from participants. However, it could be therapeutic while making some uncomfortable if asked whether they ever cheated on a partner. Keep an eye on your crush. You may get valuable insight before ever engaging them.

Name one childish thing you still do

All your friends should have several of these instances. As friends, we all need a good laugh. If your pals claim they don't have any childish behaviors, escort them out of the room. Better yet, excuse them from the game. As friends, we need a laugh. Peeing in the shower, hiding underneath the covers when we hear a thud at night, or watching toons are all cool, childish things we all do. The more we share them in truth, the more we realize how alike we are.

On questions for friends and bringing out the truth regarding past, present, and future, certain questions make the boldest cringe. Peruse truth questions for friends worth trying out, with caution. A prior analysis of participating personalities is in order.

Deep Truth Questions for Friends – Interrogations?

Have you made out with anyone present?

This one is pretty cool if you have a bunch of friends but no exes. You will be surprised at some of the answers you will get. This truth question works best under the influence. Ask your crush if they've made out with anyone in the room. They may surprise you after saying yes, but more so after revealing it was a bi-sexual moment. The truth can be hard to handle.

Recall the biggest fraud in your past Life

Mention something you lied about in your past that gives you shivers to this day? If your friend is honest, they will bring up an incident of irresponsibility on their part. They might be solely responsible for getting you locked up during a college bash, or they lied and saved you from lockup at some point. This may reveal secrets better left buried. It could leave you, the inquirer, lost for words.

Biggest relationship regret

What was your worst dating experience? After a few drinks, this question among honest friends may reveal shocking answers. People rarely connect dots while drinking, so their mention of their worst dating experience may involve a mutual friend – perhaps even you.

Kinkiest thing in public

Most dudes mention masturbating in public. Incidentally, dares and truth questions without sexual escapades are unheard of. With females, you may never look at your friends the same again. Additionally, it could be more than kinky/sexual activities. The craziest thing done in public could be a demonstration. You may find out your crush fought for equal rights at some point in her teenage years. Pretty cool, right?

Have you ever lied to your friends?

It will end up emotionally taxing if your pals are having a truthful day. Turns out your best friend wasn't sick that night. She was making out with your ex. Worse yet, your best friend lied to you several times about your singing, cooking, weight, or any number of things. Brace yourself for some candid responses.

Are you currently in love with anyone?

If your crush is in the room, this may be fun. If couples are involved, it may be a tad boring to ask. It might surprise you how long it takes to receive positive responses. The partner may not be in the room, but every participant will wish they were. If he/she happens to be dating your pal, cut them some slack. It is just a game.


If questions are applied appropriately, there will be a positive result, keeping in mind your participants. Failure to acknowledge your audience's true nature, exes, previous bullies/victims, and heartbroken divorcees can lead to lots of crying and a few punches being thrown. Truth or dare is meant to be fun for adults, sometimes bringing up buried childhood memories. Practice good dares for boys, and you are promised a fun-filled, candid afternoon.

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