Say freaky things to say to your girlfriend – she’ll love it

We’ve all heard the expression ‘talking dirty.’ But have you ever put it to the test and tried to articulate those freaky thoughts running through your mind when you’re with your significant other? Don’t fret about offending her. She may well be taken aback, but a far more likely reaction is surprise, followed by instant capitulation! The freakier the phrases or sayings you can think of to whisper in her ear, the more enthusiastic the response is likely to be. Why don’t you give it a try next time both of you seem to be getting in the mood?!

  • There are things to tell your girlfriend that only you will get away with. How about: "I can’t wait until we’re close enough to feel our hearts beating together, and I’m not talking about a hectic aerobics session. I’m referring to the missionary position when we’re pressing close together."
  • Choosing the right moment to introduce these freak sayings is vital, although sometimes there doesn’t have to be an ideal situation. Unleashing these thoughts in the most unlikely places can exacerbate the intent!

Say you’re in the secluded corner of your favorite coffee shop, surrounded by other patrons enjoying their lattes and tasty treats. Just lean a little closer and a range of sexy things to say to a girl might readily come to mind. Things to say to make a girl horny can come in a variety of shapes and sizes! Look around you, and the things you might be able to observe can be put to good use!

  • Dirty things to tell your girlfriend could commence with leaning in and murmuring, "I’d love to run my lips around your, the way you do when you’re taking the first sip of your coffee."
  • Something sexy to tell a girl could take the form of introducing an absurd but horny situation to her imagination. Whisper, "Wouldn’t it be terrible if the baristas happened to leave something in the toasting machine too long and set off the fire alarm? After everyone has vacated the premises, leaving us alone here, I’d like to throw you across the table and indulge in some cafeteria love!’
  • The sexiest things to say to your girlfriend can sometimes pop into your head when you least expect it. You might be seated on a train, innocently gazing out of the windows as the countryside flows past. Brushing loose strands of hair from her cheeks, you could softly murmur, "There’s something about the motion of this carriage that is getting me really hot and bothered. How about you? This non-stop rocking emotion is reminding me of our last night of passion. Why don’t we find an unoccupied compartment, then lose ourselves to the moment?’ Of course, your surroundings might be too busy to make this intimacy impractical. But that doesn’t detract from the potency of the sexual things you can dream up to say to your girlfriend.

Are you looking for something freaky to say to a girl?

Here’s some sterling advice. Although it will feel instinctive to come out with sincere compliments that will put a smile on her face, an even better suggestion would be to think of nasty things to say to your girlfriend. There is nothing quite like a spot of shameless dirty talk to spice up your relationship!

  • Things to say to get a girl turned on should come from the heart, and it simply doesn’t matter whether these sentiments are nice or nasty! Say you happen to be at some social event, perhaps a birthday party in a function room, or a wedding.
  • Tell her how much you’d love to drag her to one side and find a room where you could be alone together. Give a graphic description of the way you’d start to undress her forcefully.
  • Always emphasize making her feel freaky with your actions, rather than giving the impression you’re simply seeking self-gratification. Tell her how much you want to pleasure her. Be as vivid as possible in your intimacy.

When you’re not together, considering something freaky to text a girl will ensure your love life keeps simmering. Don’t overthink the sexy things to say to a girlfriend. Once you become part of a contended and committed partnership, there’s every likelihood these will come naturally. Soon a selection of things to say to make your girlfriend horny will be popping into your head when you least expect it. The key is – don’t hold back. The more vigorously you can introduce these comments into your chat, the greater the impact will be.

  • Sexy things to tell your girlfriend should focus on what you’d like to do when you’re alone together. Describe outlandish situations, such as getting it on wearing different costumes.
  • How about suggesting you meet somewhere, but play different roles? Choose a public location, such as a bar you are unfamiliar with. Arrange to meet there at a certain time. Don’t agree with a definite rendezvous moment, merely an approximation. This will provide added spice as you wait for her to enter, perhaps wearing a wig, or dressing far more provocatively than usual. Now think of all the things to say to get a girl horny as you approach her as if you’re strangers and about to embark on a chat-up routine.
  • Because you’re playing the part of these alter-egos you can be as dirty or freaky as you wish. Don’t overdo fake accents – you don’t want the underlying current to be comedy. It has to be all about creating a freaky situation and then taking it to the next level.
  • You could always meet in a hotel bar and then book a room. Here your physical encounters could become so much hornier than the ones you normally indulge in when alone together.

