Questions for Girlfriend – Hit or Miss?

The relationship has taken off, man and woman seemingly both in love, and conversations aren't stirring up the awkwardness. It is the perfect relationship, and both feel like the perfect couple. However, with time, questions pop up in the back of your mind. Specifically, the boyfriend feels some parts of the relationship need fixing, perhaps major changes need to be made, or one's history isn't particularly transparent.

It is a thin line to walk when questioning each other's pasts. Nonetheless, some queries are important for the relationship to experience the ultimate blossoming. Sometimes, you just need to spice things up with awkward questions to break the silence after the devil visits the room.

First, let's check out the coolest questions to ask your girlfriend.

Best Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Inquire how she feels regarding:

  • Marriage – is it on the horizon for her, or are you both marking time?
  • Family – how she feels about starting her own?
  • God and religion – a sensitive topic; tread carefully with this question.
  • Getting pregnant, and if it happened TONIGHT, what would she do?
  • Social issues such as LGBTQ rights and race.
  • Being honest with your partner – is it undoubtedly the best policy?
  • Releasing tension – is it better to plan a getaway or go shopping.
  • Places to live – would she rather countryside living or the concrete jungle?
  • Being unique vis-à-vis the status quo. Would she rather be unorthodox yet genuine or conform to avoid ridicule/questions?
  • Love – can it exist without finance?

Creating bonds with your chic takes some heavy-hitting questions too. These bring a relationship to its knees abruptly when they hit home, but they are necessary for growth. Peruse a few truths to ask your girlfriend that will leave you, the inquirer, questioning your intentions too.

Truths to Ask Your Girlfriend – Bullseye

To keep the relationship heading in the right direction, couples normally clear the air on several aspects of their union. At this point, questions inevitably leave either party feeling uneasy, all for a good reason.

A few truth questions to ask your girlfriend include:

  1. Whether she feels you are supportive enough – of her career especially?
  2. If you do anything that makes her feel loved or appreciated?
  3. Do you complement each other or pull each other down.
  4. Are issues resolved amicably, or is respect lacking?
  5. Is she comfortable around your pals? If not, who makes her feel uneasy?
  6. Is the sex satisfactory? Ouch!
  7. Could she highlight the greatest part of your relationship, if any?
  8. Inquire if you need to make any relationship changes.
  9. Is communication enough in the relationship?
  10. Any bad habits she wishes you could quit?

The above highlights key tried and proven ways of gaining much-needed insight into relationship growth or pitfalls. Slick questions necessitate a need for abrupt relationship amendments when secrets are unleashed, false claims are debunked, and people are left naked, figuratively. Check out our compilation of short trap questions to pose to your girlfriend.

Trap Questions to Ask your Girlfriend

Begin with questions regarding her past that give insight into her present situations and her personal growth.

  • Ask about her dreams as a child – is she working on them?
  • Her greatest inspiration – insightful because it reveals her values.
  • What should a perfect, ideal relationship feel like?
  • According to her, what is the meaning of love?
  • Her greatest achievement to date?
  • The greatest advice she has received, and from whom?
  • The most heartbreaking event that she was responsible for.
  • Precisely what she seeks in a relationship.
  • Ask her to list the qualities that make a man uninteresting.
  • Has she ever been in love – with who?

Taking a step back, we might want to ponder a few questions for the potential girlfriend. Assuming a pretty young lady has walked into your life, and the possibility of a relationship is plausible. Having certain questions ready to roll off your tongue is equivalent to being called bae sooner rather than later.

Great Questions to Ask a Potential Girlfriend

Probe her on the following, if possible, on a lighter note. We want to keep her mesmerized, not perturbed.

  • What are her thoughts on LGBTQs? Her remarks will portray her real self – is she compassionate, open-minded, and liberal, or does she have homophobia and hate issues?
  • Her ultimate deal-breaker. Ask this with a notepad ready – perhaps not literally, but a photographic memory of sorts will work wonders.
  • Which traits she finds most attractive in a guy. If she answers in a heartbeat, she knows what she needs too well. If, on the other hand, she takes longer to answer, she likes you and gets the hint – you like her and hope she likes you too.

