Learning how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it

Every woman occasionally suspects that her male acquaintance might be romantically interested in her, but making sure requires some experience and some analytic thinking. When you notice signs a coworker likes you but is hiding it, you definitely need some corroboration before you can respond to the situation in any way. Since asking him directly would be too bold for most women and could potentially lead to an embarrassing misunderstanding, it’s best to silently interpret the signs and look for consistency in his behavior. If you can spot a repeating pattern, there might be something going on underneath it all, and it might very well lead towards a formal invitation for a date soon. Understanding the guy’s intention in the early phase can help you prepare for this moment and decide whether you will accept the invitation or ignore it. There are few surprises in life for a smart woman, and the way to stay a step ahead in the seduction game is always to know what someone’s actions mean. Some men are good at hiding their crushes, but even they let out subtle signals that a smart girl will instantly notice, especially if she has already signed the same behavior with other guys.

Surefire signs that he likes you but is hiding it for now

There is a wide variety of signs he likes you but is trying to hide it that is very easy to spot if you know what you are looking for. In fact, many of those are totally obvious and represent just thinly veiled attempts to draw your attention rather than seriously hide the attraction. On the other hand, many times, guys are totally unaware of certain reactions and are unable to hide them in real-time, so they are quite easy to read. To recognize such details, women need to practice being observant and focus primarily on things happening on the periphery of the interaction. Complicating the matter is that hidden attraction can manifest in countless different ways, some of which are totally unrelated to each other, so it’s necessary to track many things simultaneously to detect it. Of course, when you communicate with the same guy for a long time, enough hints will accumulate for you to tell with absolute certainty that some potential for a romance is present, at the very least. It’s more difficult to read the signs with someone you just met, but this is possible as well.

Physical signs that he likes you but doesn’t want to show it

The first thing you need to look at if you want to deduce whether a man is looking at you as a potential date is his body language. Some guys blush when they talk to a girl they like, while others become nervous and move their hands around very quickly. When guys are puffing their chest out, that is an expression of male pride and dominance, so it may be an unconscious attempt to impress a woman. Some of the other signs that a guy likes you but is trying to hide it includes constant touching of his hair, shuffling of his feet, or any other physical manifestation of suppressed excitement. A large percentage of men will also sweat more intensely in the presence of a person they are attracted to, regardless of the current temperature or the number of clothes they have on. While each of those signs individually can be explained away with trivial reasons, they are likely to indicate sexual attraction or at least curiosity when they are found together.

Behavioral clues that mean he is strongly attracted to you

The way someone acts around you can also tell you a lot about his mindset, especially if you are familiar with this person and his normal behavior patterns. Invariably, guys change their behavioral style when they are near the person they desire, even if they try to cover up the true reasons for the change. The most straightforward signs he secretly likes you but is hiding it include personal appearance and grooming standards, as men will be very conscious of how they present themselves to attractive women. Any unusual attempts at conversation in social situations where they are not necessary (i.e., at work or in the street) are typically related to the attraction as well. A particular group of men actively avoids direct interaction with the object of their desires and instead looks from afar, so if you notice any audience while you are doing regular stuff, that might be the reason. Since normal behavior standards are quite different between different individuals, you have to be careful when you are trying to understand why men you don’t know well are acting a certain way.

Some signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it

While some of the signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it are easy to notice, quite a few of them are very fleeting and require a keen sense to detect. It’s also true that some men are better at keeping their ‘poker face’ when they are talking to a woman, even if they are madly in love with her and can’t bear to be without her. To be fully prepared and aware of what’s going on around her, a woman needs to develop an ability to read those signals as well and get inside of the mind of even the most secretive guys. In addition to a sharp and attentive attitude, girls need to understand a bit of reverse psychology to crack those tough nuts. Knowing some of the most common patterns of action that men resort to when they are interested can reveal the truth and let you figure out even the weirdest things you see men do. Don’t be fooled by their words or appearances, and seek a deeper comprehension of the forces that drive their actions.

Refusal to talk about personal relationships

Some guys are very confident when the conversation is going in a safe direction, but as soon as romance or relationships are mentioned, they withdraw into a shell and stop responding. It’s possible that the person is generally shy, but in some cases, this behavior is dependent on the presence of a single person in the room. Some of those guys may be trying to hide current girlfriends, while others are simply petrified that they won’t be able to hold back emotions when they are directly facing their crush. It’s true that refusal to address some issues can be innocuous, but you should take notice if this is repeated regularly. You should be aware that some signs that he is hiding his attraction could fall into this category and try to connect the dots based on the person's other behaviors in question. Do it discreetly, as being pushy and trying to get all the answers quickly could backfire in this specific case, especially if you are dealing with an honest but sensitive soul.

Conflict as a way to attract attention

Guys are used to competing with one another in pretty much everything, but when one of them starts acting competitively with a woman, there could be some hidden reasons for this. It’s not rare for conflict and even rivalry to be a part of the flirting ritual, even if, on the surface, this doesn’t look romantic at all. Understanding that a guy might be fighting you to distract you from the signs he is in love but hiding it will allow you to be less disturbed about such incidents. While confrontational style really isn’t for everyone and might be difficult to handle, it’s still just a way of showing interest, and you shouldn’t really take it to heart. The fights will stop as soon as you switch to discussing dating directly, so you shouldn’t be afraid that the connection is somehow dysfunctional because of the heated introductions.

Understanding what does it mean when a guy hides when he sees you

Girls sometimes don’t understand just how much men struggle to express their feelings to someone they don’t know well. Fear of rejection and the need to maintain self-image often prevent them from acting on their desires, so they sometimes pull off the silliest stunts instead. A common occurrence is for a guy to run away from the girl he is in love with, avoiding contact in order to save face and maintain the status quo rather than face the truth. For example, if you notice the signs that a male coworker likes you but is hiding it, you might be confused that he actively avoids you in the parking lot after work or during the lunch break. This behavior seems inconsistent or even rude, only it actually reflects his insecurity and isn’t meant to insult you. For a woman, it’s a healthy realization that she isn’t doing anything wrong and that the guy just needs to collect some courage and finally make his feelings known.

How to make it easier for guys to tell you they like you?

Of course, girls don’t have to wait for this process to play out passively, and in fact, can significantly contribute to its happy resolution. By responding to signals, the guy is trying to send and make yourself available for further communication, you can naturally break the ice. Acting friendly without demanding the guy to come forward immediately is probably the best course of action since it allows for the process to unfold with no tension. It’s still beneficial to encourage the guy to openly tell you about his interest even if you don’t want to date him since it’s preferable to have things resolved and stay friends if possible then to play the guessing game. Strong and confident women know how to say no without hurting the guy’s feelings, but for this to happen, it’s necessary for the relationship to come to the point where matters are discussed frankly.

Are men who hide their feelings worth dating?

It’s not fair to judge someone, by the way he acted when he just met you. The fact that someone was slow to ask you out, and you had to deduce the signs he likes me but is hiding it, doesn’t make him any less worthy of your attention. It’s also not indicative of his future behavior – it’s one thing to hide your crush until you are sure it will be reciprocated, and it’s completely another to keep secrets from your girlfriend. Some women prefer outgoing guys who are comfortable talking about personal matters from the start, but quiet types can sometimes be more loyal and committed. At any rate, rushing to conclusions is rarely a good idea, and all that matters is that two people who like each other manage to connect. It’s really irrelevant whether it takes a little longer for them to start openly flirting and exchanging compliments if they end up sharing their lives for many years.

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