Why Would You Listen to The Top 50 Love Songs of All Time?

Everyone has an iPod playlist of their favorite top 100 or top 50 love songs. Why? Because love is one of the finest stuff in this world. Falling in love with someone changes so many things. Even the most boring items are made special by that somebody. The songs that we hear unexpectedly have broader meanings and elicit more powerful feelings. Love songs affect us in a way that nothing else does. Love songs make you recall when and why you fell in love. Love songs are for every person, every mood, and every age. If you're thirteen and your first kiss has left you dazed or have been long married to the same person and still in love, love songs are for you. Love songs usually talk of falling in love, meeting someone for the first time, or losing someone who is no longer with you. While every age has its own beloved melodies, certain love songs belong forever; everybody loves them regardless of age. A good love song brings the voice, lyrics, rhythm, and tempo together to create an amazing experience. Here is a list of the 15 greatest love songs of all time.

The Top 15 Best Romance Movie Songs to Snag Your heart

Love songs are eternal. A good song has the power to make or break a movie. Good love songs can salvage poor films and make good films even better. And there are those songs that are so unforgettable it's hard to get them out of your mind and out of your heart. The function of songs in movies has many facets and has unparalleled value. Songs enhance the atmosphere, the storyline, the protagonists, and their desires. They also set the tone — and, in this scenario, that is romance. These 15 most romantic movie songs from the last thirty years can leave you feeling in love again — with the films they were used in and with your loved one.

However, no matter the genre, a movie soundtrack rarely keeps up a single musical mood throughout. So, while it's true that all these listed films are romances, after all, only a few songs from their soundtracks would make you feel like your heart was bursting with love. The majority of these tunes are fairly well known for a minimum of one of their melodies. Maybe it's because the song was published and marketed as a single, or maybe it became unexpectedly famous due to its added scene. Anyway, most of these tracks are going to inspire some pretty strong feelings.

Well, go on and get a tissue box now. You'll want them. And be ready for floods of longing — that's about to hit you, as well. With no delay, below are the 15 most famous movie love songs from the last three decades.

#1 – "I'm Kissing You" by Desiree, from Romeo & Juliet (1996)

The feelings in the song leap out to any teenager. The song accompanied the sequence when Romeo and Juliet first met during the Capulet's palace ball, and it aptly portrays their youthful love at first sight.

#2 – "Hungry Eyes" by Eric Carmen, from Dirty Dancing (1987)

This song is full to the brim with passionate love and plays at the scene where Johnny and Baby start to really fall in love.

#3 – "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston, from The Bodyguard (1992)

This song achieved fame for its association with the heart-wrenching closing scene of The Bodyguard. Today, it's one of the most popular love songs to have ever happened. What else can we say?

#4 – "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers, from Ghost (1990)

This song accompanied the scene where Molly sensually makes pottery, as her late lover Sam — who owns Whoopi Goldberg's earthly body for the moment, with her permission, of course — drives her into ecstasy, so to say. While it looks a bit weird saying this in print, it's so sentimental that tears can flow on the camera.

#5 – "Sweet Thing" by Rufus and Chaka Khan, from Love & Basketball (2000)

Love & Basketball tells the tale of childhood friends, both of whom dream of playing pro basketball. It is, at various moments, heart-warming and heart-breaking. It's a love tale, yes, but it's also a story about coming of age, finding out who you choose to be, and how it can affect your bonds on the way. Monica and Quincy are on the brink of puberty when they first become a couple, and this song aptly encapsulates their emerging teenage romance.

#6 – "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion, from Titanic (1997)

Even though Rose asked Jack never to leave her side when the Titanic sank, guess what! He did. The song captures the intensity of the minutes leading up to the final moment. The opening with the solo pan flute will get you every time you listen to it.

#7 – "It Must Have Been Love" by Roxette, from Pretty Woman (1990)

This song starts to play at the movie's most romantic musical moment when a distraught Vivian Ward turns away from Edward Lewis. They have both fallen in love with each other, but they both have yet to find a way to deal with this. Following this scene, Edward goes to Vivian's house, climbs up her fire exit, and serenades her with a rose in his mouth. The perfect dream come true!

#8 – "When I Fall in Love" by Celine Dion and Clive Griffin, from Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

This song is an incredible melody about the once-in-a-lifetime passion, and it's used well. When Sam Baldwin loses his wife to cancer, it feels as if one true love has faded into obscurity. That is, of course, before he encounters Annie Reed, and he's ready to give his heart absolutely — as the words go — once more.

#9 – "It Had to Be You" by Frank Sinatra, from When Harry Met Sally (1989)

This whole film is essentially one prolonged Yes or No instant, and it's utterly adorable. It takes both Harry and Sally as much as a lifetime of friendship to understand that they've been right for one another right from the beginning. When it actually finally dawns on Harry, this song incorporates a compilation of their most precious memories over the past.

#10 – "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin, from Top Gun (1986)

You can sort of imagine this song as the "Shallow" of its era. The song was composed especially for the 1986 movie and wound up getting both the Golden Globe and the Oscar for Best Original Song. It's seductive and lyrical, and it's difficult to envision Top Gun without it.

#11 – "Exhale (Shoop Shoop)" by Whitney Houston, from Waiting to Exhale (1995)

This song has always been about caring, understanding, and letting go. That is a little bit tragic, but it is still pretty optimistic: "For every win, someone must fail, but there comes the point when, when we exhale." The seamless R&B rhythm reflects the pain and ultimate learning experience by all of the women in the movie and acts as a positive lesson for most of us.

#12 – "Secret Garden" by Bruce Springsteen, from Jerry Maguire (1996)

After something of a media outburst, playboy talent agent Jerry Maguire quit his high-profile agency work to go out independently. Dorothy Boyd, a young single mother and office manager at Maguire's old firm, agrees to join him, and they unexpectedly end up getting married after a short, confused romance. Their relationship soon sours, and they start to move away from each other. However, and they plan to divorce. Jerry eventually comes to grips with the reality that he's been behaving like a loser. He heads back to Dorothy to convince her that much, but when he's uttering a complicated soliloquy about his emotions, this song sets the stage until Dorothy orders him to shut up and says yes.

#13 – "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins, from Risky Business (1983)

If your idea of passion means getting amorous on the metro train, then this is the song for you. If, though, that's not your interpretation of passion, okay, there is a rather sultry sequence in this movie that happens as this song plays, and it could just change your views.

#14 – 'Boomerang' (1992)

This soundtrack album is exceptionally beautiful. It's so lovely. Andre Grant wrote a full article devoted to the Boomerang album. He discussed how the original songs told him about romance before he understood what love was in his entry.

#15 – "A Love So Beautiful" by Michael Bolton, from Indecent Proposal (1993)

In studying the Indecent Proposal overview, the term "love story" may not be the first one to spring to mind immediately. Finally, however, old high school lovebirds, later married and then estranged couple David and Diana Murphy, know that they're destined to be together through all things that go south. The words of the song create an optimistic image. There was passion, then the affection was gone, but right at this moment, "when I think of you, I fall in love again."

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