According to experts, certain red-flags potential and current couples should be wary of them from the onset. We don't always have opportunities to learn everything about our partners. However, certain questions pinpoint potentially hazardous traits. Still, on potential partners, be sure to query the following:

  1. If an argument is ongoing, does she use tactics to ensure she has the last say? The best response would be she coming to a mutual agreement. If she insists she always has to win, that's a red flag.
  2. If a partner asked for your help with a certain chore you couldn't help with, do you make them feel guilty for the asking? This question is a slippery slope. People may make you feel guilty asking for what they cannot provide because of insecurity issues.
  3. If her partner presented an activity, idea, or lifestyle choice in contradicting her ideals, is she open-minded enough to consider them or brush them off outright?
  4. Is she a pouter, pushover, manipulator, negotiator, or does she frustrate her partners to get what she believes she deserves? She may not be totally honest answering this question, but intuition on your part will highlight roadblocks.

Okay. We have covered the nitty-gritty of potential dangers before linking up with a new bae. On to currently blossoming relationships, are you asking your girlfriend questions to keep her walking on eggshells? That is not wise. Rather, a query in a manner drawing her closer, making you enjoy her company more.

25 Questions to Ask your Girlfriend

Query your girlfriend on the following; being subtle not to shake the beehive.

  1. How often she talks to her folks – sheds light on how she prioritizes family.
  2. Best friend – who is he/she, and what makes them special?
  3. Menstrual periods– yes, when does she receive her periods?
  4. Favorite meals – you need to prepare a few during your time together.
  5. Approach or opinion on religion – sensitive subject, but it needs mentioning.
  6. Career goals – what is she doing to accomplish them?
  7. According to her, is the relationship bearing fruit?
  8. Opinion on adopting kids, if health problems prohibit having your own??
  9. Any pre-existing conditions you should be aware of – as a long-term partner.
  10. Her definition of love, lust, or infatuation?
  11. Her relationship with family –note body posture, gestures, and facial expressions as she responds. They give truthful responses vis-à-vis verbal responses.
  12. Is she trustworthy? Hard to tell someone you love 'be wary. I am a liar. In this case, take cues from step 11. It is all in the gestures.
  13. Where she sees herself in the upcoming ten months, she mentions career plans only? It is okay. She brings you into the picture, a thumbs up. She hesitates, digging into 'archives,' a red-flag, with sirens to boot.
  14. Ask if she holds on to resentments.
  15. Her take on getting hitched – soonest?
  16. Met her folks? Query their true feelings regarding your relationship.
  17. Does she keep a journal? She might panic when probed, signifying a positive response, hoping you never find it. It holds a few lovey-dovey remarks about you.
  18. Plan your next valentine's, birthday, or anniversary purchase. Inquire about her favorite underwear. She will gladly share these intimacies.
  19. Dad's favorite sport, siblings' favorite pastime, and mom's favorite meal. You may never facilitate these, but she'll be glad you asked.
  20. Ask if you contribute enough to her career, personal growth, and the relationship, and what changes are in order?
  21. Make her feel slightly uncomfortable. Clearing any compromising data on your phone, ask that you switch phones. If she is in love with you, breaking down in tears is expected, but switching phones won't happen.
  22. Inquire about a threesome for your birthday. If it goes awry, you will be hard-pressed to explain your suggestion. However, she might surprise you with, 'anything for you, bae.'
  23. Query her thoughts on PDA. A lady in love wants the world to know she is yours, and vice versa. Albeit, she might be a prude and would rather keep things indoors. Either way, it makes for healthy conversations.
  24. Dive deeper and query her thoughts on masturbation. She might reveal that she enjoys it when you are amiss. Keeping in mind cues in step 11, she may drop hints on inadequacy on your part – ouch!
  25. Last but not least, would she consider counseling if things weren't working out, or would she walk away?


Aside from exciting questions to ask your beau, take time to probe her with queries that tease her while also putting her slightly on edge. Relationships won't always be rosy, and knowing what you are getting into earlier on creates room for quick resolutions.

Make time to sit with bae and ask a few tough questions. It is a 2-way street, and it takes two to tango, so expect retaliation or reciprocation when you probe too eagerly. Take time to learn what makes bae tick, and your relationship will blossom into something enviable.

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