Here are some freaky things to say to a girl

The ideal things to say to your girlfriend to turn her on should focus on her natural charms. Tell her how much you adore her figure, her eyes, the makeup she is wearing, the perfume she has chosen to apply.

  • Think of really kinky stuff to say to your girlfriend. This might hint at bondage. The freakiest thing to say to a girl is hard to determine, as everyone has a list of the things that most turn them on. But the best dirty things to say to a girl should skirt close to any red lines in your relationship – those activities you haven’t actually tried before now.
  • For kinky things to say to your girlfriend, imagine you are in a scenario you might not have tried out before. Conjure a back-street BDSM club. Now paint the picture of the outfits you could dress up in while you prepare to indulge in some erotic fun. Mention the way you’d love to tie her down, secure with comfortable but escape-free binds.
  • Make suggestive comments about spanking her for being naughty. When considering what can you can say to turn a girl on, a spot of harmless corporal punishment should be kinkier enough to bring an anticipatory smile.
  • Don’t hold back when it comes to nasty stuff to say to your girlfriend. Sometimes you have to cross a line, leaving expected behavior far behind! Instead of whispering sweet nothings, inject your conversation with lurid and freaky descriptions of what you’d like to do when you’re alone. Talk much dirtier than you normally would, swearing more than you would, but deploying any rude words in the context of getting hot and bothered.

Hot things to say to your girlfriend when you feel flirty

You should aim to keep the feelings stoked by thinking of dirty things to say to your girlfriend over text. This is where you can let your imagination really run away with itself.

  • Things to tell a girl to turn her on might include references to combining dining with the after-dinner pleasures. Eating can be such an erotic activity in itself.
  • What to say to a woman to turn her on might be conjuring the picture of a meal where you are enjoying strawberries dipped into melted chocolate. Tell her how you are looking forward to stretching towards her over a dining table, offering her a morsel of fruit dipped into dark, sweet chocolate. Sexy things to tell a girl could then center on how much you would relish her licking her lips, opening her mouth, then observing her nibbling the flesh of the strawberry before popping it between her rich lips, all the way into her mouth.

Filthy things to say to your girlfriend to ignite passion

Much as this is the age of gender equality, many females like, and expect, their male partners to take control of situations. So you should also be thinking of dominant things to say to your girlfriend. This doesn’t mean coming over all bossy and demanding – you still want to appear as a lover, not her line manager!

  • Dirty things to say to your wife might cover sharing a bath. Tell her how much you are looking forward to immersing yourself in a deep tub of water hot enough to draw beads of sweat, with the scent of flickering candles placed strategically in the background. Describe how you’d like to sponge her body, massaging her contours, exploring her intimate places!
  • When you’re not together, you can keep in touch by sexting things to your girlfriend. As you compose these freaky messages, consider a selection of naughty words to say to your girlfriend that will get her hot and bothered. Use euphemisms, or be far more direct. Either method will work!
  • Dirty romantic things to say to your girlfriend can combine filthy suggestions with more romantic undertones.
  • Sexual things to tell your girlfriend might focus on domestic scenarios, injected with passion. “I tidied the kitchen today because I knew you were coming around. There are still a few things cluttering the table. Let’s sweep them aside together, then I’ll throw you over the surface and we can make love.” You could add, “This recipe for a horny get-together will be guaranteed to produce a feast of love neither of us will forget.”
  • There are so many freaky things to tell your girlfriend that will put her in the mood for love. Tell her that her ass looks just as fantastic in the sweatpants she wore for her morning jog as it does when she wears your favorite cocktail dress.
  • Of course, much as dreaming up saucy and flirty comments to make to raise her temperature can be a lot of fun, you should be aware of the red lines. There will always be inappropriate things to say to a girl that will have a detrimental effect. Instead of creating the right mood, blurting out the wrong thing will ruin the moment.
  • The top of this list of ‘taboo topics’ is discussing someone else. Never compare her assets to a previous flame or even some celebrity you happen to have a secret crush on. "You know, your figure is just as good as (insert name of film icon or popstar)." This will instantly relegate her to the position of second-best on your shortlist. Imagine how it would make you feel to be on the receiving end of such a backhanded compliment?
  • Far better to focus on the positives. If you are concerned about saying something tactless in the heat of the moment, it would do no harm to think of potentially freaky comments to make well in advance. Should you have a moment of inspiration, jot it down somewhere discreetly, such as the notes section of your smart device. Just make sure you erase this material before you take your phone in for a service!
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