Alpha Male vs Beta Male - What Does it Mean?

The thought of an alpha male creates an image of a strong, powerful man who controls both his personal life and his work life. In contrast to this, beta males are men who are needy and believe that they aren’t enough for people.

Alpha male derives from the natural world whereby the head of the pride or any other collection of animals would be in control. He is strong, a leader. The other animals in the group show respect.

This exact same principle applies in the human world where the alpha male is concerned. While we don’t live in a society where we behave in the same way as the animal kingdom, some men either naturally become an alpha male or they choose to become one. Therefore, they break through the crowd, and from this, beta males follow.

What Does Alpha Male Mean?

There is a belief in life that there are two forms of men known as Alpha and Beta. Placing a focus on the alpha male, what does it mean?

The term relates to men who have gained a certain level of status whereby they are socially respected and sit at the top of the tree. An alpha guy will be someone who is wealthy but also possesses the power and ability to connect with people in high places, and he knows this.

A strong alpha male is considered to be a real man. It’s predominantly based around masculinity, being tough, and having an aura that makes them stand out. The general alpha male qualities are associated with their ability to stand above others, to rely on money, and have people who worship and respect them. Furthermore, some alpha male tendencies involve their physical qualities, such as being in great shape and fit. In the old-fashioned world where men were considered the stronger species, all of this might have been true, but thinking has changed.

In the modern world we live in, being the leading male isn’t just about competing with others because it’s about competing with yourself. Impressions and opinions are something that guys thrive on, but ultimately being an alpha male is considered to be about taking yourself on a journey to a brighter and better future.

A guy who thinks big and is considered an alpha male will not believe in failure because they’re driven to lead, be respected, and successful. Furthermore, they’re the type to display courage, whether that’s accepting work-based challenges or attempting to achieve a feat such as climbing the highest mountain. This inner-desire to exude courage is a clear indicator of a man who considers himself to be different from the rest. Furthermore, their levels of perseverance force him to keep going and never give up. He isn’t the type to quit and will believe wholeheartedly in his values and beliefs.

If you’re wondering what a real alpha male might be, then traditionally, it is a guy who is committed, driven, powerful, and believes in himself completely. While the meaning has been blurred slightly as we’ve transitioned into new modern times, it still relates to a guy who considers him the cream of the crop.

Alpha and Beta Male - The Differences

As we’ve mentioned, men fall into two simple categories according to modern beliefs. The first category is the alpha male category, and the second category is the beta male.

These categories contain certain qualities and characteristics that determine what a true alpha male and a beta male might be. They’re clear and distinct, yet they indicate that both men are completely different ends of the spectrum.

One thing to consider is that the image of the traditional man has changed. In years gone by, he was the breadwinner, the man who would fight to prove he was stronger, and the one who would hunt for food when man lived in caves. Naturally, he is physically fit and strong, determined, and someone who people respect purely because of his status. Despite this, the idea behind a modern, real alpha male has changed somewhat.

We no longer live in a society where men are what they once were. Of course, this kind of guy still exists, but they’re often competing in a world with modern women. No longer can they claim to be the top of the tree or the most powerful person. They’ve got to manage their personalities and traits in new ways. Ambition is natural; taking care of appearances is natural, but forcing these traits on others can come across as arrogant. This is where this kind of guy has become slightly lost in society. Despite this, there is no denying that perceptions have changed, and this is where the beta male comes into play.

What is a Beta Male?

Keeping things simple, a beta male is the opposite of an alpha male. Despite this simple comparison, there is much more to it. For as long as the world continues to turn, everyone will be different, which means that there are guys who prefer to fly under the radar.

This kind of guy is considered to be shy, weak, anti-social, and unambitious. Furthermore, they’re considered to be the nice guys of society. Perhaps during times where men had to hunt and fight for territory, alpha and beta would have been clear. Despite this, the modern world dictates that beta guys are no longer what they once were.

This label is not associated with being physically weak, lacking money or confidence, or even being useless with women because they’re more sophisticated. While these traits or characteristics can differentiate between the two, much like someone can be athletic or non-athletic, they do not make one better than the other.

If you consider the superficial characteristics of a beta guy, then he might earn less money, is healthy but doesn’t look fit, and could be in a happy relationship. On the surface, he looks like the weaker of two, but beneath the surface, more could be revealed, and that’s where the difference lies.

There are differences that might be instantly apparent when considering alpha male tendencies and beta male tendencies. Despite this, there’s much more to the modern man than many might realize

What Makes an Alpha Male?

While we’ve touched on what differs between the alpha male and beta male, what actually makes an alpha male?

The reality is that this guy is someone who considers himself to be full of confidence. He isn’t the kind to hide in the shadows and follow because he wants to cut through the noise and get notices. In social settings, he’ll dress lavishly and in outfits that get him noticed. While he is considered masculine, he isn’t afraid to push boundaries when it comes to his appearance. From his clothing to his hair and skin, he is someone who wants to stand out.

From a career perspective, he is someone who wants to be respected, revered, and appreciated. His goal of earning a large amount of money so he can purchase a big house and car keeps him looking single-minded. He isn’t afraid of upsetting people or flexing his muscles in a corporate sense because in doing so, he is showing everyone what he is about. Financial goals are a significant driver for men who fall into this group. Earning more than the next guy is the modern equivalent of being more powerful than the leader of the next tribe. He can tell people what he earns with the belief that it’ll make him powerful and more attractive.

Furthermore, he’ll speak freely and openly because that helps him exert his power and his opinion. While his goal isn’t to upset or hurt people, he will handle uncomfortable situations in his own way because that proves that he isn’t afraid to stand up for himself. Ultimately, he understands his weaknesses but never allows them to hold him back. He acknowledges that not dealing with them can result in failure. Whether he is awkward around women, has a personality trait that’s prevented promotions or something else, he isn’t going to let them stop him.

There is always going to be a level of competitiveness between men. Some strive for more in different ways than other guys, but that’s imprinted within their DNA. It’s something that’s been changed in modern times, but some men are unable to look at life any other way. However, the world we live in still requires these kinds of men because they can make good leaders, strong relationships and keep society on its toes. There is no need to write the alpha male off or remove them from society. However, it’s always worth acknowledging that the beta male is more than he might seem, and credit has to be given because they are alpha male but in their own way!

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